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"When you seek vengeance you must dig two graves."

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Dsmp (lore characters, not the ccs.). Percy jackson analog horror Genloss Atsv Total drama island Ddlc Multifandom so the list is MUCH longer. (Tell me your interests and I'll probably get into them :DD)


I don't really have just one favorite type of music but my favorite creator is most likely Chonny Jash.


I don't watch many movies :l


My babysitters a vampire total drama island


solitaire (Alice Oseman) Heartstopper (Alice Oseman) Percy Jackson


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About me:

he/they or really any prns other than she. please refer to me as any one of my names (Apollo, Casey, ghost) i don't really care what fandoms you are in as long as you're not toxic about it :p i am implagender (Implagender or inexgender is the state of never being satisfied with one's gender no matter how well it fits due to self-doubt. This causes one to compulsively search and seek out something that fits even better—to find "the gender" or "the one truth"—though one will never be found) please use tonetags with me!

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My boundaries; •No self harm jokes, they in general make me uncomfortable •please do not message me if you are older than 21, I am a minor, you are an adult!! •don't make sexual jokes about me or any of my characters. Most of the time they are heavily based of myself •I don't mind suicide jokes as long as they aren't the only jokes being made in the same convo. I usually can't tell if someone is serious. •I don't mind people knowing my dead name as long as they don't call me it after knowing •don't ask for pictures of me as again, I am a minor.

Who I'd like to meet:

Anyone really just don't be toxic :] I most likely wont message first because people are scary /hj

DNI list o 21+ o pursuit hero kinnies. (or simps) o people who will dox people for liking something. o proshippers.

Extra blinkies and other things :3

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Thanks sooooo much for the add! Mind is super fun to interact with, so I believe you'll be the same ^_^

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Thank you for accepting it!! Mind was surprised I didn't already have you friended. Nice profile! :3

by Heart. ☾; ; Report


🍉Mind.𖤓's profile picture


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uh ohs :3

by Heart. ☾; ; Report

Emmet !!

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your profile is so kewl bro !

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Thank you !! Thank you for accepting :3

by Heart. ☾; ; Report


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I like your page!

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el !!

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ty 4 tha add !!! i luvvvv ur profile :DD /g

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Hello !! i dont really know what to respond with but thank you and your profile is rlly cool :]

by Heart. ☾; ; Report

tysm :3

by el !!; ; Report

profesional boy kisser

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thx 4 da add!!
u seem kewl!

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Hello !! that was quicker then i expected, your profile is rlly cool :]

by Heart. ☾; ; Report

thanks !

by profesional boy kisser; ; Report


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heyo! Sorry ive never reached out to you but hru?

Also- thanks alot for the friend request! 🖤🖤

I love it when people friend me so feel free to ever comment on me for something and if you want my discord you can check my links if you want to chat quicker or more privately! ⭐️

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Hello!! Happy to hear from you ^^ your profile is really cool!!! Have a good day/night :3

by Heart. ☾; ; Report

Thank you!! :3 <333!!

by ERROR. 𝝑𝝔; ; Report

꩜ zin ꩜

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thanks 4 the addddd :DDDD

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NP!!! your profile is really cool!! ^^

by Heart. ☾; ; Report


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thank you for the add! i quite enjoy the undertale music
also hello fellow mother mother enjoyer

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hello!! your profile is really cool btw ^^

by Heart. ☾; ; Report


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husband i see you <3

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no you dont <3

by Heart. ☾; ; Report

queer spotted.

by 🍉Mind.𖤓; ; Report

stanley!? (ARCHIVED)

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Thanks for the add!!

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No problem!! you seem pretty cool :]

by Heart. ☾; ; Report