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"im an orphan. but i have a dog!! :)"

14 american nonbinary lil thang. hi

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quite a fan of th Homestar Runner. and they might be giants,,, horror special effects, car seat headrest (thank you fres) HLVRAI, portal (one and two), half life, and bioshock!!!! i also really like the color brown, drawing little stuff thats happened to me, dying my hair, and the blue lazer twins. ueh uweh. the colors green n purple together r BOMB btw.


th tunes go hard. i enjoy they might be giants, car seat headrest, will wood, oingo boingo, lemon demon, reel big fish, weezer, radiohead, alex g, tally hall, weird al. sometimes? aaaaand. that might be it. for now OH!!!! but some of my favorite songs are nothing bad ever happens to me by oingo boingo,, fine by lemon demon,, no one knows my plan,, kiss me, son of god,, put your hand inside the puppet head (all by they might be giants),,twu wuv by tally hall,, punk rock girl by the dead milkmen aaaand uem. i dunno ill update this later. go check out my playlist on youtube though :))


GOSH theres so many. loooove the thing, nope, little shop of horrors, the 2002 scooby doo spooky island movie, rocky horror picture show, starship troopers, scott pilgrim vs the world, uhhrmmm ALIENS!! and alien. really liked ferris buellers day off too. i also really REALLY like clue. the play and the movie. evil dead 2 is also super cool. i like movies with cool effects oh and im a huge fan of musicals


AUUUHHHHHH!!!!!! i really like community, invader zim, courage the cowardly dog, homestar runner, half life vr but the ai is self aware, and big top burger. im also currently watching th scott pilgrim anime, and freemans mind. id enjoy reccomendations though :]]



coarch z B-) also hi if u read all this ily

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About me:

BLAARGH!!!!! hi im leila :)) they them. pretty please? minor, artist, and sometimes animator. check out my yt playlist :)) !!!!1!! also i might be autristic bur thats a different thing so. waves hand ALSO HI I LOVE MESSAGES PLEASE TALK TO ME

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probably john flansburg. or my friends :))

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AHHH OMG NO WAY I JUST NOTICED YOU LIKE LSOH *i stare you down with my lazer beam eyes*

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purple and green...<3

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purple n green is like. one of the COOLEST color combinations. it goes so hard
i uhh. once had my hair dyed purple n green. mightve been my fav combo

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THX FOR THE ADD! Ur layout looks so cool wtf..

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auuuh!!! thank u omg :))
i think we were friends on ur old account?? idkk

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coach z coach z one two one two

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hes so old school they tore the school down

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where his lasers at, y'all?

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AUUUUUGH!!!!!!!! AUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! a fres...... on my page.........

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ok so im like, a huge fan of half life, and portal. those two r pretty nifty. bioshock is really awesome too. ive been playing a lot of terraria and lethal company lately. and getting back into minecraft becuase !!1 trying to play psychonauts 2 also but. shrugs