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"dont forget! the silly way we met"

any pronouns | pfp by beefjerkyfan101

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scouring the internet and doing fuck-all + collecting pokemon cards with the thinnest budget imaginable


5th wave emo + fun crunchy electronic stuff in particular .

also things that arent either of those things. feel free to toss a rec my way


the only movie i go out of my way to watch is manos the hands of fate

recent things ive watched are yugioh s0 + utena. bigger fan of youtube essays than most current shows :p


mother 3!!!!!!!!!! + i have a half-played save of earthbound atm, pokemon + romhacks + fangames, random gritty rpgmaker rpgs. occasionally logging onto pixel cat's end n flight rising (petsites) deltarune ribbit mod


any dog/horse/cat breed encyclopedia . psychology journals sometimes. i wont lie its hard to read a lot anymore bc my concentration got absolutely jacked by meds im on rip


every single kitty cat ever

A needle from Mother 3.

original layout by luciowole!!

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About me:

call me eb - not a minor - any pronouns

The Masked Man from Mother 3 stands and slashes a sword.

socially inept creature who nevertheless loves signing up for Webbed Sites. i don't actually know what to do on here. im just here

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone? i dont send out friend requests purely bc i am a Nervous Beast but receiving them is fine

i am not putting a dni on here i can block and stuff for myself on my own terms . 🍉🍉🍉

buttons n stuff below ^w^

credits for each image/gif is embedded in the image itself, unless i put it together <3 (some i made relating to websites reroute to referenced website) all layout images asides from pfp are sprites from from Mother 3 btw

bigender flag button Button that reads : I spent 10 hours building a stupid road in minecraft just to fuck up one pixel! Button that reads : Skaianet now!

A button with Berdly from Deltarune superimposed onto it, with text reading 'why is he here'. Button animated with Salsa the Monkey, from Mother 3, dancing with the words 'Tonda Gossa' beside him.

A button reading 'Pixel Cat's End' with art of a black cat from the petsite. A button with palette colours from mspaint, reading 'mspaint 4ever!'

A stamp that has pixel art of Lucas from Mother 3, sleeping, with the words 'The same bedhead as always'. A stamp of twilight from my little pony superimposed into a real life setting of someone's room, reading a book? A stamp reading Jeff Andonuts. A stamp with the four characters seen on Penpals' title screen on it, reading the game's title over it.

A stamp displaying a cockroach with a blue background and glitter effects. A stamp with Lucas and Claus from Mother 3 on it. A stamp with the trainer Green oak from the Pokemon Series.

A stamp of the pokemon Dwebble sitting on a beach. A stamp featuring an animation of goldfish swimming across a bright blue background.

A pixel gif of the pokemon Dhelmise churning from one side to the other, wiggling its steering wheel. A pixel gif of the pokemon Sandslash moving its claws back and forth.A pixel gif of Claus from Mother 3 playing on a DS. A pixel gif of the pokemon Jolteon arching its back and barking. A pixel gif of the pokemon Pidgeot opening its beak to caw and then fluffing its wings.

click here for. music




/ᐠ - ˕ -マ Ⳋ

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hi hi fellow earthbound fan !! its cool to see other fans here like ik its more popular than it has been but ive barely seen any on here so :D

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i won't lie the best part of having my user be blatantly just 'earthbound' is that people interested in it find me :D

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WOAH FELLOW MOTHER 3 AND CLAUS ENJOYER? hi hiiii love ur layout :D

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WHAAAGH LETS GOOO ur stamps rock too btw... scolipede one of the best bug types ever

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♫ G3N0 ♫ _(AUTOPLAY)

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mumube (she/her)

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Ty for the add! Btw ppl who try to code have my full respect, I’ve tried and failed doing it so many times

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Thanks for frqing me! Maybe soon one of these days it'll stick for both of us 3

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