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I love nature and traveling to beautiful places. I love Crafts, I make candles and painting but my biggest love is Cosplay received_23731896028376641667759181525Snapchat-187005282120220917_150313received_361544135926318IMG_0909IMG_0851154249927_745234269463319_406492448405275872_n154945301_338116560898899_609771067190974139_nIMG_9904Snapchat-1923918727Snapchat-1937597092 1667759455738received_387269103595417received_1269232133838315received_1116673522510142delete (4)Snapchat-353492304Snapchat-88337061461219116_667944400294217_7772323894316236800_n2019-05-26_08-28-50IMG_9881IMG_9920IMG_9946IMG_9938 If you would like to support me as a human and my art and cosplay please feel free to browse my wishlist, it means a lot. cashapp is $embers0ashes I am currently trying to finish my raven cosplay and my persephone cosplay. I am also trying to get back drops for my stand! :3 Amazon wish list. I like photography, But I am an amateur. You can find more of my photos in blog posts! please take a look, tell me what you think in the comments and give some kudos! untitled-6442untitled-6452untitled-6179untitled--18untitled-0618untitled-0737untitled-0048untitled-9103untitled-59730S9A7364untitled-8172untitled-8988untitled-4723untitled-4439untitled-3929untitled-3995untitled-4007untitled-4442 untitled-6205untitled-7730untitled--14untitled-0682untitled-0692untitled-0347untitled--11untitled-9140untitled-5896untitled-6136untitled-8508untitled-8621untitled-4715untitled-4541untitled-3954untitled-3976untitled-4187untitled-4218 I have so many photos I started a few more rotations to show them all off untitled-3866untitled-4655untitled-4568untitled-5094untitled-5101untitled-3638untitled-3191untitled-2653untitled-2762untitled-2407untitled-2064untitled-1561untitled-1165untitled-1275untitled-1089untitled-0987untitled-0837untitled-0616untitled-0746untitled-0431untitled-0484untitled-0505untitled-9735untitled-9768IMG_0340IMG_0260untitled-1970untitled-2052untitled-2037untitled-2160untitled-1992untitled-2091untitled-2012untitled-1818untitled-1939untitled-1633IMG_9507IMG_9373IMG_9312IMG_9192IMG_8682IMG_8917(1)IMG_9015IMG_9044IMG_7873IMG_8618IMG_8481IMG_6320IMG_5910IMG_4466IMG_0438IMG_3092IMG_2537IMG_0552IMG_0498IMG_1082IMG_0460IMG_3150 (1)IMG_8878IMG_7656IMG_7673IMG_7763IMG_2306IMG_9800IMG_1507IMG_9523 untitled-4646untitled-4578untitled-5053-2untitled-5085untitled-3676untitled-2917untitled-2712untitled-2741untitled-2220untitled-2053untitled-1763untitled-1241untitled-1295untitled-1206untitled-0913untitled-0863untitled-0585untitled-0794untitled-0429untitled-0485untitled-0450untitled-9729untitled-9760IMG_0351IMG_0245untitled-2207untitled-2069untitled-2215untitled-2112untitled-2024untitled-1805untitled-1747untitled-1678IMG_9496IMG_9425IMG_8808(1)IMG_8815IMG_7861IMG_8594IMG_8491IMG_6470(1)IMG_6009IMG_6218IMG_5326IMG_3898IMG_9898IMG_9988IMG_2915IMG_1401IMG_1722IMG_0453IMG_0919IMG_6252IMG_3464IMG_2930IMG_1639IMG_3268IMG_8658IMG_7478IMG_9567IMG_4593IMG_9529IMG_2558IMG_1584IMG_2046 I adore tattoos, but we all know them bad boys are $$$ Here are mine so far. IMG_20220112_200736Snapchat-178377792__01Snapchat-1796382453received_534077937684212IMG_20210628_151503Snapchat-205588244Snapchat-1625180560Snapchat-805199183Snapchat-1128678098


