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sol, 21, any pronouns, living in germany

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✦ art, collecting, tamagotchi, gaming, crochet, cats, foraging, drawing, medieval ages, lego ninjago, slavic folklore, insects and isopods


✶ the binding of isaac, yuppie psycho, yume nikki, world of horror, slay the princess, fran bow, milk inside a bag of milk, paranormasight


♫ i monster, beast in black, alphaville, psycada, lúpína, bôa, luca turilli, powerwolf, within temptation, gloryhammer


🕮 junji ito's works, berserk, dungeon meshi, dorohedoro, chainsaw man, mistborn, pillars of the earth, wilbur smith's egyptian series, polish romantic poetry



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About me:

Dogbane Beetle

being lost in the vast space of the internet, still looking for an identity that will stick. irl, a dental technician in making. i refuse to have a normal social media ever. bisexual, bipolar, bilingual. please read my pinned blog!

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short-term plans:
more images/blinkies, more info about me and my interests, figuring out a tagging system, pinned post/rentry/carrd, welcome page
long-term plans:
code cleanup, blog post code, optimisation and more responsive web design, option to hide images/change fonts

[12/01/2024] made neocities button, added buttons to profile
[24/12/2023] changed logo
[23/12/2023] added blinkies and stamps in their respective boxes
[22/12/2023] added background, swapped image, minor color, size, placement adjustments
[06/12/2023] wrote a pinned introduction post
[03/12/2023] added a floating image, added divider, image and a books section to interests
[01/12/2023] added the 'under construction' box



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f3ral_gh0st X__x

f3ral_gh0st X__x's profile picture

i know we've been friends 4 a while but god ur profile is so cool!

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Ososhi's profile picture

wow!! your layout is really cool!! it has such a good atmosphere~ awesome job!!

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astra~'s profile picture

Holy frick, I love your profile so much! I don't know if this is a normal thing to say, but as soon as I saw your profile, the "Ancient Magicks Uttered by the Winds and Streams" single by Corrupted Temple of Moss started playing in my head. I sure hope that's the vibe you're going for, because that's the vibe you gave me!

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oh to give off a vibe of such a great dungeon synth album is the greatest compliment! thank you so much :)

by sol; ; Report

Ryougi Fangirl

Ryougi Fangirl's profile picture

whooaa your profile is so cool, and you have good taste!!

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i am glad you think so, thank you very much!

by sol; ; Report


moz🥩's profile picture

holy crisps, your profile makes me so incredibly happy. i love how it looks!!! (eats it)

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aw thank you, i am so glad to hear it!! leave at least a bite for me though :D

by sol; ; Report


Upsilon's profile picture

Hallo :0

Your layout is amazing, probably the best one I've seen. I really like how you've integrated plastiboo's art into your profile. I'm a fan of his work and even own a copy of vermis, 2nd one is currently on its way. I'd love to talk to you :)

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thank you so much, i am so honored to hear that :0 plastiboo is one of my greatest inspirations and i own both Vermis books as well, so i'm glad to meet another fan :) let's get along!

by sol; ; Report


ISCARIOT's profile picture

your layout is so insanely cool, I was so enamored by your pfp!! Where is it from, what’s the theme?
Thank you for adding, im excited to interact more!! ^^

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thank you! the source of my pfp and the overall inspiration for my profile is an artbook called Vermis drawn by plastiboo! i credited them in my pinned post if you are interested about their socials and creations :) dungeoncore as an aesthetic is also a big inspo to me

by sol; ; Report


juju's profile picture

your profile is so cool omfg!!!

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thank you! i love your too :)

by sol; ; Report


Dude's profile picture

ello!! > eats your profile theme
it's so cool even comforting in a way

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hi hi! i am glad you think so! i love the autism pyro on your profile

by sol; ; Report


☆Sol☆'s profile picture

same name!!! (love your profile btw)

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same name gang!! <3 thank you so much, i think yours is neat as well :)

by sol; ; Report