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Michaelangelo 𖤐 31 𖤐 TX 𖤐 Just your average emo dad 𖤐

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Video Games currently being played- 𖤐 The Legend of Zelda Age of Calamity 𖤐 Doom 64 𖤐Stardew Valley 𖤐 Animal Crossing NH (if you need money or furniture let me know) 𖤐 Grand Theft Auto V 𖤐 Alice: Madness Returns 𖤐 God of War (2018) 𖤐 Titanfall 2 𖤐 Pokemon Legend of Arceus 𖤐 Fire Emblem Three Houses 𖤐 Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth/Hackers Memory 𖤐 Skyrim (still) 𖤐 Digimon Survive 𖤐 Left 4 Dead 2 (classic) 𖤐 SMT V 𖤐 Haven 𖤐 Mario Strikers Battle League 𖤐


𖤐 Avenged sevenfold 𖤐 Breaking Benjamin 𖤐 Asking Alexandria 𖤐 We Came As Romans 𖤐 Mana 𖤐 Linkin Park 𖤐 Gorillaz 𖤐 Deftones 𖤐 Green Day 𖤐 Stone Temple Pilots 𖤐 The Birthday Massacre 𖤐 Straight Line Stitch 𖤐 Three Days Grace 𖤐 Metric 𖤐 Queen 𖤐 Bruno Mars 𖤐 Five Finger Death Punch 𖤐 Sleeping With Sirens 𖤐 Pierce The Veil 𖤐 Journey 𖤐 Insane Clown Pose 𖤐 Aerosmith 𖤐 Killswitch Engage 𖤐 Metallica 𖤐 Iron Maiden 𖤐 Pearl Jam 𖤐 Sonata Arctica 𖤐 The Police 𖤐 ▶️⏮️ Profile song is "Change (In The House of Flies)" by Deftones ⏭️⏹️


𖤐 Spirited Away 𖤐 Toy Story series 𖤐 The Terminator series 𖤐 Big Hero 6 𖤐 True Lies 𖤐 A Night At The Roxbury 𖤐 Cool World 𖤐 Scarface 𖤐 A Goofy Movie 𖤐 Rush Hour series 𖤐 Coraline 𖤐 Cast Away 𖤐 Desperado 𖤐 Mid 90s 𖤐 Dazed and Confused.


𖤐 Eureka 𖤐 Supernatural 𖤐 Burn Notice 𖤐 Stranger Things 𖤐 Malcom in the middle 𖤐 The Order 𖤐 Rules Of Engagement 𖤐 Yu Yu Hakusho 𖤐 Death Note 𖤐 Cowboy Bebop 𖤐 Bleach.



They lived long enough to become the villains.

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About me:

Hello there, my name is Michael. I'm a 31 year old gamer/nerd and emo boy at heart. This is my second time coming back cause my old account was randomly deleted. I love to play video games. I own a gaming computer, a playstation 4 and a Nintendo switch. I mostly play RPGs but will rarely play competitive games. My all time favorite game series would have to be Zelda with Majora's mask being my favorite entry. When I'm not playing video games, I'm listening to podcasts or watching YouTube videos. I also like to watch anime but it's mostly older ones, so I'm not in the know of anything newer. I have small five year old dog named Nala who is my entire world, and one of the few that keeps me going. (Page work in progress)

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Morenita's profile picture

I love the song on your profile! I love your page :) I am still working on mine, I hope we won't be strangers ♡

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Thank you very much, if you need help with your profile don't be afraid to ask!! For sure you can message me anytime friend!!

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

I am glad you say that, because I did have a question about something.. :) Thank you!

by Morenita; ; Report

Always glad to help fellow twin 💙

by Gemini ♊; ; Report


SpookySpirit's profile picture

Thank you, friend! 🌹

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No problem spooky

by Gemini ♊; ; Report


ISOA GAMBEL's profile picture

Thanks Gemini for the add. I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪
All my original.
If you like please sub to my

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Wendy's profile picture

Thank you so much!
I like your page too, so had to come here and show it some love.
Zelda is probably my all time favorite franchise to play. Seeing those little Majora's Masks reminds me it's the only one I haven't beaten D:

I should try to beat it now I suppose haha. I always get stuck where the aliens are trying to abduct the cows if I remember right... it's been years!

Also, stellar song choice :D

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Aaww thank you so much!! Yes Zelda is the only game franchise that I can say that I enjoy every single one of their games. You should totally try to finish it cause it's such a great game with a stellar story for every character I'm thinking about replaying it soon too cause it's my favorite. If you do start it let me know, maybe I can help you out in the part you are talking about. And thank you again, I really love 80s music!!

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

shα 🌻

shα 🌻's profile picture

I'm back for sure!
lol no more deleting my page.

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I'm glad that you are back twin, i really missed you when you left.

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture

Cheers & Cotton Candy!

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Grubby Rubbish

Grubby Rubbish's profile picture

Heya! Thanks for adding me to your friendslist. Hope youre having a nice day? :)

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No thank you for adding me!! I am having a fantastic day thank you so much, hope you are having a great day as well :D

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

Thank you! I am

by Grubby Rubbish; ; Report

I'm happy to hear friend!! :D

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

Danitza 🔮

🌙 Danitza 🔮's profile picture

✨ Showing your page some love. Don't be a stranger! ✨

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Thank you so much new friend, sending you some love and good vibes as well!!

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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We've added summer tracks!
Take us with you!


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-JimmyJ-'s profile picture

Thanks for the add, check out my Music and download songs for free here

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Hannah's profile picture

Honestly tho Majora's Mask is so good! Its my favorite as well!

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Yeeess, I'm glad someone else loves it too. Honestly the characters are more real than OOT (not that I dislike it, I love that game too) but I love games that aren't afraid to be dark. Like to me the Cremia and Romani quest like gets to me especially how Cremia feels on the final day. It's just sad that it's such an under rated game cause of the time mechanic which if anything makes the whole world feel alive.

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

Honestly, I really like how dark the game was compared to the others. It was also the first one I played so it has some nostalgia

by Hannah; ; Report

The dark story line is really nice and how it didn't hold back on some things was great. My first Zelda game was a link to the past which is a fantastic game but Majora's mask has something to it that makes me love it more.

by Gemini ♊; ; Report


Broken_Bella's profile picture

Thank you for the add back!

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Thank you for request friend, hopefully you are doing well!!

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

I'm doing very well. I hope you are too!

by Broken_Bella; ; Report

I'm doing well too thank you for asking ;D

by Gemini ♊; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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