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I like to play games, I like to be at home or if I want to go out I like to go out alone, I listen to music all the time, I love the loneliness, depending on the day or how I feel I can treat someone like that

I love cold



I use Spotify a lot.

10cc, 2Pac, 50 Cent, a-ha, Almendra, Acid Bath, Aerosmith, Alan Walker, Alex G, Ana Gabriel, Apocalyptica, Arcane, Artic Monkeys, Ariana Grande, Ayesha Erotica, BABYMETAL, Beach Bunny, Beach House, Billie Eilish, Billie Holiday, Billy Idol, Blondie, Blondshell, Bob Marley, boy pablo, Bunbury, Cannibal Corpse, Car Seat Headrest, Chris Isaak, Cigarettes After Sex, Clairo, Clan of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, Coldplay, Corpus Delicti, Cuco, Current Joys, Daft Punk, Depresión sonora, Danzig, Dayglow, deadmau5, Deftones, Distant, Doja Cat, Dream Ivory, Drowning Pool, Duster, Ed Maverick, Emotional Xan, Esophagus, Faye Webster, Felix Mendelssohn, flipturn, Frank Sinatra, Franz Ferdinand, Galaxie 500, girl in red, Gorillaz, Grimes, Grouper, Guns N' Roses, Gustavo Cerati, Hatsune Miku, Hombres G, HWASA, Inca Ore, IVE, Jack Stauber, Joy Division, Juan Gabriel, Junko Ohashi, Kali Uchis, Kanye West, Kaoru Akimoto, Kaskade, Kero Kero Bonito, KIRINJI, Korn, La oreja de Van Gogh, Lady Gaga, Lana Del Rey, LE SSERAFIM, Lesley Gore, Liana Flores, Leon Rosen, Lisa Ono, Loathe, Los Enanitos Verdes, Los Prisioneros, Los Tres, Luci4, Mac DeMarco, Macabre Plaza, Machine Girl, Makoto Matsushita, Marshmello, Megan Thee Stallion, Melanie Martinez, Memo Boy, Men I trust, Mephisto Walz, Metallica, MF DOOM, Michael Jackson, Mild High Club, Mitski, Misfits, Miyuki Hatakeyama, Moby, Modern Talking, Modjo, Mon Laferte, Mother Mother, Mr.Kitty, Natalia Lafourcade, Nelly, New Jeans, Nirvana, No Doubt, No Vacation, Paralysed Age, Pastel Ghost, Patrick Watson, Piero Piccioni, Pink Guy, Pink Turns Blue, Pinkpantheress, Pisse, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Queen, Radiohead, Rammstein, Rich Brian, Roar, Rob Zombie, Rocío Dúrcal, Santo & Johnny, saturra, Scorpions, Selena, Shinedown, Sisters of Mercy, Slaughter to Prevail, Slipknot, Snoop Dogg, Soda Stereo, Static-X, STAYC, Strawberry Guy, Soad, Tai Verdes, Tame Impala, Team Sleep, Tears for Fears, Teen Suicide, TEMPOREX, The Beatles, The Black Skirts, The Cranberries, The Cult, The Lone Bellow, The Marías, The Neighbourhood, The Smiths, The Strokes, The Weekend, Tokischa, Tom Rosenthal, tomcbumpz, Tomoko Aran, Toshifumi Hinata, TV Girl, TWICE, Tyler, The Creator, Vacations, Whirr, Willie Colón, Wisp, Wonder Girls, Weezer, Xavleg, Xmal Deutschland, Yumi Arai, YUNGBLUD, Zoé, Jarabe de Pablo, Los abuelos de la nada, La mosca Tse-Tse, Silvio Rodríguez, Blur, The Grunge Growlers, Binomio de Oro de América, Steve Lacy, Miranda!, Sir Chloe, Limp Bizkit, Type O Negative, Kittie, TOOL, Alice in chains, Motörhead, Suicidal Tendencies, Corrosion of conformity, Sepultura, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Milmine, Pantera, Laufey, Faith No More, Monster Magnet.

