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bass, music in general, the x-men (talk to me about the mcu and i will shoot myself), history (all eras but mostly wwii and russia) vinyl/physical music collecting, electronics (specifically audio software), architecture, cars (jdm and shitboxes alike), horror movies, gore, knives (either collecting or daily use), guns, songwriting, poetry, literature


britpop, 2000's emo and indie rock. SOAD, NIN. bauhaus, the cure, sonic youth, the smiths, radiohead, my chem and fob own my soul. gorillaz, american football, the front bottoms, title fight, la dispute, slowdive, my bloody valentine, talking heads, new order, elliott smith, jeff buckley. my last fm explains it all, really. (follow me on last fm)


trainspotting, the interview, fight club, natural born killers, any monty python film, inglorious bastards, kill bill, life on the murder scene, lemonade mouth, any dcom, juno, scott pilgrim, saw, any wes anderson film, zodiac


arrested development, neon genesis evangelion, santa clarita diet, end of the fucking world, beastars, breaking bad, how i met your mother, bones, shameless, fleabag


catcher in the rye, the percy jackson series, 1984, frankenstein, any collection of emily dickinson poems, perks of being a wallflower, ulysses, picture of dorian gray, looking for alaska, me earl and the dying girl, chuck palahniuk (favorite book is choke) and kurt vonnegut


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About me:

hi. i'm francisco. im a eighteen yr old tranny from socal. i live in vermont right now for college. i like music, weed, songwriting, knives and guns. i fix cars sometimes and also play bass n do some vocal work on the side. live journal poet or a leftwing terrorist in the making. majoring in polisci.

Who I'd like to meet:

weed smokers, music enjoyers, car guys, wannabe poets and people who got bullied in middle school. in terms of famous ppl, i'd love to meet damon albarn, pete wentz, alex turner, billie joe armstrong, frank iero, kim gordon and hayley williams. morrissey too but only so he may meet my wrath and vengeance. marr for lyfe.

no dni. only dumbasses don't block. are you fuckin dumb?

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Thanks for the add ^_^

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beth ౨ৎ

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love ur profile omg

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thx for the add u seem cool

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big fan of the aphex twin cursor

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sweet profile omg. ur cool as fuck.

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ty 4 the add! your profile is awesome. the richard cursor jumpscared me LOL i love it

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THANK YOU FR THE ADD ^_^!!!!!! you hav such good music taste ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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fleabag is a great show, thanks for the frq, frances

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looking goddamn cool, thnx for the add btw :o

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TY FOR ADDING ur page is super cozy :>

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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i love ur profile!

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Yo sick profile :o

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holy hell ur profile is awesome - morrissey haters unite!! wish i could follow you on but is that even possible? idk

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it is, just on the desktop version and using the website (not the app)

by francisco; ; Report


by francisco; ; Report

oml i didn't know that. followed u lol

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HI HI!!! ur page is awesome. some cold weather advice from an emo northeast dweller.
1. LAYERS!!! esp bigger stuff. oversized stuff can comfterbly layer hoodies can go on sweaters, you can layer a fleece on top of that (super warm)
2. get a big comfy coat. you will need it. make sure it has lots of pockets. espically deep ones you can stick ur hands in...
3. Unless it's really cold you can stick with jeans. otherwise throw some leggings or pajamapants under them.
4. HATS. ears will get cold...
5. you probably won't need all this winter stuff until nov!
6. fluffy stuff is very cozy.
7. you can always cool down but you can't warm up

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oh my god actually thank u emo ne dweller my socal body is going to perish but ur help will help me not wither away entirely

by francisco; ; Report

H4rl0w <3

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Ooo your profile looks so cool!!

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Yo you seem cool as hell dude

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ayy, thank u :) u seem cool 2!

by francisco; ; Report


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luv ur layout, and ty for adding me!! :D

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my pleasure, urs is sick asf too :)

by francisco; ; Report


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thanks for the add!! your profile is so pretty :0

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np! i love yours too!!!

by francisco; ; Report

ty!! :]

by ⛥ JAZPER ⛥; ; Report