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I love learning about religions, mythologies, and folklore. I like a lot of stuff set in the World of Darkness tabletop setting, and I love horror movies. Games I love are Devil May Cry, Deus Ex, No More Heroes, Killer7, Jet Set Radio, Cyberpunk 2077, Left 4 Dead, Cruelty Squad, Half Life, Hotline Miami, Spec Ops: The Line, Mirror's Edge, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, God Hand, GTA 4, Portal, Postal, Yakuza, Metal Gear Solid, Sonic, God of War, Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill, Bioshock, Prototype, inFAMOUS, Katamari Damacy, Samurai Western, Gungrave, Bully, The Darkness, Manhunt 1 and 2, MadWorld, Ninja Gaiden, Dark Messiah: Of Might and Magic, and so much more!!


Gothic rock and alternative metal. I don't care too much about bands, I mainly just listen by how much I like the song. If you want to learn more, ask me for my spotify


I love horror movies and old anime OVAs. My all time favorite movie is the 1992 Dracula movie. Its just so good. I also like Brokeback Mountain, Blade, Howl's Moving Castle, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, It Follows, Shutter Island, The Nice Guys, The Hunt For Red October, Hellraiser, Prisoners, Silence of the Lambs, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Butterfly Effect, Fight Club, Near Dark, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Redline, the 1987 Devilman OVAs, Twilight of the Dark Master, Urotsukidoji, Wicked City, City of Angels, The Princess Bride, Little Miss Sunshine, Fantastic Planet, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Oldboy, Scarface, Jacob's Ladder, The Story of Ricky (Riki Oh), The Godfather (I and II), Goodfellas, A Bronx Tale, Lord of War, The United States of Leland, Starship Troopers, The Big Lebowski, The Warriors, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Good Will Hunting, and a hell of a lot more that I can't remember right now


I don't watch a lot of TV (even though I've seen every episode of Malcolm in the Middle three times). The main ones I do watch are old 80's and 90's anime.


I recently have been reading the "Dresden Files" series. Other books I've read are A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Fight Club, Speak, The Scott Pilgrim series, Lost At Sea, Seconds, Looking For Alaska, House of Leaves, The Outsiders, Johnny Got His Gun, and The Hellbound Heart. I wouldn't say I like to read manga because the only manga I've read is Devilman. However, I love comic books. Ever since I was a little kid I've loved comics. I'm not too big on mainstream stuff though. I prefer indie publishers and one-off story lines. Recently I've been reading Requiem: Chevalier Vampire by Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit.


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dope layout

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Thank you!

by HogBoss; ; Report


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That’s a lot of general interests I also either know about or enjoy myself very cool
Thanks for accepting

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thanks for the add! :DD NMH, DMC, and JSR are literally all AMAZING games omg- your taste is PEAK!!!

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Thank you!

by HogBoss; ; Report


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im scarface grrrr

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Purple Ghost

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omg i love No More Heroes... great taste in general tbh

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Thank you so much! You have great taste too

by HogBoss; ; Report


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thx for the add! nice to see another nmh fan on here hehe :3

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by HogBoss; ; Report


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love no more heros + like half the shit on ur profile peak

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by HogBoss; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add!

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luv ur profile!! B-) also im also a Texan ough :C

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Thank you, I love your profile too! I noticed that about you as well

by HogBoss; ; Report


🎃 LIQUID 🎃's profile picture

ty for the add! im playing JSRF currently and just bought The Darkness for my 360 a couple weeks ago :) hoping to start it soon

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oh sick you also love god hand <3 one of my faves

by LIQUID ; ; Report

The Darkness is so good, and I love JSR. God Hand is such a classic I went through such a big phase of it when I was like 14

by HogBoss; ; Report


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ty 4 the add!!! ur blinkies r so kool :333

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Thank you!

by HogBoss; ; Report


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ur Goobin

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garbage r amazing ^^

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by HogBoss; ; Report


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wassup girl!

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hey girl!!

by HogBoss; ; Report


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love your profile so much!!

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thank you!!

by HogBoss; ; Report


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i love the vibes ur profile gives!! its calming ^^ ty for the add (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

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aw thank you!

by HogBoss; ; Report

neon leon

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hello hogboss ! i am also in a state of goobery

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goober to goober connection

by HogBoss; ; Report


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jet set radio!! 💙💙

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absolute favorite! I'm replaying it now actually

by HogBoss; ; Report


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Thanks for the add. I used to be into the same sort of stuff as you when I was your age. If you haven't already, check out Cyber City Oedo 808.

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Thanks man, I definitely will

by HogBoss; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?



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