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"i love the early morning"

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ornithology/birding ✿ herpetology ✿ paleontology ✿ natural science in general ✿ aquariums & aquaculture ✿ littlest pet shops ✿ G3 my little ponies ✿ webkinz ✿ bratz dolls ✿ build a bears ✿ TTRPGS (mostly D&D5E) ✿ lolita fashion (i like sweet lolita the most) ✿ virtual reality ( i own a quest 2) ✿ 3DSes (+modding them) ✿ nintendo wii ✿ xbox 360 ✿ lava lamps ✿ lucid dreaming ✿ dinosaurs!! ✿ biology ✿ digital drawing ✿ SFM ✿ the viola
taurus rainbow australia birdwatcher webkinz aquarium junkie mlp girl


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the killers ♪ jack stauber ♪ tally hall ♪ will wood ♪ marina ♪ mitski ♪ glass animals ♪ luxury elite.... and a bunch of other artists where i've only listened to like 2 of their songs lmao. i me myself bubblegum good and evil hawaii part 2 tally hall ties


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american psycho (i watched it before it was popular i PROMISE!!!) ♥︎ district 9 ♥︎ jurassic park ♥︎ death to smoochy ♥︎ breakfast club ♥︎ heathers ♥︎ mean girls ♥︎ fantastic mr fox ♥︎ dr. strangelove ♥︎ shutter island ♥︎ django unchained ♥︎ ponyo ♥︎ the cat returns ♥︎ SOUTH PARK!! ♥︎ disenchantment ♥︎ aggretsuko ♥︎ the good place ♥︎ brand new animal ♥︎ beastars ♥︎ cells at work (+code black) ♥︎ so i'm a spider, so what ♥︎ my little pony: friendship is magic ♥︎ rick and morty ♥︎ steven universe... im chronically online can u tell lmao south park screw you guys no more bombs who tf is this horse jurassic park


something went wrong i... mostly read fanfiction and non-fiction haha. i DO still have a massive collection of animorphs books from when i was a kid though!!


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PORTAL!!!! ★ team fortress 2 ★ half life ★ green hell ★ splatoon ★ FFXIV ★ POKEMON! ★ pokemon mystery dungeon ★ sims 2 and 3 (but NOT 4 i HATE sims 4) ★ blockland ★ jurassic world: evolution ★ ark: survival evolved ★ path of titans ★ the isle (legacy) ★ primal carnage ★ thrive ★ south park: stick of truth + fractured but whole ★ payday 2 ★ one hour one life ★ phasmophobia ★ slime rancher ★ stranded deep ★ TERA (rip) ★ torchlight ★ undertale ★ call of duty (mostly modern warfare) ★ rollercoaster tycoon 3 ★ garrys mod ★ stanley parable ★ star wars: the old republic ★ elder scrolls ★ cyberpunk 2077 + phantom liberty ★ green hell wheatley cake tf2 octoling sims clump penguin pirate


blinkie bug shopper on the loose the goldfish are watching full of love no cruelty magnesium based smiley i love dogs right to repair chilling in bed ublock origin i hate adobe nudibranch rats rats ratsmy tamagotchi died my three girlfriends 900 million dogs garfield :D da blinkie oh worm surviving the horrors i love stars peepy noo dont kys youre so sexy aha sanrio emotional about computers lucky charms real life wizard sleepy head dishwasher safe ice tea drinker fuck it we ball sitting on the floor taco silly who needs drugs when youve got blinkies ibuprofenbug squishers dni i am crazy puter friends

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About me:

about me star divider haii!! i'm coconut (・ω<)☆ i love nature, technology, and collecting anything retro! i've had heaps of hobbies, but i get bored pretty quickly when i find something else to obsess over x_x i'm really passionate about animals (especially 'gross' ones, like rodents and reptiles) and it's my dream to be able to have my own pet! i draw occasionally, and sometimes i commission art of my characters, so maybe i'll post about it sometime lolz star divider
best viewed with open eyes bob tech tips emulate now
i love lava lamps furbiessharks are cool croc lava lamps bunny pompompurin i support grass wii pokemon stampeater nyan dino girlplumbobmystery dungeonpinkie star divider

Who I'd like to meet:

stampeater hearts anybody that wants to friend me haha! but definitely people who share the same interests or aesthetics as me. birders, console modders, mlp/lps collectors please interact!!! ESPECIALLY people in the southern/eastern hemispheres :D hearts
hamster bird ragdoll cat kangaroo pelican dog dog 2 dog 2 hearts
thanks 4 reading! take a beanie baby ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚

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thx 4 the add!! i luv ur profile! :D
feel free to message me if u ever wanna chat!

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tysm!! i will b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b

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ayooo fellow aussie :DD
thx 4 the add!!

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☆ ~('▽^人)

by coconut2433; ; Report


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thanks 4 the add!!! >_<

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by coconut2433; ; Report


꒷💒🎶♡˙venus˖꒦꒷'s profile picture

Ur profile is sosososo cute!!!!!

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tyy!! your profile is super cool (*´▽`*)

by coconut2433; ; Report


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Hii! You seem like the coolest person ever!!!

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zomg tysm!! your profile is awesome too!

by coconut2433; ; Report