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"/ᐠ ̥ ̣̮ ̥ ᐟ\ᵐᵉᵒʷˎˊ˗"

hii. pfp iz me ♡

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hai <3

I partake in some sillyness such as:
music making (little lofi ambient pieces nothng special)
walking through forests pretending im a wood sprite
staring at the moon
I love making art, u can see some on my blog if u want


fav artists:
fair to midland | ecco2k | vylet pony | the cure | pat the bunny | mew | microphones | coheed & cambria | finch | sufjan | killing joke | depeche mode | strawberry switchblade | jesus and mary chain | slowdive | bladee | sparklehorse | origami angel | sematary | ghost mountain | avril lavigne | parannoul & the rest of longinus recordings | june henry | ANOHNI | the wonder years | avion roe | narco debut | rites of spring | taking back sunday | matt elliott | carly rae jepsen | pigeon pit | stick and poke | asking for it | days n daze | dump | jeff buckley | yung lean | cLOUDDEAD | charli XCX | jpegmafia | tool | kitty | twin tribes | defiance, ohio | pinkiepieswear | AJJ | oceanlab | a perfect circle | lucid planet | enter the collector | weezer | genesis owusu | MF DOOM | salem | marina & the diamonds

fav genres:
folk punk | progressive art rock | ambient | trance | lofi indie | post-punk | new wave | emo | post-hardcore | art pop

panic! at the disco (doab tour 2017)
weezer (2018 winter tour)
the wonder years (the upsides/suburbia anniv tour 2022)
origami angel (2022 tour)
the cure (shows of a lost world tour 2023)
twin tribes (2023 tour)

you can view my music collection here!!


the breakfast club | star wars | what we do in the shadows | chronicle | all about lily chou-chou | knives out | donnie darko | nausicaä | corpse bride


avatar the last airbender | MLP:FIM | futurama | andor | invader zim | community | our flag means death | given | erased | your lie in april


Amory Wars, Percy Jackson, Ahsoka, idk i dont read dat much >.<


super mario 64 | roblox | legend of zelda wind waker | l4d | zelda minish cap | vib-ribbon | guitar hero | rock band | clone hero | mario party 6 | star wars: the force unleashed | lego star wars series | okami | journey | mario kart ds | emily is away | yoshi's island | golden sun | kingdom hearts | stardew valley | lego batman | session | skate 2 | skate 3


ANOHNI, Patrick Schneeweis, Zak Gaterud

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About me:

23, he/they/she ^.^
tradgoth emo scene boygirlboss.

I lov music, spending tiem with my bf, making music, going on walks, exploring.
infp-t 4w5. pisces sun, taurus moon, virgo rising.
equality is the most important thing 2 me.

my dni & important stuff is at the bottom of my stamps n blinkies pls read ♡

trans rights are human rights

║██║ ♪♫ Currently Playing: ♪♪
║(●) ║ ♪♫ fair to midland ♪♪
╚══╝ ♪♫ quince ♪♪

free palestine

assault ur local transphobes, homophobes, racists, antisemites, and other such bigots.

Who I'd like to meet:

everyone <3

DNI if:
you glorify or joke about self harm
post or have realistic gore/blood w/o trigger warning or censor. it literally makes me faint
are a bigot

16 or under dni outside of public convos n stuff, dont expect 2 be good friends or something ty

i have a discord server for progressive alternative music, so if u love that genre as well pls come check it out! https://discord.gg/2Tvk4xjffs
or even if u dont and u just like associated stuff (emo, post-hardcore, prog rock, metal, etc) feel free to join too we love all music ^_^

(some examples of alternative progressive bands: rishloo, karnivool, fair to midland, tool, coheed & cambria, the mayan factor, dredg, porcupine tree, mew, lucid planet, the dear hunter, tides of man, a perfect circle, a lot like birds, tmv, etc etc)
    ∧ ∧
 (,゚ Д゚)
   | つつ
〜|  |
   ∪ ∪

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Thnx for the add! You seem totally wicked as hell.

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thank you for the add! you have such a cool profile!

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by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


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No *you're* awesome!

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Wacky Alex

Wacky Alex's profile picture

Happy Halloween from FunHouse Radio

       __| |__
/ /\ /\ \
| /__\ _ /__\ |
| / \ |
| _ """ _ |
\ \\/\_/\// /
Spooky Kooky music playing now!

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Xx_ALINAx_xATHAME_xX's profile picture

love your profile! what is the song playing currently?

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Gosia by The Mayan Factor!!! one of my fav songs of all time it's so beautiful n dreamy

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

it issss thx for the response ^___^

by Xx_ALINAx_xATHAME_xX; ; Report


Crows.Lady's profile picture

Hello Dayton I like your layout very shiny and sparkly your taste in music is cool too I like your pfp very pretty indeed, I might join your server as well if that’s okay however thank you for the add and hope you’ll have a great day!

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TYSM 2 ALL OF THAT ♡ i spent so long making this layout n I barely changed the actual layout of it all bc im too dumb for that adgjnm but im still super happy with it! and yes please do join!! we'd love 2 have u in there, u seem really awesome ♡

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


badluckcharm's profile picture

Thank you for the add! Your page looks really cool by the way :]

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thank u!

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


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Your profile is so coooool!

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vivianne✮'s profile picture

You look cool as hell⁉️⁉️

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tysmm !! U DO TOO

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


by vivianne✮; ; Report


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<333 I LOVE U

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

Vy Valyntine

Vy Valyntine's profile picture

thank uuuu for the add back :O XD

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Thx for accepting :)

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sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

thanks for the add!!

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✩𝑀𝑜𝓇𝑔𝒶𝓃✩'s profile picture

ur page is so cool!!

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thank uu !

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


pesco's profile picture

thanks 4 the add :DD whats ur fav color? B)

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surprisingly not green thats actually my least fav color despite my profile akdjgnm, its purple !

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

oh swag! yeah i rlly thought it was green xDDD im the opposite, my fav is green and least fav is purple

by pesco; ; Report

I can't believe u would say such a thing :(( shfkfnsnm

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

IM SRRYYYY :( I just think purple stands out too much for my style >-< i wear alotta dark/muted colors ftmp

by pesco; ; Report


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Thx for the add!! You hair looks POOFY!! :D

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poof ! ^~^

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


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ty for the add back !!! sick profile !!

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ty! love urs 2!!

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

River Syn

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Thanks for the add! Love your profile :]

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by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report


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thx 4 addin me!! luv ur prof setup :>

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by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

5ativa vampir3

5ativa vampir3's profile picture

did u make ur spacehey logo ? i <3 it lol

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its so cute n funny hehe adngkjadm but no i stole it from https://spacehey.com/jooktilidie !!

by ♡★dayton★♡; ; Report

tysm !! def jacking tha code 4 myself >:3

by 5ativa vampir3; ; Report