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"do you love me?"

eye need you ♡

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ranmaru kageyama (yttd) ryo (devilman) white lily/white ghost/affogato cookie (crk) fukami (watgbs) idaate (okegom) john/sollux/eridan/hal (homestuck) kfc gang (ut/dr) batter (off) flowey (ut) craig tucker (sp) bayonetta padparadscha (hnk) konoha (kagerou project)


jerma985 indie rpg (omori, yume nikki, nostAIgic) music (i have 100,000+ mins plus on my spotify) art anime (soul eater, csm, mp100) webtoon (ember knight, eleceed) cats clothing styles (scene/goth/indie/soft) ocs


psychology neuroscience anatomy aesthetics art


9ore/horror web weird angel cute haunted space analog glitch church


scene hypop weirdcore pop glitch ambient bedroom antifolk rock breakcore vaporwave afrofuturism mallsoft philly indie alt-emo


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About me:


Loading anatomy, Ensuring painless journey. Is what you're looking for worth it?

who are you?

hi!! my name is marr!! im a intp with adhd and bipolar disorder in college currently studying neuroscience and psychology. i go by he/they.

im a huge sucker for characters doomed by the narrative and also collecting and reviewing and pouring my time into works of art i can get my hands on while you're here, sign my guestbook!

you can find out more about me in my survey question mp, if youre interested. (fuckin perv)

feel free to add/start a convo with me!

(seriously. im bored as hell. also help me take care of my tamagotchi)

Exploration of the nerve maze begins. You do not have time to regret your choices.


Disease has overtaken the Vitrious Body. We must prevent all else for "our" sake.

check out my old web decor archive!

right now there isnt as much as id like to have on my masterposts, but please please check it out here!

Our fingers must pry and rip and tear at fleshy seams. This body for us all.


Rake the damaged cavern raw. Understand the disease and how we are prone to it.

marr playlist (?)

you wanna see what my playlist would be if i was a fictional character and people kinned me? well here you go.

(i hope i never have to say that sentence ever again)

Lumenuous optic passage explored. Further understanding needed.


Recontextualization in review. Is satisfaction of your perverted curiosity worth this?

what does the scrolling text mean? is it lore you're making?

nah, i just like being cryptic and edgy and i also like eyes, if you couldn't tell.

Despite pervertuous morals being defiled, this is a necessity. This will not be in vain.


Liar, your EYES could never hide it. You're as guilty as the cadaver we journey now.

Who I'd like to meet:

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☆N0I☆'s profile picture

I absolutely dig your profile, I've been meaning to make mine similar since I completely forgot to revamp my own to what I like nowadays, and this is a super big inspiration!!!

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zephyro's profile picture

yoooo. fukkin rad page!! also random but i hella respect that spotify listen time! got any cool recs? let us vibe about tunes

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yes!! what kinda recs r u looking for? like pop or something else?

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

sure! havent specifically listened to pop in a lil so why not! also any metal or rock you got throw it my way :D

by zephyro; ; Report

i’ve super been listening to nouns and mccafferty and glass beach recently, but more formal rock would be breaking benjamin/three days grace/evanescence/hollywood undead/get scared/set it off that i’d be listening to!! more pop would be pinkpantheres and mars argo, and steve lacy (specifically his mercury album with mercury as my current favorite song!!)

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

i feel like those answers are a tiny bit basic but i do listen to other metal like deftones, unimagined, lorna shore, cannibal corpse and of course pierce the veil… how could i forget:) hopefully those are what you’re looking for’n

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

wait omg i forgot about my fav rock ones, too dead to dance - unimagined and i’m so sick - flyleaf and a match into water by pierce the veil!! so sorry for the spam but i wanted to at least give you something new lol

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

nah i love the spam!! go off about interests dude! once i get Korn - Twist (Official Audio) off loop i gotta listen to some of those cause like. half of those artists i've sat and listened to and half i haven't lolololol
also that reminds me i gotta listen to more deftones cause somehow im ultra surface level with em. only listened to adrenaline lolllll
thanks for recs duder :D

by zephyro; ; Report

bee :+)

bee :+)'s profile picture


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by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


oficialrompeorto's profile picture

THX FOR THE ADD !!! your page is so fckn cool AAAAAAA

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EHEHE YW AND TYSM!!! have an awesum dayyyy

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


Bird!'s profile picture

ur page is so sick omg

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ueuueuueu tysm!!!!

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


CALIBORN!! X33's profile picture


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holy FUCK a compliment from caliborn. i can die happy now. tysm

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


by CALIBORN!! X33; ; Report


r.o.u.s.'s profile picture

you're the guy ever o n psacehey

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no u

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


ZAPZAPZAPZAPZAP's profile picture

YOUR PROFILE IS SO COOL!!! Thanks for the add cool guy :-)

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ty sm :sob: i just added a tiny bit of code to my abt me and the whole code corrupted and i didnt save it somewhere :sob: tysm tho

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

Oh no :-[, I'm so sorry to hear that. Just keep working at it man, it's going to be amazing


† CJ †

† CJ †'s profile picture

i love ur layout sm, its so cool

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by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

ALEX >_o

ALEX >_o's profile picture

ur layout is awesum..

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i would k word for u

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

💖 ✨

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by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


pyxzie's profile picture

thanx 4 accepting my request !! im aoife, its nice 2 meet u !!

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nice 2 meet u too!! hope we can b friends XP

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

id love to !! u seem rly cool, is it okay if i get 2 know u more?

by pyxzie; ; Report

omg yes i’d love to!!

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report

awesome !! is it okay if i pm you ?

by pyxzie; ; Report

yes go ahead XP

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


BRICKIE's profile picture

YOUR PAGE IS SO COOL!! Thank you for the add :-]

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omg thank you benrey.....

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report


Kai!!'s profile picture

thanks for the add back!

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yw :D

by ◉ marr ◉; ; Report