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21, he/they, Polish

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tabletop roleplaying games, drawing, writing, making ocs and oc related content, coding, webdev and gamedev, all that jazz. i cook and sometimes bake. i love linguistics and i'm currently on-and-off studying german and korean. i collect dolls with my bf!! mainly lol omg and rainbow high. sometimes i customize them and crochet/sew clothes for them :-]


jam out with me

i'm the guy torturing people who say they listen to everything. i love shit that sounds like mindless noise i love old moroccan songs from like 60s or something i love 80s synth music i love musicals i love viddy game soundtracks i love grand orchestras i love indie bandcamp finds that only 5 other people have ever heard i love love love SO MUCH STUFF i can't possibly list it!!

some of my all time faves include dead or alive, alan parsons project, abba (obviously), queen, oingo boingo, nick cave and the bad seeds, talking heads, whatever the fuck neil cicierega/lemon demon is making, the doors, and of course lady gaga :^)

there's a lot more than that and i love getting recommendations, though it might take some time for me to get to actually listen because - certified autism moment - my brain is telling me to listen to 5 things over and over or put a song on a literal loop


grab some popcorn

barbie movies!!!
kung fu panda movies
rocky horror picture show
the road to el dorado... *dreamy sigh*
evil dead series >:^)
asterix and obelix movies (animated with the exception of mission cleopatra). you wouldn't get it... or would you???
what we do in the shadows
monster high

you probably sensed the pattern here. i love camp and animation :]


get comfy on the couch

whatever my boyfriends puts on. so that can range from yt essays to anime to shitty reality tv to actual very good live action stuff

what we do in the shadows, bluey, buzzfeed unsolved/ghost files, puppet history, my little pony (g4 and g1 are my faves), ouran high school host club, craig of the creek, mao mao: heroes of pure heart (can't fucking believe the polish dub is lost media now), saiki k, dorohedoro, moomins, blue lock


open up a book

i struggle with reading so i haven't read in like forever but i LOVE books and comics okay?? i try to read as much as my brain lets me.

discworld by terry pratchett!! haven't read too much though, nonetheless vetinari my beloved babygirl <3
a.j. raffles series by e.w. hornung
howl's moving castle by diana wynne jones good omens by neil gaiman and terry pratchett. i watched the tv series too and it was ok but the book had a grip on me for years prior...
a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket. never finished in full but it's so dear to my heart i have to reread someday

i also read comics and manga :^] my brain problems are slightly better with comics but i still haven't finished like any of those

pandora hearts, dungeon meshi, dorohedoro. i'd love to read sugar sugar rune and witch hat atelier one day


boot up the puter

splatoon, don't starve, minecraft, harvest moon/story of seasons, rune factory, ace attorney, animal crossing, pokemon, bloons td, tomodachi life, bandori, enstars (i play on my bf's eng account sometimes and that's it. also i love mama, look at that cowboy go), l4d2, metal gear solid (that shit is so gay ok???), guilty gear (i love robo ky and venom the most...), doom (especially classic but i Will play the new ones one day), divinity

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About me:

hi!! i'm juliusz, you can call me julek though :^) i'm a 21 years old nonbinary trans guy from poland

this page is very much under construction as i can code i just don't have time to do it because of my stupid corporate webdev job aahhhh!!! good website making vs bad website making!!!

Who I'd like to meet:

likeminded silly people with similar interests

i'm neurodivergent and disabled and so so anxious, therefore i take communication pretty slow, but i really do want to talk to people!! i miss the web i experienced in my childhood while using the clunky family computer at my parents' house and i hope we can recreate that together :^D

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thank u for the add back, i love ur profile pic so much <3 cowboy Rilakkuma is adorable :›

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✭ alex ✭

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ty for the add back :P i love ur profile, it gives me old web vibes

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you say your page is under construction but i can already feel such a nice vibe from it! thanks for the frq :3

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