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Manyland is my fav game and you should play it because it's not popular but it should be Aside from Manyland, I like to build and destroy anythings. I like to dig a lot, my back yard is full of crappy tree houses and trenches/pits that I fill up with water with my friends. I love mountain biking and pretty much any athletic activity i'm invited to i enjoy. i like to play most sports, however i'm not super good at them.


Blake Shelton


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My favorite movies are Back to the future, cars, and forest Gump! I like all the sequels of those 3 movies


I like Phineas and Ferb, milo Murphy's law, Simpsons and AFV


Books are for nerds... and I am a nerd according to my friends. but I still don't read books



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About me:

I am from Manyland.

You should play Manyland!!!

Manyland is my favorite website. It's a 2d pixel art game that you can chat and meet people. every block in manyland is made by the players. you can draw and code your own block. in the spawn areas, you can go 100 blocks from spawn and edit the same blocks that anyone in the world can. and you can be creative. manyland has more freedom than any game I have seen in my life. if you like to draw, chat, make friends, program, explore, advertise, build, have mini-wars, or a lot of other stuff. you might like Manyland.

if you want to see me elsewhere, I'm putting some links here because the link section is limited to a select few websites, I use much more than those few.







Discord - or isaacool#6979

Who I'd like to meet:



and my brothers friend

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it seems we have met

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dvdghsbdvzvdj i just got back into manyland its so nostalgic rn

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thats nice, the game is currently at an all time low so I hope u enjoy ur stay back on the game!

by Isaacool; ; Report

well no shit, it went downhill fast when i got banned

by scourgu!; ; Report


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THXX 4 4DD1NG M3!!!1! x3

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by Isaacool; ; Report

Sweeney Toad

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Thanks for the add!

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Hello, thanks for your friendship here!
Have a wonderful day. xoxo

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Thanks! you too!

by Isaacool; ; Report

Maxine the Pirate Queen

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Hey, thank you for adding! Nice to meet you :)

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Kelly Chaos™️

Kelly Chaos™️'s profile picture

Thanks for the friendship

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Glad you like spacehey! I can do my own profile, but thanks for the offer! I don't want to make my profile too fancy, just change some colors and such.

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@Isaac, thanks for telling about SpaceHey

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@jumby, thanks for the invite, I did test it. nice progress on the game! when I'm sitting in 3 I'm usually on writable, greeting newcomers, or not on the tab. when I'm not on the tab I'm usually advertising manyland, looking for cool websites, or checking my email.

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Isaac you have been invited to test my manyland game new dialogue system and stuff :) only if your available bro u just sit in 3 LMAO

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Thanks for mentioning me about this site. Also, I would definitely recommend the game to anyone whose interested.

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@shanekins thanks for playing manyland. it's an underrated game!

@blueasis thanks, it looks horrifying to me, and I like that.

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i like the hd pixelart pfp

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manyland is neet thanks for sharing

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thanks for thanking me for the add!

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A nice shirt you have on :D

Have a nice day and thanks for adding!

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@mason actualy manyland has more users then spacehey.

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Manyland fans when there are few land

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heay look its zetsu

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this is grate man

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