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"Just another day Hexing the Patriarchy"

53 she/her midwest US

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Witchcraft and magick in almost all forms, Deities and mythology, history ancient to modern, The Blessed Dead, genealogy, paranormal and "ghosts," demonology and angelology, all forms of divination, stone and crystals, herbs, beads, and Barbies. Yes, Barbies. One of these things is not like the others...


Dependent on mood. Almost anything but certain country music and REALLY heavy metal or anything with screaming.


Anything in a costume. Yep. Anything. Historical to Science Fiction. No unhappy endings. Its an escape, dammit.


Any ghost show. Well, almost any ghost show, with the exception of anything involving Zak Baggans. I can't stand him, and I will die on that hill.


For fiction reading,fantasy (Mercedes Lackey is my current favorite) or historical fantasy/fiction. Non-fiction depends on what I'm curious about today.


I don't have heroes. Heroes disappoint. There are people I admire, because of something they've done or something they're doing, but they're not heroes. They're humans and they are flawed. Maybe I don't know those flaws, and I'm happier not knowing them, but I'm prepared for it.

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People who don't suck. People who don't drive like their ass is on fire. People who are open minded and non-judgmental, which kind of goes hand-in-hand with people who don't suck. People from all cultures, religions, and geographical locations because I LOVE learning. People who can handle being wrong every now and then because everyone is wrong every now and then and you CAN'T learn anything if you're never wrong, and those aren't my kind of people.

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Thanks KAMYLLEON for the add. I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪All my original. If you like please see on Spotify (◠‿◠) Have a nice day

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Universal_Horror 🦇

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Thank you for accepting my friend request Camylleon. Have yourself a spooky Friday, Bela!

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I would never turn Bela down! :) Welcome and thank you for requesting! May the Spooky be with you!

by Camylleon; ; Report

𝕰𝖑𝖑𝖊 ⚝

 𝕰𝖑𝖑𝖊 ⚝'s profile picture

Castle Grimm admin live from my personal account! Congrats on 65 friends! woooooo 🎉

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Thank you! There was a flood of responses...and I'm having a great time, meeting everyone! The more the merrier!

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Usual Egg

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Jon sent me lol. Nice profile and thanks for the add

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Welcome, friend of Jon! He told me he'd show me the way to the appropriate age group, lol. Thanks for the request!

by Camylleon; ; Report


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Thanks for accepting my friend request!

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Thanks for requesting, and welcome! :D Nice to meet you!

by Camylleon; ; Report


𝙄𝙉𝙂𝙍𝙄𝘿's profile picture

Thanks for the add, Camylleon! Love the rain on your profile :)

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Thank you! I loved the whole mood of the layout. Sort of mystic AND comfy. And its still legible, which was important to me! lol

by Camylleon; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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It just blocked MY friend request 'cuz you had just sent me one! XD
Hi new chum! :D

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I take suggestions well :) Welcome, my new friend!!!

by Camylleon; ; Report


𝓜𝓮𝓭𝓮𝓾𝔁𝓼𝓪's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I'd love to talk witchy stuff with you!!

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Any time! I love talking the talk! :) Medusa's one of my Ladies, it was one of the reasons I just HAD to add you!

by Camylleon; ; Report

Kay 🌈

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Hey! Thanks for the friend request :D I like your profile & you seem real cool!

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Thank you much! I only request friends with the coolest and the best. ;) Very nice to meet you!

by Camylleon; ; Report


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THANKS for the add request!You are totally tubular!🎧

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Dude, thanks. You're so incredibly groovy, I couldn't resist sending a request!

by Camylleon; ; Report


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thanks for the add~:D

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Great Googly Moogly

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Thanks for the add, Camylleon

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Thanks for stopping by! Nice to meet you. :)

by Camylleon; ; Report


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Thanks for the request. You had me at paranormal and witchcraft. Have a great rest of the week. Nice to meet you 🔮.

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Yay! Another paranormal loving witch-friendly type person! :) Who's over 20, even! I was starting to feel very, very Thank you for accepting my request. I'm looking forward to getting to know you! (Love your gifs, btw! SO MUCH BLING!)

by Camylleon; ; Report

Lol yeah I was too! Yeah I use them better then explaining myself. Have a great weekend. 🔮

by JstUrHope; ; Report

You too!

by Camylleon; ; Report