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"Updating pronouns.page + searching for stamps !!"

Minor, She/They, Hungarian, Artist !!

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SPECIAL INTRESTS/HYPERFIXATIONS!!!!!!<3: Pokemon, Aesthetics (mainly kidcore, clowncore, dreamcore, wierdcore and scene), drawing, making OCs or stories, music, art, videogames, listening to music, cute stuff, creepy cute things, surrealism, wierdcore, dreamcore, clowncore, nostalgiacore and nostalgic things, 2000s-2010s Internet, DDLC and my own creations, Pokémon Café Remix, Pokémon Quest, anything retro to be honest, the Walten files and Analog horror things, Hamster Playground, Animusic, Zoo 2: Animal park, adobe flash games, Sailor Cats 1, Kawaii Kitchen, Cats are cute, Cold front, Gameboy, ect OTHER STUFF I LIKE A BUNCH: HSR, Wuwa, Genshin, a date with death, stardew valley, sky: children of the light, subnautica, cult of the lamb, elevator hitch, dead plate, ZENO remake, ect


Genres: Electro Swing, Pop, Electro/Dance, Sped up/Nightcore, Alt Z, Scenecore, Otacore, Dance Pop, Electropop, Krushclub, Krushfunk, Dark R&b, ect. Musicans/Musical Artists/Bands: 6arelyhuman, Odetari, asteria, Melanie Martinez, PLVTINUM, Ellise, Eternxlkz, Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, DAEGHO, AViVA, Unlike Pluto, Swingrowers, Chris Grey, KIRA, LMFAO, Get Scared, Kets4eki, Lady Gaga ect (I DO NOT SUPPORT KETS, ASTERIA OR ANYONE ELSE PROBLEMATIC MENTIONED ABOVE.)


Osmosis Jones, Ready Player One, Oscar, Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, WALL-E, Old Disney movies, Wreck it Ralph, Free Guy , Paranormal Activity 1 & 2, Unfriended, Unfriended: Dark Web, the American Pie series ect.


Doesn't watches TV much anymore :(


I don't really read books anymore- :P


My irl best friends, my other friends and comfort characters or comfort OCs!! :3 WINNIE !! <33333

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About me:

'ello!! I'm Emma!! I'm an artist with lots of hyperfixations, I'm a neurodivergent, tone deaf and HSP, with situational anxiety, hypersexuality and possible ADHD+ARFID(???) I guess. I'm aroace, xumgender, and nonbinary/paranonbinary, pronouns are She/They I sometimes forget to check my notifications, this might cause me to reply later than expected, extremely sorry for that! I can get people'd out, stressed or overwhelmed easily, please be patient when interacting with me! Don't yell at me, not even in text, I'm a highly sensitive person and I'll possibly cry because of it./srs You'll see me change my layout and profile pic very often, I can never find something to keep on. I like too many aesthetics and stuff... I struggle with gender identity issues and has a hard time understanding or finding a label that fits me. This might end up in changing my gender identity very often. Please use feminine, neutral terms/words to refer to me!! For example: girl, enby, girlie, ect.

Who I'd like to meet:

Emo/scene/scenemo kids, artists, poeple who know what i do, poeple who listen to the ppl i listen to, teens, anyone under 18, ddlc fans, pokemon fans, brawl stars players, cold front fans, elevator hitch fans, married in red fans, dead plate fans, ZENO rwmake fansF YOU LIKE ANALOG HORROR, ILYSM/P ect <3

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ur theme is so pretty :0

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Omg thank you!!!!! :D
Yours too, it's amazing!

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★Anaa Carolina!!

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ur profile is SOOO cute!!!

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Awesome profile!

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Thank you!!! :3

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ur acc is so cute!!! x3

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