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"hmm thats a big question"

21 | uk | he/him | bi | slept with your dad like 4 times

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music of all kinds
playing my playstation 2 and microsoft xbox
y2k internet and aesthetics
talking to my friends!!!!
making new ones
reading new interesting books
social history
hot middle aged people
(but mainly men i am addicted to dilfs x_x)


bjork | car seat headrest | david bowie | cocteau twins | beach house | beach boys | strawberry switchblade | blondie | kate bush | imogen heap | pulp | radiohead | panchiko | limp pumpo/jesus belluci | leonard cohen | tatsuro yamashita | junichi inagaki | fever ray | the garden | heart | talking heads | early suede


love & mercy | stand by me | the favourite | trainspotting | naked | if... | misery | grave of the fireflies | chicken run | a clockwork orange | wallace and gromit series (close shave better than wrong trousers fight me)


peep show | doctor who (2005) | daria | kekkai sensen | the good life | detective conan


Dune | The Hobbit | Coin Locker Babies | A Clockwork Orange | Fahrenheit 451


tim rogers from actionbutton dot net and action button on youtube dot com
hazel and lute from youtube dot com
marsh from youtube dot com
running shine
david fucking bowie
JAR media
2009 let's players

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About me:


I'm currently studying Access to Humanities! Ideally I'd really like to go to uni and read English + History but we shall see what happens lmao. Comment or IM with book recs!

i play games. here are some cool ones:
megami tensei series (digital devil saga on TOP)
ICO + shadow of the colossus
grandia (1997)
blinx the time sweeper
gta 3d trilogy (iii, vice city, san andreas)
kingdom hearts 1
tomb raider 1, 2, 3
final fantasy 5 and final fantasy 10
oddworld abe's oddysee
klonoa door to phantomile
phantasy star 4
jet set radio
garry's mod
etrian odyssey series
bully with jimmy
the entire sonic series even the shitty ones

i also play tf2 even though im really bad, i main scout + sniper and im down to jame if you wanna :D


layout inspired by phantasy star online
(greatest game ever made)

Who I'd like to meet:

YOU if you're into any of the above
will toledo
victoria legrand
rose mcdowell
ryotaro dojima from the hit game persona 4 (2008)
also jon hamm cause i guh uhhhhhh X_X

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「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」

「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」's profile picture

Thanks for adding me (ᵔᵕᵔ)◜ I like the style of your profile

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hello!! thanks for accepting my req ^_^ it's nice to see a fellow beach boys city pop fan as well a final fantasy player!! :^D

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idk if i would call myself a massive fan of ff these days (just fallen off of it tbh, i wouldn't say i dislike it) but like a lot of people it was definitely one of my first loves when it comes to JRPGs ^^, FF10 will forever be one of my favourite games just for its story alone

by dopey; ; Report

btw if you need any more JRPGs to sink your teeth into I got recs out the wazoo so feel free to chat >:)

by dopey; ; Report

hey hey no worries~ haven't really played FF10 but i really like tidus!! :D we could tallk more about it lolol!! ^_^

by dry; ; Report

YOU GET IT!!!!! tidus is soooo overhated that it kind of makes me think anybody who does hate him didn't pay attention to the game cause he actually has a really strong character arc and tbh it's one of my favourite things about X, he's one of my fav JRPG protags for sure

by dopey; ; Report


Nex's profile picture

You have a a lot of games i should try, checking your profile is like a reminder i need to play more...

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the trade secret is that i have only dabbled in a fair few of them, i'm kind of a poser frfr

by dopey; ; Report

LMFAO FR i kind of have memories of playing some things but never finished, i like to show the things i finished or i feel i know a lot.

by Nex; ; Report


RareLeech's profile picture

holy based profile :ooooo

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THANK YOU!!! yours is too i love jeremy massachusetts september 1985 and his silly little antics

by dopey; ; Report


🖤 SHADOW 🖤's profile picture

Cool profile! :3

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THANK YOU!!!! likewise, yours is great, always awesome to see other sonic fans online :DD

by dopey; ; Report


by 🖤 SHADOW 🖤; ; Report


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Thank you for accepting my friend request Bjork

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welcome to my internet paeg where i have little tea parties with my feelings and emotions, it is so wonderful and makes me ecstatic with the beautiful imagery

... that's how bjork talks right? ^^'

by dopey; ; Report

Spot on...

by FiNALBOY; ; Report


diana's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Love your movie and music taste. You should def watch Go (1999) too if you like Trainspotting it has a similar frantic '90s raver vibe and is up your alley!

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no worries! thanks for the recommendation, I'll give it a look :D

by dopey; ; Report


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Neat profile!

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thank you!!

by dopey; ; Report