All types of music I really enjoy it all. Corpse, Mothica, Magnolia Park, Shinedown, Paramore, Dirty Heads, Passenger, State Of Mine, Wake Me, Letdown, River Town, Qveen Hurby, Within Temptation, Hayley Williams, Attack Attack, Melanie Martinez, Delta rae, Camila Cabello, Paramore, Billie Eilish, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, After Midnight Project, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Poppy, Korn, Sleeping With Sirens, Avenged Sevenfold, BLACKPINK, Lauren Jauregui, Flower Face, Nightwish, Taylor Swift, Halsey, Meet Me @ The Altar, The Pretty Reckless, Stand Atlantic, Fit for a king, I prevail, Ashnikko alternative text Who I have seen live: Paramore, Foster The People, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, Ashnikko, Chloe Moriondo, Socker Mommy, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Memphis May Fire, Diamante, The Pretty Reckless, Shinedown, Royal And The Serpant, Demi Lovato, I prevail, Pierce The Veil, Fit For A King, Stand Atlantic


Only Shrek


Lucifer, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Rick and Morty, Gotham, SAO, InuYasha, Death Note, Avatar The Last Airbender, Gravity Falls, Kim Possible, Black Mirror, Heros, Super Girl, Teen Titans, Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, Shitts Creek, Fullmetal Alchemist, Higurashi When They Cry, Baccano!, Once Upon A Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Invader Zim, Stranger Things, Bobs Burgers, Parks & Rec, Santa Clarita Diet, The Good Place, Schitts Creek, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Big Mouth, New Girl, Young and Hungry, Seven Deadly Sins


The Shrek movie scripts.


Be a hero to yourself, listen to what you want and need. If you were dying, laying down looking back at who you are, what would you say to the people around you to help them live better? Would it be make more money? Love more? Travel more? What ever it is. Do so now. So you can tell them you did it and it's how you can smile as your heart beats one last time. Elegant Rose

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About me:

HEY! My name is Ember I am married with two children! I am a Hufflepuff, I love photography, cosplay and trying new things, concerts and festivals of any kind! I am a nature lover, and I find it comforts me spiritually.. my life is pretty simple and a lot of fun, my husband is to thank for that, he is the love of my life and the man who saved my heart. I want to use this profile as a blog? I want to post my creative things? Nothing specific I guess. :) Though I'm usually behind the camera l so love to pretend I am a model lmfao untitled-5509untitled-6746untitled-6904untitled-7601untitled-5175untitled-1417untitled-1472untitled-1395untitled-1455received_437473251726617untitled-0150untitled-0187-2IMG_0508IMG_0493IMG_0452Snapchat-1491728971IMG_0153received_465590461446555IMG_0634IMG_0083IMG_4545 (1)IMG_9952IMG_0006bIMG_0611DSC03935IMG_9949 untitled-6606untitled-6819untitled-5137untitled-1407untitled-1392untitled-1354untitled-1458received_373833128174925untitled-0137untitled-0186untitled-9613IMG_0505Snapchat-1482892137IMG_0063IMG_00602019-05-26_08-05-25IMG_4551175671384_2536550509973385_809300035646150437_nIMG_2478IMG_7737IMG_0823173753861_884060465487120_9049155823563119828_nIMG_2489 So I recently got my first few bits of ART MADE FOR ME!!! :) So I thought I would start posting them here too!! 294915307_548537927018136_7926248676361096898_nreceived_820914188556084

Who I'd like to meet:

I want to meet the world, Travel is very important to me, although I have only done it on a very small scale, I left my tiny town for the first time with my husband and I didn't want to stop. I believe if you travel, if you explore you will become more of the person you want to be. going anywhere I can. Will bring me to the people I want to meet received_361168929565178received_1279124012662338received_879831686525371received_149022691479853320221109_17270420221109_19215920221109_172827received_691970849015121received_514855683853273received_2073228329732949Snapchat-124650042620221017_090944Snapchat-205040441IMG20220716202512received_581422690052244received_1086043418793007received_908035876556341IMG_0272IMG_20211016_130553IMG_20210919_154116received_287622189938984received_1995739807247792122142007_1070297643392222_5296475009194928781_n56295427_636568900098434_2382693121034027008_o121776932_1070591223362864_672459425183595852_n16700244_264446710643990_8950728201880533014_oIMG_0986120630936_1058628364559150_1535667918820802661_o116880522_1008817569540230_4174139417925810708_n116345493_1004231029998884_452820434097113487_nIMG_0728 untitled-6022received_1168167480792556received_615329700345904received_801627507736408received_919695926068290received_65276334316228620221109_172659received_839791320534258received_516606970100646received_855778512433574received_425590959689746received_425901529687820Snapchat-1758146506Snapchat-64185683620221017_094939received_392986619672999FB_IMG_1652102057757IMG20220716202505Snapchat-1321445078received_440474171035565received_745800446410526IMG_20220414_220748IMG_20211110_124652IMG_20211110_130340IMG_20211016_233119IMG_20210919_152318received_1250816495433021received_184197300486005received_1504062553289653IMG_5155eyeemfiltered162289552707336420598_471545509934108_4773959838604460032_n31682451_439234573165202_2906691925853601792_nIMG_0741IMG_0751122296706_1070573253364661_2353696414254679151_n122126342_1070215783400408_6989814918747446616_n116584309_1004246456664008_13682400980716572_nIMG_0720

