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Art, art history, philosophy, music production, video-games, anime, reading, counter-apologetics, critical theory, graffiti, collage, sewing, My Little Pony, Gloomy Bear & All Purpose Rabbit, 4chan, Ojamajo Doremi, botony, biology, paleontology, geology, climate science, coffee making, food, cooking, chemistry, woodworking, Vocaloid, Utau, Moomin


Genres: Breakcore, experimental, sludge metal, folk, extratone, grindcore, chiptune, harsh noise, folk punk, happy breakcore, splittercore, digigrind, plunderphonics, shitcore, fridgecore powerviolence, noisegrind, reizokore noisepunk, gorenoise, lowercase, hip hop, DSBM, bubblegum dance, eurobeat, j-core, raggacore, crust punk, cybergrind, extratone, sound collage, speedcore, terrorcore, j-pop, kusoicore

Artists: Reizoko CJ, Disclose, Discharge, Toecutter, Dj California Crisis, Mindless Self Indulgence, Retard-o-Bot, Royal Jelly, Goreshit, Foetus, Dan Deacon, ・゚✧(=✪ ᆺ ✪=) - ・゚✧, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation, Dj Sailor Moon, Waiting to Die, Kobaryo, Spongebob Squarewave, Camellia, T+Pazolite, P☆light, Maruosa, Foxdye, Kkrusty, Torsofuck, Big Moe, Magnus Carlson, Danny, Nero's Day at Disneyland, Passenger of shit, Animal Collective, Blackbird Raum, End, Hello Kitty Suicide Club, I Broke my Robot, Riajuu, Ryu☆, Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, Urban Dance Squad, Venetian Snares, Princess Army Wedding Combat





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About me:

Hi, I'm Bambi! I like to produce a couple different genres of music, mostly centered around experimental electronic stuff. I work primarily in ableton live, but I also use other programs sometimes. I mainly make mashcore and breakcore, but I've also made quite a bit of noise stuff, sound collage, ambient, avant garde classical composition, gabber, and psytrance.

I really like playing tf2, Neopets, Etterna Online, Roblox, Minecraft, and Cookie Run Kingdom. I also love to draw and make collages both digitally and traditionally, which I have been doing for well over a decade. I've been learning a bit of HTML and CSS recently so I can put together things like this spacehey page!

o( ❛ᴗ❛ )o

I have a passion for art history, philosophy, and science!! I also love to cook and eat, I am interested in eating and cooking a wide range of foods from many different cultures! I am the exact opposite of a picky eater, I will try anything.

★ Moral Anti-realist ★ Marxist ★ Third Worldist ★ Maoist ★

★ Atheist ★ Transgender ★ Autistic ★ Lesbian ★ T4T ★

¯`·.·⁺₊✩˚⁺·.·´¯`·.·⁺˚⋆。。°°✩⚧✩°°。。⋆˚⁺·.·´¯`·.·⁺˚⋆。 °✩₊⁺·.·´¯

Who I'd like to meet:

Stamp Reading Proud Amenbreak Overuser Stamp Reading My brain's gone, Goodbye brain!! I knew thee well... Stamp Reading I Support Trolling Stamp With the Team Fortress 2 Logo

Adding people who seem to share interests with me, please message me if you'd like to chat!

I disregard DNI sorry not sorry.

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☆-𝕯᥆rᥲ-☆ (Romanian┇English)

☆-𝕯᥆rᥲ-☆ (Romanian┇Englis...'s profile picture

Heyyy! I love your profile and thank you for the friend request!! :D

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the greatest technician that ever lived

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by Bambi; ; Report


YeestFeest95's profile picture

took a listen to some of ur music on bandcamp, i didn't listen for that long but i like what you're making, thanks for adding me :3

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Ayyy, thank you so much for listening! You had a cool profile so I figured I'd shoot you an add. If you ever wanna just chat about music in general I'd love to by the way. :D

by Bambi; ; Report


OffiNeumann 's profile picture

I luuuuuuuuV ur profile!! btw thx 4 the add <3

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Thank you so much!!

by Bambi; ; Report


animals's profile picture

thanks for the add! you seem really cool :D have a nice day/night!

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Thank yoooooou, I added you cause I thought YOU seemed cool hehehe

Would you like to play tf2 some time? IM me whenever if u do =w=

by Bambi; ; Report

ahhh thank you for the offer!! i'll have to pass for now bc the state i am in the game is KIND OF personally embarrassing rn (my prediction abilities w projectiles have vanished... mfw...) + i would not like to fumble in front of mutuals n online acquaintances (the moment someone has some degree of closeness to me online i become scared of disappointing them in games. mfw LMFAO). but yeah perhaps SOMEDAY when i get real n normal about these sort of things i'll hit you up :P
but yessss tysm again, have a nice day/night!!!!

by animals; ; Report

word, well hmu any time regardless B^)

by Bambi; ; Report


GΛRBΛGΕGΘD's profile picture

thx 4 the add ur profile rocks

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Thank you so much!! I put a lot of work into gettin it together, I made the little paper cutout icons and stuff =w=

by Bambi; ; Report

ofc girlboss!! how did you make the paper cutouts for your profile, btw? they look cool

by GΛRBΛGΕGΘD; ; Report

I did em in photoshop, just took two different paper textures, overlayed them, cut out the shape of the logo and then put a dropshadow down!

by Bambi; ; Report

thank you!!!! ill keep that in mind when editing logos for my page

by GΛRBΛGΕGΘD; ; Report


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ur so cool :3

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Awww, no you, what the heck?? Your profile kicks ass Q-Q

by Bambi; ; Report

tysmmm!!! :33

by MetalHeart; ; Report

John Doe

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Hi I love you

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Hi I love you toooooo

by Bambi; ; Report