Dsbm and more.

I listen to all kinds of music, my favourite artist is Joji. He makes me feel alive.



Suspense, horror, comedy, mystery, war, gore, snuff, etc.

Dark Shadows


Friday the 13th

Dracula (1931)

Frankenstein (1931)


Howl's Moving Castle 

Grave of the Fireflies 

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Pirates of the Caribbean 

Spawn (1997)

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

House of Wax (2005)

Jeepers Creepers 

The black swan 




Blade runner 2049


American Psycho


The place beyond the pines


All Quiet on the Western Front


True detective 

The boys

South park

Breaking bad 

Rick n Morty

One piece



Courage the Cowardly Dog 

Samurai Jack

Devilman Crybaby


Brokeback Mountain 

My little pony

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The amazing world of gumball

BoJack Horseman

Paradise PD

the ren & stimpy show

Better Call Saul

I don't know what else.


Goodnight Punpun


La sombra sobre Innsmouth

Poemas de Lovecraft

El perro de los Baskerville

El caso de Charles Dexter Ward

En la noche de los tiempos

En las montañas de la locura 




Banana Fish

I love Lovecraft.




Johann Krauss


Red Hood

Amanda Waller

John Constantine 



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About me:

(I say I'm rude and apathetic but in reality I get attached easily to someone)

I'm an autistic guy who is apathetic and don't know how to show emotions or talk 

If you are looking at my profile and you are a person who wants some support, I can give it to you, I am good with emotions.

Esp & Eng

I speak if someone speaks to me, and that they are interested in me

I play codm, Subnautica, Battlefield, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The last of us, Grand theft auto, League of Legends, Chess, Tf2, Sudoku, Cry of fear, Postal 1 and 2, Watch dogs, Hotline miami, Half life, Manhunt 1 and 2, Sonic the hedgehog, Crash bandicoot and more

I love learning new languages ​​and new things, the languages ​​I know the most are english, spanish, german and japanese, for now I'm trying to learn russian, only a little bit. (If anyone speaks these languages please dm me to practice)

My favorite hobby is dissecting dead animals, especially insects


Who I'd like to meet:

I'm not good for anyone.

I hate shy people.

I love gymrats.

I like nice people.

(i want a bf) 

In my loneliest hours of the night, The only thing I can think of is how I wish for someone to be mine. Not so much as a romantic sense but that comforting feeling knowing that I have someone that is there for me. Someone that will do anything for me and I'd do anything for them. The feeling of love, genuine love, real love. The kind that most people would die for, I'm most certainly one of those people, my desperation seeps through the cracks of my intentions. Everytime i walk by someone who has this type of person, I snarl in disgust, how do people come across them so easily? why can't I be as lucky as them? do I not deserve it? am I deserving of this relationship? probably not, If so, this would not be written by me. I wish for the type of relationship where I can tell them anything and they wouldn't be disturbed no matter how dark it may be, if they were the same as me, I would listen with every ounce of my heart. Because I truly believe me and them are one in the same. 

Me and that person will have an unbreakable bond, no one will come between us. I know that it sounds bizarre but trust me, it will all be worth it. To those of you reading this, do you think these demands are impossible? do they seem unrealistic to you? I would have to disagree. Nothing is truly impossible as long as it is imaginable. As long as I always have hope, I will find this person I must admit that at times I can be pretty morbid, when you decide that I am the right person for you and send me a message, I will most likely bombard you with sudden remarks that don't make much sense in an attempt to scare you away. I fear that you don't mean what you say. I request that if you do decide to come to my profile, please have a rather lengthy introduction, no short messages that have no meaning to me, if you do decide to send a short hi or hey i will ignore your im and delete it, simple as that.

I hope to hear from somebody

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Umbrella Corporation

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Thank you for the add.

Umbrella; Science for a comfortable life.

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love how the music is in alphabetical order

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I like to categorize things well

by Kocha; ; Report


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Thanks, my musical taste is very broad

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you seem very Kind i hope you are doing okay

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Thank you, I hope you too.

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