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"drinking toothpaste"

20. he/him. ger/eng/ro ok.

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I draw (sometimes). One Piece is my favorite manga/anime, I live every week in anticipation of the next chapter.

Videogames are my life. I love playing them, collecting them, and finding out about the their history. I'll play anything that seems interesting, all games deserve love, from big budget titles released last month to an obscure dreamcast rhythm game from 2001 that only came out in japan and only got a rough fan translation 22 years later. As long as it looks fun. Fuck annual sports releases though. All my homies hate annual sports releases.

My favorite games: Persona 4/5, BotW, Hypnospace Outlaw, Hi-Fi Rush, Jet Set Radio, Zero Escape 999/VLR, Majora's Mask, Terraria, the entire Yakuza, Rhythm Heaven/Paradise, Katamari and Animal Crossing series. I also play fighting games. Guilty Gear/Street Fighter/BlazBlue/Melty Blood/etc. let's play a set!!!


I'm not really sure about my taste I just listen to whatever, mainly alternative hiphop, shibuya-kei / akishibu-kei, j-fusion, city pop, ska-punk (this genre is one of the easiest ways to highjack my dopamine receptors, i always eat it up no matter how generic), acid-jazz, eurobeat and lots of random shit.
My favorite artists are MF DOOM, souls of mischief, beastie boys, casiopea, nujabes, tsquare, tatsuro yamashita, rhymester, kirinji, soul scream, a tribe called quest, aquabats, omega tribe, asob, jurassic 5, catch 22, the brand new heavies, steely dan, the hippos, operation ivy, m-flo... uhhh... i linked my spotify if you wanna follow
vargskelethor joel's super ghostbusters album is a masterpiece

used to be into classic rock but I don't listen to it much anymore


uuuh idk i don't watch many but I like spaghetti westerns and movies with cool stunts


mainly anime but I also like community, the eric andre show and nathan for you. In terms of anime some of my favorites are Jojo's, Welcome to the NHK, Kids on the Slope, HxH, Initial D (only the races tho, the drama sucked ass), idk check my anime planet if you want


I haven't read a book without having to for school since I was a child. In terms of manga besides one piece I also really like berserk, ace of the diamond, vinland saga and vagabond.


my cats

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About me:

profile song: Kirinji - Dareka-San To Dareka-San Ga

weirdo loser πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
I'm 20 and live in germany. Probably not very interesting.
I will probably decline your friend request if you're under 16
enjoyer of silly memes
horrible at social interactions irl, and arguably online as well
steam friend code: 188373429
switch friend code: SW-0139-2067-7031

I judge artists and bands by how well they treat nardwuar (will never listen to blur or sonic youth)

DNI: people who stretch 4:3 games/shows to 16:9 you're all going to hell I swear

q from street fighter 3
q from street fighter 3
Wii Pointer #1 Tilt Normal

Who I'd like to meet:

Hot milfs in my area and others with similar interests. Especially if you play any of the fighting games I listed go ahead and message me if you wanna play a set!! I suck at talking to anyone ever but feel free to talk to me (you can mesage me on discord as well, I'm cryptor_)

my bluesky is if anyone here has it

I unadd people who are offline for 3 months or more in order to stay at 400 friends!!

i WILL steal your buttons and stamps if I like them

stamp/button collection

many of my stamps are from

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luk's profile picture

i'm so glad someone else agrees on the 4:3 thing that drives me insane

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oh also your profile and interests are sick :3

by luk; ; Report

thanks, nice to see a fellow beefbrained individual around here

by cryptor; ; Report

bwl jet set blades and *the adachi meme i can't say in comments* i guess :3

by luk; ; Report


β–€β–„β–€β–„papipooperβ–€β–„β–€β–„'s profile picture

cool profile ! blur slander...understandable though

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by cryptor; ; Report

Beat ✰

Beat ✰'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! Sick code 8P

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its all stolen B-)

by cryptor; ; Report


LIZ's profile picture

ur pfp is soooo cool

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thanks it's a character from rival schools :D

by cryptor; ; Report

yw!! no wonder the art style looked so familiar!! XD

by LIZ; ; Report


ellie's profile picture

wooaaaahh we have really similar tastes

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val's profile picture

hi i love ur profile and katamari!!!!

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thank you, I like katamari too

by cryptor; ; Report

β˜… — SEIF

β˜… — SEIF's profile picture


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its so real

by cryptor; ; Report

by β˜… — SEIF; ; Report

Wubzilla (sorry profile busted)

Wubzilla (sorry profile b...'s profile picture

Cool page!

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gross.ella's profile picture

hiii!!!! thankyou for adding me <3 you seem to be super cool!!! have a good day o(*^β–½^*)β”›

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you too!

by cryptor; ; Report


mossyDoomhead's profile picture

another fighting game player to be friends with !!! yessss !!! definitely stealing those jet set radio stamps too, so wanna play and talk one day >:D

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definitely :D

by cryptor; ; Report

ElkCX ☘︎

ElkCX ☘︎'s profile picture

Hii fellow guilty gear player o7 Love your profile :)

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hello hello i agree it is awesome

by cryptor; ; Report


hxlloketty's profile picture

Yo steam games library got me like πŸ’žπŸ’—πŸ’πŸ’–πŸ’ž ZAMN!!

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do not encourage my addiction lmao

by cryptor; ; Report

Yuri Jesus

Yuri Jesus's profile picture

PEAKK TASTEEEEEEEE you've been blessed by the yuri jesus

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thank you πŸ™

by cryptor; ; Report

Yaoi Jesus

Yaoi Jesus's profile picture

PEAKK TASTEEEEEEEE you've been blessed by the yaoi jesus

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thank you πŸ™

by cryptor; ; Report


MoonBastard's profile picture

Vibe check passed!

Also is there a reason you haven't played Persona 3 yet?

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oh I started it and I started 2 as well but the gameplay kinda lost me, and now that persona 3 reload is on the way I'll be waiting for that

by cryptor; ; Report

just be sure to carry some tissues with you it's a real tear jerker

by MoonBastard; ; Report


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peaksona 4

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true true

by cryptor; ; Report


AdamX's profile picture

Based profile pic, love Raidou

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real and true

by cryptor; ; Report


sawa's profile picture

love your layout and pfp! have you ever played a raidou game before by any chance? :^D

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Yeah I've gotten like 5 hours into the first one but it's been on hold for me for like 2 years, I just like the character design. I hope I can get both games physically at some point, but they're crazy expensive.

by cryptor; ; Report


πš‚π™΄π™½πšƒπ™Έπ™΄π™½πšƒ's profile picture

Thank you, it's nice to meet you.

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hello hello, nice to meet you too

by cryptor; ; Report