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Celtic Traveller, born in the Year Of Woodstock ....

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Art, Photography, Philosophy, Literature, History, Music, Indie Culture, Indie Webdev., Vintage Stile, 70's, 80's, Retro Tech, Free Stuff, Nerd Stuff, Funny Stuff, Crypto, Open Source & Public Domain Culture, etc....
Just Watch my Website and my Twitter :)


Rap, Country Rap, Metal, Gothic, Punk, Grunge, 70's, 80's, Medieval, Folk, All kinds of Funny Songs....


The Big Lebowski & Movies from the Coen Brothers in General


70's and 80's Detective Series like Columbo, Rockford, Magnum, The Fall Guy, Riptide, Simon & Simon, etc.
Modern Crime Series like Castle, The Mentalist, Elementary, etc.
UK Crime Series like Lewis, MidSomer Murders, etc.


All kinds of Books -
Especially Classical Books....
Anything From the Gilgamesh Epos (the oldest known book) to the 20's of the last century.
Actually I'm trying to create a large Collection of Public Domain eBooks and AudioBooks of all Genres.
I take them from different free Sources....


Project Gutenberg
(Public Domain, English)

If anyone knows some good free Sources of Public Domain eBooks or AudioBooks, please let me kow....


Epicurus, Isaac Newton, Voltaire, Marcel Duchamp, Linus Torvalds, etc.

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My Streetphotos from Belgrade :) (view more)

Free Art from Vincent Van Gogh in Public Domain :) (view more)

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About me:

I'm a German Expat and a (poor) Digital Nomad.
Actually I live in one of the Balkan States.
Life is more affordable here compared to Germany or other Central States of the EU. More Info >>>>

I'm doing some Street- and Travel-Photography, Retro-Web-Design and Writing.
Currently I'm creating a 2000's Style Retro Website on NeoCities, the Revival-Project of GeoCities:

There I publish my Photos, Texts & Links, etc.
I add some Info, Tips & Links to My Galleries, so you can use them as a Travel-Guide.
The Project is also about Public Domain Culture, Open Source Software, etc.
Including a Growing Collection of Links & Informations about Free Sources: Free eBooks, AudioBooks, Software, Crypto, etc....
I also do some Blogging on Twitter and recently started to publish my Photos there:

If you like my Photos and my Content,

>>>> Please Support Me <<<<

.... because I have no other income
as long as I'm outside of Germany.

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Who I'd like to meet:

Friendly, creative and Open Minded People (No Minors).
Photographers, Artists, Musicians, etc.
People who do Street- & Travel Photography, People who have Retro-Style Websites or Static Websites in general, etc.
People who know about Sources of Free Stuff for Self-Education & Web-Development, etc.

People who know about Cheap Accomodations
and Easy Side-Hustles in the Balkans,
esp. in & around the City of Athens
(my next Travel-Destination).

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Hi, thanks for the add :)

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JUST gifting you a groovy day!

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Wish you the same

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Cranky Old Witch

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What's this? An adult? And a hippie? And a Celt? And with an Obelix profile pic?

Of COURSE I accepted your friend request!

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Oh wait, Gambelix, not Obelix!

by Cranky Old Witch; ; Report

Thanks for adding and writing!
Yes, I'm really celtic. Born in a celtic part of Germany
(near the city of Aachen).
Our ancestors belonged to the Eburon Tribe:

My mom's family was Celtic Pagan and my dad's family is Roman Catholic. Are you interested in history?

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Lol, yes. My family is from Cork originally

by Cranky Old Witch; ; Report

I made a Website on NeoCities:

About The Project & Me:

About Gambelix:

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Glitter Heart

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Thanks so much for the friend request! 💖 I love Sunflowers! 🌻✨

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Thanks 4 adding & writing. I'm from the Countryside. I like Sunflowers too, they're sending good vibes all around and brighten the day :)

by Gambelix247; ; Report


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Thank you for the request.
All the Best!

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Thank you for adding and posting ! Nice Mystery Design on your profile :)

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Darth vader

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Join the darkside

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.... no time for the dark side, man. just keep on studying the art of dudism to stay in the flow :
dudism, basics

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Ahh yes I understand ,dudiesem is also a great power

by Darth vader; ; Report


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THANKS for the add request!You are totally tubular!🎧

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Thanks 4 adding & posting ! Nice flower power design :)

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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Thanks 4 add & post ! Like your funny hit-mix :)

by Gambelix247; ; Report

Unstoppable Lobster

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Thanks for the add! Returning some love.

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Thanks for Writing! Sending Good Vibes ....

by Gambelix247; ; Report