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Your photography looks amazing! Thx for the add!

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tysm 4 teh add!!

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thank you for accepting :)

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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thank u sm for the friend request!! u seem like such a cool person <3

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thank you :3

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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tysm for adding me!

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No problem :)

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls

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Oh hi we're friends now?

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Of course! :3

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

Great to see another cosplayer on here!

by The Young Vulnerable Anime Girls; ; Report


by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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Thanks for excepting my request. Nice to meet you.

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by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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I love your layout !! I’m Mika !! Cant wait to get to know you better !!

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by Ember Ashes; ; Report

No problem !!!!!!!!

by MIKA♡; ; Report


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this is soo cool omg the sliding gif thing is sick too

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thank you so much

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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ty 4 the add!!!! ur prof is literally so cool ><

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by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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such a cool profile!! how did u get the sliding gif things XD

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Thank you for adding me!

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thank you!! :)

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

His Excellency Lord Byron

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Hi Ember, I made a new Spotify playlist based on something you said: "Ruin A Makeup Look" and I put it in the bulletin section!

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Yesss! Can't wait

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

Do you want me to send you the shared link directly? Also, I'm probably going to make (heh) a volume 2.

by His Excellency Lord Byron; ; Report


by Ember Ashes; ; Report


by His Excellency Lord Byron; ; Report


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thanks for the add!

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aH! thank you

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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JUST 4U some holiday cheer!✨🦌🛷🎶🔔✨

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AH I love it so much

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

𝚓.𝚍. 𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚖𝚋𝚜 🏳️‍🌈✍🏽 WIP 𝘑𝘜𝘋𝘋 𝐼𝐼

𝚓.𝚍. 𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚖𝚋𝚜 🏳️‍🌈✍🏽 WIP 𝘑𝘜...'s profile picture

Thank you for adding me, Ember! I adore your taste in music, really takes me back.

I hope my book JUDD interests you. If you're into superheroes and colored/LGBT leads as well as some anime inspiration sprinkled in there, it's definitely something you should check out! 💜🖤

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I WILL HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT! I am sorry I didnt see this before the holiday is so close! but I am gonna take a look at it! my son loves comics as well, is this kid friendly?

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

It's not a comic, but definitely inspired by my love of comics. It's is kid friendly, it's YA and it just deals in identity, not sex. If I were to venture into my MCs first experience in that it wouldn't be lude detail, more emotional detail then fade out if that makes sense but that's not planned anytime soon for my series just yet

by 𝚓.𝚍. 𝚝𝚘𝚘𝚖𝚋𝚜 🏳️‍🌈✍🏽 WIP 𝘑𝘜𝘋𝘋 𝐼𝐼; ; Report

thats still really cool! his birthday is next month and we always give him books to read! can't wait!

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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Thx 4 the add!! LOVE ur profile!! So creative!!:D

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thank you so much

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

thank you so much

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


by Sabbath; ; Report


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freshest layout ever, you've totally seized your profile as your own here!

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sfdkjgalksdhjfk THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I really put some work into it. :)

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

andrew !

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sdkfgsldfjl sfgMEEEEE???!?!?!?!!? thank you

by Ember Ashes; ; Report


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Thank you so much for adding me!!!! You seem super cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime, I love making new friends!!!! (:

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awe! thank you so much!! :)

by Ember Ashes; ; Report

the ohio booty tickler (PROF UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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hiii! u have such a nice page!

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

by Ember Ashes; ; Report