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i like watchin twitch streams, playing neopets clones & webkinz, making comics, japanese street fashion, sewing, making collages, wearing cozy clothes, drinking coffee, researching & collecting dolls (especially BJD and american girl!), VHS tapes, visual novels & point-and-click adventure games


the mountain goats ♡ baths ♡ plastic girl in closet ♡ the ophelias ♡ machine girl ♡ newgrounds death rugby ♡ a giant dog ♡ green day ♡ 100 gecs ♡ marble berry seeds ♡ anamanaguchi ♡ hot at nights ♡ emperor x ♡ hunx and his punx ♡ northcape ♡ titus andronicus ♡ the aquabats ♡ tierra whack ♡ macaroom ♡ superchunk ♡ owen pallett ♡ miltata ♡ hideki naganuma


the fly ♡ 13 going on 30 ♡ the love witch ♡ suspiria ♡ scott pilgrim vs the world ♡ the bad batch ♡ lost in translation ♡ eraserhead ♡ parasite ♡ jennifer’s body ♡ the big lebowski ♡ pretty in pink ♡ marie antoinette ♡ kamikaze girls ♡ anything cult-horror, dreamy, or surrealist


king of the hill ♡ princess jellyfish ♡ x-files ♡ fruits basket ♡ FLCL ♡ ouran high school host club ♡ twin peaks ♡ cardcaptor sakura ♡ serial experiments lain


comet in moominvalley ♡ chobits ♡ so pretty very rotten ♡ supermutant magic academy ♡ drawing down the moon ♡ snotgirl ♡ dykes to watch out for ♡ the snarkout boys and the baconburg horror ♡ comet in moominvalley ♡ anything by lucy knisley / maré odomo / jane mai / jillian tamaki / liz prince


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About me:

hey what's up! i'm emmett, a transmasc fella from the southeast US. ♡ graphic designer & artist, married to my amazing wife of 7 years. when there's not a plague, i like going to shows, meeting up with my local comics creators group, hanging out and wearing goofy outfits with my friends, chilling at barcades, thrifting, and tabling at conventions.
if we like the same stuff, hit me up and let's be pals ❤️

Who I'd like to meet:

wanna make more queer & trans friends on here!

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𝓐𝓭𝓪𝓶's profile picture

thank you for the add! I love the vibes of your profile 💖

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thanks so much dude! i checked yours out too and it's super cool. thanks for accepting the friend request! :)

by emmett; ; Report


Robert's profile picture

omg ur profile is fr1ck1n 4m4z1n6!!!! mad jelly lolz

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YOOOO i love yours too!! the he/him whimper bit got me so GOOD i was like... yes this person is a good one

by emmett; ; Report

im so glad you like it!!!!!!!!!

by Robert; ; Report


Xx_𝓢𝓬𝓮𝓷𝔂𝓪_xX's profile picture

Heya! Thanks for the add!

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aw thank you for the add too! i love your profile ^_^

by emmett; ; Report

Yay! Thank you! 🖤

by Xx_𝓢𝓬𝓮𝓷𝔂𝓪_xX; ; Report


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Hello! I too love frogs.

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yay!! frog squad!! :D

by emmett; ; Report

𝕷𝒊𝒛 ✧。˚

𝕷𝒊𝒛 ✧。˚'s profile picture

Hi you've got a rad name!!

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oh my gosh thanks!! that's so sweet of you to say you have a super cool name too! ️ 💕

by emmett; ; Report

Oh thank you, that's so lovely! 🖤

by 𝕷𝒊𝒛 ✧。˚; ; Report