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"i love you robert smith"

silly chicagoiannannnn

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,ENDZONE LAW OF TALOS CASTLE OF NATIONS SAMURAI DUELERS LEAGUE, scene music , goth music + fashion , invader zim , gyaru fashion + music , robert smith , edgar allen poe , any south park canadian , vocaloid , SPLATOON , LEOPOLD BUTTERS STOTCH. , sanrio , pokemon specifically dido celebi or skutank , cosplay, roller skating + boxing , fnaf , pizza tower, papas games esp freezeria , samurai duelers league , MTC , my little pony,, umm walten files, tmc , omori , hfjONE,bfdi,back to schoolers , any object show,burner , SQUID SISTERS, psychology, POPEE THE PERFORMER , sally face, AMANDA THE ADVENTURER, little misfortune , mob psycho 100, LETHAL LEAGUE BLAZE (CANDY MAN!!), spiderman , hobie brown + spiderman india / pavitr., topher bus +clone high , DARIA, BENDY , CUPHEAD , cotc , steven universe, DOKI DOKI LITERATURE CLUB !!, THE CURE,jfk from clone high <3 +EVEN MORE!! (im severely autistic) + my digital escape + jake webber + johnnie guilbert + tarayummy


THE CURE, she wants revenge , s3rl , strawberry switchblade, sisters of mercy,bauhaus , siouxsie and the banshees , pleasure nature, christ vs warhol , scarlets remains ,otzi , minuit machine, type o negative , specimen, skeletal family,christian death, london after midnight , depeche mode , duran duran, cocteau twins, malice mizer , the velvet underground , the pixies , radiohead,lemon demon , tally hall , miracle musical , cojum dip , edu , will wood , neru+ more, hideki naganuma , nelward,hole , LeTigre , no more lullubies ,corpus delecti,the sound,clan of xymox, pink turns blue , the danse society, alien sex fiend, suicidal tendencies, social distortion, millionares, the misfits, joy division, der fluch , the cramps , the normal , ministry , the damned ,death by nature , phantomodel , witch lover , the vanishing, crash course in science, horror vacui , the 69 eyes , twin tribes , 45 graves , lebanon handover , ex voto , bad moves , scary b!tches ,my chemical romance, pierce the veil, barely human, taking back sunday , flying fish , slowdive , black veil brides, the used , fall out boy (old), motionless in white., JACK OFF JILL, deadchovsky, KMFDM , NINE INCH NAILS+ many MANY more.


the batman 2022 , ANY OF THE FUCKING SP OR BATMAN MOVIES, chick flicks , old musicals , horror movies , the lorax. . BASEKETBALL , orgazmo , THE BOOK OF MORMON , THE BREAKFEAST CLUB , back to the future, LABRYNTH (David bowie), the emperors new groove, ferris beulers day off, any bill and ted movie , waynes world , any old doc on the cure. , EDWARD SCISSORHANDS , the crow , ride the cyclone


SOUTH PARK, INVADER ZIM , ruby gloom , su , regular show , MLP , my life as a teenage rbot , pengu , robot chicken , danny phantom , madoka magica , purella magica , nge , fruits basket , soul eater , serial experiments lain., CLONE HIGH , daria,


any old literature or comics of my interests, + historical books. , EDGAR ALLEN POE , LITERATURE, RIDDLER YR ONE COMICS, nge manga, unoffical hatsune mix , fazbear frights


robert smith and siouxsie sioux jill bryson rose mcdowall simon gallup fletcher shears david bowie (-:

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About me:

ROBBIE < LEON < ROBIN HE HIM , MASC TERMS AGENDER MASCULINE OMNISEXUAL CEASEFIRE NOW!! i really like NIИ dr pepper in the cure Waving Hello Kitty Kaoani

Who I'd like to meet:

goths + punks + scenemos + any cool person + ROBERT SMITH + CURE FANS!!

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imagine being a hot ass boyfriend..... could be u

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ava <3

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RAHHH your so cool i luv ur profile

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ahhh tsym!!

by ROBBIE; ; Report


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This is a cool profile!

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Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure you like the cure

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ermm jst a litl bit.... just a insy bitsy little bit ... maybe... just maybe

by ROBBIE; ; Report


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THANKS FOR THE ADD im a baby bat and i checked out ur goth playlist, super cool!!!

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hii omg!! i try to update the playlist constantly w new goth artists so hopefully it helps!!

by ROBBIE; ; Report


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lights you oj fire and bURNS YOU ALIVE πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

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Vivian π“‹Ή

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by ROBBIE; ; Report


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Your profile looks awesome haha

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TY!! i like ures too

by ROBBIE; ; Report

whatshisface β™«βƒ πŸ‰ (#1 kirk hammett fan)

whatshisface β™«βƒ πŸ‰ (#1 kirk...'s profile picture


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YES i love them sm

by ROBBIE; ; Report