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21 y/o Artist. He | Him.

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I'm looking to make friends here so please don't feel shy to message me! I'll do my best to reply asap! <3


♡ Visual Kei
♡ J-Rock & J-Pop
♡ Breakcore & Nightcore
♡ Trance & Hardstyle
♡ Phonk


✩ The Matrix
✩ John Wick
✩ Lord of The Rings


☼ Soul Eater
☼ Arcane


☾ Vagabond
☾ The Witcher
☾ Death Note


( ˙꒳​˙)⸝ Majima Goro!♡

Video Games

✲ Yakuza
✲ Cyberpunk 2077
✲ Death Stranding
✲ Resident Evil
✲ In Silence
✲ Silent Hill
✲ P.T.
✲ Phasmophobia
✲ Amnesia
✲ Don't Starve
✲ Minecraft
✲ Stardew Valley
✲ Fortnite


✉ ArchaicTerror#1977

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About me:

✧ emirati artist + character art + graphic designer ✧
✧ 90's Tech enthusiast, Tamagotchi owner, video game enjoyer ✧
✧ Photoshop + InDesign + a pencil ✧
✧ Current obsession: Yakuza RGG & JDM ✧

Who I'd like to meet:

Dance Dance Revolution Purple Glitter

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mac's profile picture

Thanks for the add!! I love your profile sm..Kiryu-chan 🥹

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You're welcome!! You're so cool omfg I love your profile sm especially the fact that you also enjoy Like A Dragon!! <33

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

Omg it's literally one of my favorite movies ever T__T I'm so happy to meet another yakuza fan!!!

by mac; ; Report


✶˚。Kaaz's profile picture

thanks for the add! your profile is adorable aaah

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tysmmm! I see a fellow gamer and Linux user I had to add! Plus you have so many cool interests!! <33

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

omg thank youu! your interests are so cool too, your taste is pristine <3

by ✶˚。Kaaz; ; Report


Purgatory's profile picture

KIRYU-CHAN!! i love your profile a lot aaa

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by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


anicca's profile picture

TYTYTY for adding my back!!! i see sega yakuza fan and i blow up. i also life ur profile sm

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THANK YOU SM!! Love seeing other SEGA Yakuza fans on here that share the same interests! <333

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

alucard ✮

alucard ✮'s profile picture

omg i love ur pfp. kiryu-chan has my heart ♡

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TY!! I just had to put this pretty boy on my profile somewhere! <333

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


Toastie's profile picture

thanks for adding me :D i love the aesthetic of your profile! ^^ <3

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Tysm for adding me back! :3c I also rlly love your interests <33

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

waaaah thank you <3333

by Toastie; ; Report

☆ ava

☆ ava 's profile picture

Hey Ty for the add!! I’m in love with your aesthetic like omggg <33

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Omg tysm!! I love the aesthetic of your page too! You seem really cool! <3

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

༓☾ billie ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

༓☾ billie ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙'s profile picture

hi!!! thank you SO SO much for adding me. <3 also your prof is GORGEOUS!! also ALSO you have good taste in movies. now i wanna watch john wick again.

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Tysm for adding me back! I love your profile sm too! its so cozy and nice!! The John Wick movies are so good I just had to add them!! ♡

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

saroyan °

saroyan °'s profile picture

hi al :)
WAHAHAHAH your profile RULES !!!!!!!!!!
omg we definitely should talk about yakuza or arcane!!!!!!!! just text me whenever :D
saw ur art on tumblr and im a BIG fan ! you're amazing - so talented i'm speechless :O
i hope you're having an amazing day ^^

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oh my gosh thank you sm for the kind words!! ;w; you're the sweetest!! And yes! I'd love to talk about Yakuza and Arcane with you whenever! ( ˙꒳​˙)⸝♡

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


L00TL00T's profile picture

tysm for friending me!! i love ur profile ^^

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tysm for accepting! I love yours too! ♡

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

Mysterious Blood Pyramid

Mysterious Blood Pyramid's profile picture

Wake up Sas asked for you BY NAME

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by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


Jack's profile picture

YOoo extremely based profile fella

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Big big thanks! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


aeron's profile picture

tysm for the add! love yakuza too :)

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you're welcome! Yakuza fans rejoice <3

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


baisy's profile picture

thank you for accepting !! in love with your page < < 3 3 positively mind melting

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Tysm! ur the coolest :] <3

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


K0R3LL3's profile picture

Gimme x Gimme for your theme?!?!?! you're so cool!!!!!!!

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tysm!! <333 so are you!!

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


vixen's profile picture

ty for accepting my add <3 cool interests!

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wlcm! and thank youu!! <33

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

♡ L ♡

♡ L ♡'s profile picture

thx for adding me back ! love ur page :))

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ur wlcm! and thank you sm I appreciate it a lot!! <33

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report


xXEmo_B1tchXx's profile picture

thank u <<<<3333333

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wlc!! <3

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report

Mysterious Blood Pyramid

Mysterious Blood Pyramid's profile picture


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heck ya dude :]

by Al ✦⋆°; ; Report