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"watching Psycho-Pass"

quirked up shawty raised on newgrounds :: 29/M/TX

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irc / warez / breadboarding / text art / yesterweb / visual novels / data compression / underground music / japanese media / anticapitalism / codec / memes / neo-y2k / webcrawlers / discord / psychedelia / astrophysics / femboys / critical theory / functional programming / consciousness / analog horror / nekomimi / rhythm games / skating / cyberpunk / outsider art / parallelism / machine learning / skepticism / linguistics / rave culture / food / retrocomputing / taoism / data archival / web browsing


Charli XCX / Machine Girl / The Cure / DJ Kuroneko / Deathbrain / Soviet Soviet / JPEGMafia / Miya Lowe / Sweet Trip / EVABOY / Basement Jaxx / Basshunter / Portishead / Lolita Storm / A. G. Cook / DJ Planet Express / Pearly Drops / Rendez Vous / Negative Gemini / purity://filter / DV-i / Caroline Polachek / Tame Impala / Golemm / CAKE / Mani Festo / luvdes / SAM WAITIN / Planet 1999 / Golden Boy / dazegxd / Pizza Hotline / Sewerslvt / bye2 / Astrophysics / Biicla / Ardalan / Eprom / Drinks on Me / Keyshia Cole / Moodring / Modjo / Isley Brothers / Deftones / Machinedrum / Nine Inch Nails / Silkie / TURQUOISEDEATH / Five Star Hotel / Cocainejesus / Laura Branigan / daft punk / Drab Majesty / Tool / Rukunetsu / 16BIT / 4am Kru / Virtual Self / Death Grips / Xxtarlit / Adolf Nomura / Burial / Boards of Canada / George Clanton / Me and My Kidney / Opeth / Yaeji / bôa / Cult Member / Starjunk 95 / Skream


Paprika / Pulp Fiction / Memento / Vivarium / Jackie Brown / Akira / Inglorious Basterds / Fight Club / The Matrix Trilogy / Happiness / A Clockwork Orange / Kill Bill / Oldboy / La Planete Sauvage / The Killing of a Sacred Deer / Coherence / Natural Born Killers / The Virgin Suicides / What We Do in the Shadows


Serial Experiments Lain / Home Movies / Monty Python’s Flying Circus / The Americans / Daria / Dorohedoro / MST3K / Severance / The Shivering Truth / STEINS;GATE / Malcolm in the Middle / Squid Game / YOLO Crystal Fantasy / Angel Beats / Documentary Now! / Boisvert / Puelli Magi Madoka Magica / ENA / King of the Hill / Speed Grapher / Cowboy Bebop / Superjail / Smiling Friends / Swampletics


Manufacturing Consent / Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs / The Elements of Computing Systems


The Amazing Randy / Bernie Sanders / Terence McKenna / Slavoj Žižek / Fred Hampton / Terry Davis

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About me:

Currently playing: Caroline Polachek - Hey Big Eyes (George Clanton Remix)

A Japanese cherry blossom swaying in the wind

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I’m just a little dust mote floating around the Great Library.

3D cup of noodles Gundam

Who I'd like to meet:

I’m well into adulthood so foremost is the requirement that you be over 18.

In recent years, I've found myself spending even more time online and meeting many people with whom I’ve had an enjoyable but largely superficial experience. I’m interested in finding one or a few friends who share a lot of my interests and tastes. I'm not looking for tepid pals or shallow acquaintances. Please don’t take offense if I deem our interests too divergent, and I will take my own advice as well. To each her own splendid passions, and I harbor no ill will! ✌🏼

To that end, I'm always on the lookout for like-minded folk with some spare time to chat once in a while. No major commitment. I'm not necessarily looking for our Venn diagram to be a circle; rather, having lots of common ground and a general mutual curiosity are the necessary components.

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  • Discord: ik3da#3151
  • PSN: milleniumpanic

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thank you for accepting my friend request! btw i LOVE tool! <3

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of course, fren! n_n
Tool is great, longtime fan here. wasn’t a huge fan of the latest album, but I still listen to Lateralus and 10k Days with fair regularity :3

by ik3da; ; Report


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that "journalistic project" has been underway for however long it's been since i first saw your acc. picture me prodding you with a really, really pointy stick and yelling "WHEN'S IT GONNA COME OUT"

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y-y-y’know inspiration is tough and—grrrr—listen, okay? it’s not a block! whatever is farthest from it, in fact—guhhhhh—okay, YOU GOT ME! i’m just not very talented or interesting, so the process is a bit like trying to fashion a nice three-piece suit with the occasional spool of thread!

note to future self: promise nothing, deliver whatever.

by ik3da; ; Report

also i’m allergic to sticks and now i have a contact rash, thanks

by ik3da; ; Report

⋆゚꒰ఎ Willow ໒꒱ ⋆゚

⋆゚꒰ఎ Willow ໒꒱ ⋆゚'s profile picture

your profile makes my brain go brrrr i love it!!

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thanks! sorry for the late reply! i hope it makes it whirr with excitement! stay tuned, i’ll probably switch it up soon!

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