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if my mentions of them so far and the fact one of my names is related to them hasn't made it clear, i really really like cuttlefish. not only are they insanely awesome in so many different ways, but i find myself relating to them in a way. constantly shifting colors and shape to fit into their environments. they're just like me fr
i am also a splatoon fan. toootally unrelated to the cuttlefish thing haha.... (this is a lie. i only know cuttlefish exist because of splatoon........)
i really like pokemon but i admit i've only played the newer games and i only got into it like.... a year or two ago... currently i've only played shield, legends arceus (MY FAVVVV OMG!! ILY VOLO MY FAV CHARACTER EVER!!!! IM SO ABNORMAL ABOUT HIM) and brilliant diamond but i'm planning on figuring out how to play older games using Forbidden Techniques banned by the Wizard council (emulators)
i think absol and mega absol in particular are super cool......


Ÿ tally hall (i do not support joe)
Ÿ switchblade symphony (especially serpentine gallery)
Ÿ lemon demon (don't listen to it as much but every song i've heard is fireee)
Ÿ the majority of splatoon songs!! my absolute favs are all of the idol groups, h2whoa, yoko and the gold bazookas, and dedf1sh


n/a as of rn.......


technically this is a webseries but.. i really like ENA !!! ALSOALSOALSO I REALLY LIKE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER!! im gonna watch legend of korra soon !!!


technically i am a warrior cats fan but i only care for the first arc and certain other books from the series. i mostly just like making and looking at fan characters


Ÿ the flamboyant cuttlefish, reaper cuttlefish, and giant cuttlefish (fun fact - they're all grouped into the same genus, ascarosepion)
Ÿ volo from pokemon
Ÿ everyone in the 'gaang' (i see people call aang's group that and its kinda cute so. i'll use it too)
Ÿ rob cantor
blinkies nd other stuff (in the process of transferring them all over here instead of the main page):

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About me:

this is a heavy w.i.p.
<- song i like Ÿ (gutter glitter) (i wasn't able to get it to autoplay)
hi! you can call me echo or sepia! Ÿ
Ÿ im rlly cringe and awkward sorry. im also a furry and queer. !!! I AM A MINOR DO NOT BE WEIRD!!!
Ÿ i probably won't be suuuper active on here but the concept of a social media trying to replicate the way things used to be is really cool to me. i DID have a neocities but i'm focusing on this instead for now.
Ÿ anyway i tend to freak out over the smallest things so if anybody tries to talk to me and i just don't respond for a while PLEASE don't take it personally. interacting with people spooks me
Ÿ i struggle with the way i am perceived and change my mind on who i am every two seconds. so if this thing changes the way it looks all the time that's why
Ÿ look at my cool little pet thingy!!! (spacehey wont let me put the actual code of this here so u can just click on the following links to play with flammy or make ur own pet)
make ur own
play with flammy!

Ÿ these r my tamanotchis !!! feed them if u want
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

(those two splatoon blinkies above were made by cephalonheadquarters on tumblr!!)

cool little quizzes:
I am a Togetic!

Who I'd like to meet:

hm. every species of cuttlefish ! AND VOLO ŸŸŸŸŸŸŸ

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