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"i'm an empty angel with a filthy soul. "

i wanna watch the way you c r e e p across the night sky.

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music, spirituality, shamanism, yin/yang, poetry, literature, science, chemistry, biology, astronomy, astrology, B D S M. lul.


Deftones. Lil PEEP (rip boi) In this Moment. Novelist. Erra. Veil of Maya. Circa Survive. Ghost Atlas. Incubus. Foo Fighters. Nirvana. The Toadies. Pixies. The Replacements. Misfits. Saves the Day. Anberlin. Belmont. Sleeping with Sirens. Dashboard Confessional. Death Cab for Cutie. Sublime, Marley. Slightly Stoopid. 311. Secret and Whisper. He is Legend. All classic metal, grunge rock, etc.


Fear and Loathing.




all of them.


myself. you.

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About me:

a native american dreamer and shamanistic practitioner. two-spirit and potawatomi pride. i'm a musician, a poet, a lover and a fighter.(PLS LIKE AND SHARE MY MUSIC. THE MUSIC PLAYING ON MY PROFILE!! x3) i'm a millenial and a genuine, authentic person in a fake world. call me what you want at the end of the day you can look down but i'm looking up and i'll always love myself better than you hate me. if i were you i might hate me too.

Who I'd like to meet:

kurt cobain. jimmy morrison. anthony green. chino moreno. maria brink. alicia keys. LIL PEEP.

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magical_poptarts's profile picture

Hey, I hope youre doing well! Just thought I'd drop a message. :)

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Action Cat

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Thanks for the add! :D

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Trish Teixeira

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Thanks for the add!
Also, Shamanism has always intrigued me.

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same, though i never imagined that i'd end up being one.
i do a lot of shadow work and getting people in touch with their own darkness and embracing it for enlightenings sake.
but i am very much so the embodiement of chaos.
it's an interesting path.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report

oh and you're welcome for the add and ty as well. x3 xD
we could definitely talk if you'd like to know more about what i do and the philosophy/roots/ideology behind it.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report

It’s all So interesting.. one day I’ll dive deeper. Honestly I’m not ready to deal with my own dark side lol

by Trish Teixeira; ; Report

I’ll definitely message you sometime!

by Trish Teixeira; ; Report


Jëssïçä's profile picture

The about me section really pulled me in. You seem like a cool cat. Nice taste in music too. 🖤 Thanks for the add!

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haha, you seem pretty dope yourself.
you're welcome and likewise.
under your "i'd like to meet" section -
yes, you should embrace it.
if you're feeling fear, you should embrace that too.
embrace everything that you feel, and all that you are. all that you see.
there are no monsters or locked little rooms.
no closed doors.
a door is still a door even if no one tells it that it opens to another place.
life implies death and death implies life and this will always remain true just like light implies dark and up implies down.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report

Wow, I am so just.. I got chills reading that. I've always been fascinated with the idea of what lies beyond. But the way you put it, I felt a sense of calm surrounding it. No fear just serenity. Amazing. Please, feel free to send me a message anytime. I'd love to explore this topic further or really any other topic. 🖤

by Jëssïçä; ; Report


Xx_Summer_Slaughterhouse_...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add!

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you too bb.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report

you too bb.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report

_Madame X_

_Madame X_'s profile picture

Death Cab for Cutie oh man! I haven't listened to their stuff in years! Brb gonna go down a rabbit hole

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oh man, hahah. transatlanticism and lightness.
a damn good way to have a nice cathartic emo crai.
crybaby goth boi cliqq haha x3
thanks for the add booboo xD
you're gorgeous and obviously have excellent tastes \\m//

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report

I'm always up for a good crying session anyways

by _Madame X_; ; Report

lmao SAME.
someone just asked me how i'm doing today and i said i'm feeling super emo but i lover that.
(: death cab's lyrics are among the best.
i also really love Say Anything.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report


magical_poptarts's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Nice taste in music!!

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ya you too my girl. nice tastes in everything. lol.
i dig your profile. nice vibes.

by Thunder In A Clear Sky; ; Report