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30// Alabama// Aries/ Pisces cusp// Engaged// Elder Emo

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Type O Negative
The Ghost Inside
Power Trip
Brand New
Comeback Kid
Kublai Khan
Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
He is Legend
Everytime I Die
Knocked Lose
Story of the Year
Sick of it All
The Used
Down to Nothing
Harm's Way
Blink 182
Joy Division
The Germs
Story of the Year
God is an Astronaut
The Black Maria
Matchbook Romance
The Matches
Coheed and Cambria
Alkaline Trio
My Chemical Romance
Knuckle Puck
Jimmy Eat World
Have Heart
The Story So Far
Neck Deep
Hangman's Chair
When in Rome
The Cure
Joyce Manor
Tears for Fears
Scary Kids Scaring Kids
Waylon Jennings
Johnny Cash
The Amity Affliction
Senses Fail
Silent Planet
It Dies Today
The Showdown
Chasing Victory
No Bragging Rights
Nine Inch Nails
Mr. Bungle
Faith No More
Ice Nine Kills
Hawthorne Heights
New Found Glory
Point North
Machine Gun Kelly
Blink 182
Less Than Jake
Reel Big Fish
The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones
A Pale Horse Named Death
Lebanon Hanover
Mischief Brew
Days N Days
Chad Hates George
Star Fucking Hipsters
From First to Last


Donnie Darko
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
The Lost Boys
The Boondock Saints
The Breakfast Club
The Crow
Interview with a Vampire
A Clockwork Orange
Mr. Nobody
Dr. Sleep
The Mid 90's
Lords of Dogtown
A Goofy Movie
Beavis and Butthead Do America
anything cult classic-ish


Gurren Lagan
Fate Apocrypha
Kengan Ashura
College football
Pro football
Celebrity Deathmatch


That Was Then This is Now
Rumble Fish
The Outsiders
A Million tiny Pieces
The Judas Child
The Rag and Bone Shop
Interview With a Vampire
Tale of the Body Thief
The Vampire Lestat
The Vampire Armand
Memnoch the Devil
The Necronomicon



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About me:

Engaged to the woman of my dreams
Aries Pisces cusp
Born in West Georgia, raised in East Alabama, residing in Birmingham, Alabama
Lover of all things dark, macabre, and cult
Weirdo misfit emo hillbilly extraordinaire
Titan father and a step father to an amazing, highly intellectual, wild moon child

Likes: nature, animals, fishing, drinking, football, hockey, drag shows, spending time with my family and friends, entertaining, motivating, boxing, anime, music, standing up for others, love and support, acceptance, going to shows, and exploring abandoned and haunted places

Dislikes: Bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, belittling others, hatred, politics, animal cruelty, and judgemental people

In constant exploration, moon gazing, and a search for excitement

I wonder, in an endless constant wander, for I, myself, am quite strange and unusual

Forever against the current, fighting for air, struggling to instill hope for others, with a head barely above the rising tide

Never surrendering, never fearful, always endearing, ever faithful, forever hopeful

Who I'd like to meet:

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Brentxcore's profile picture

Just making sure you still on here my boy

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Of course, my brother!

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

Of course, my brother!

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

¢hrï§†ï £kñ mêïg§

¢hrï§†ï £kñ mêïg§'s profile picture

Eeeep. I love you

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Rafael Escobar

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Haven't seen you around much. Hope all is well, brother. Last I saw you were grinding and living life. Keep it up!

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hey thanks for the add

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Blue Jay

Blue Jay's profile picture

Wicked. Gotta love the trashpanda comrades!

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Kira Terpsichore

Kira Terpsichore's profile picture

Did you see that they banned that Mike X transphobe? Hahahaha - thank you to you and everyone else who contributed!

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Kay <3

Kay <3's profile picture

Just checking in and spreading my love 💕

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JD_Jakie's profile picture

Thanks for the add! Nice profile, I love anything raccoon related :)

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The Trash King

The Trash King's profile picture

add me on discord broski Typical Minority#4422

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Can't seem to find you. Anything capitalized, because I have it set to all caps on my page

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

The T and the M are capitalized but that's it lmao

by The Trash King; ; Report

Raga Tanha

Raga Tanha's profile picture

Hey dude!! Thanks for the add i 💘 ur profile =^.^=

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Exacr same to you! I love the used

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

Awe cool!! The used got me thru alot of dark times life

by Raga Tanha; ; Report

Still do for me actually

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

Awe their new light hoise song really hits home for me.. have u heard it yet? Also check oit 3 days grace "somebody that I used to know" cover... its great =^.^=

by Raga Tanha; ; Report


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Thanks for the request! :D

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¢hrï§†ï £kñ mêïg§

¢hrï§†ï £kñ mêïg§'s profile picture

I know you're sleeping next to me but, i just wanted to say i love you and your profile is dope af babe. Xoxo

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Reggie Boruto

Reggie Boruto 's profile picture

Nice page man !
Nice too meet you !

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Nice to meet you as well, my dude!

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

Revision, Revised

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Thank you for adding us! We want to reach out with an invitation to become apart of the plagued.

If you wish to accept the invitation, we have attached links below for easy acceptance.




We’re glad you’re here

have a great evening


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Oh... Oh damn. I just checked you guys out. Yeah, I'm gonna be jamming this a lot.

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

So glad you like it! That means a lot to us⚰️

by Revision, Revised; ; Report

Morgan Madewell

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I don’t believe when you die that happens because that would take so fucking long. Imagine going through all the possibilities. That’d be like everything that could ever happen.

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Oh I don't believe that, but the thought of it is pretty scary to me.

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report

Oh I don't believe that, but the thought of it is pretty scary to me.

by Alpha Trash Panda; ; Report


🦇[TrashGoblin]🦇's profile picture

Thank yo for the add love your page! x

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tnx for the add!:) cool looking page btw

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•Sierra Rose•

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Thanks for the add! :3

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You have great taste in music & movies

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🕸💀ED💀🕸's profile picture

thanks for adding me! Hows it going? hope youre having a fantastic weekend!

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