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"Taken by ✧ 𝒟𝓎𝓁𝒶𝓃 ✧ 6.15.16 >>spacehey.com/puzzledust"

29 / F / US // GAMER / ARTIST/ BPD

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29 year old reliving her my Myspace dreams with Spacehey!! Still the same alternative chick just now more refined. You can call me Z! I create digital art and I'm a gamer. I own 14 consoles, multiple handhelds and 2 VR headsets. I work 2 jobs and I'm a Assistant Store Manager at one of them and because of this I don't get to play as much. Whomp Whomp :L

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HI we are a scene & emo clothing store run by alternative people for alternative people! We're a small independent brand aiming to bring back 2000s style in time for the "Rawring 20s". Please check out our products and share us around! Our depop store can be found here: depop.com/teej99 and our instagram page is @invaderscene

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Afflicted Heartz Clothing

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Thanks for the add! Make sure to take a look at our online store if you are looking for some new emo shirts!

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Thanks for the add ^_^

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Hey thanks for the add :3

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Hi! Thanks for the add! How are you?

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Jeff Madden

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Thanks for the acceptance! Hail Metal!!! 'n''n'

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Thanks 4 the accept new friend!

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Thanks for the add, hope youre having a great night. Sweet opening gif!!

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|| Syn || Jordan ||

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Thanks for accepting my random add! ^^ LOVE your hair!

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TY! it's a b*tch to keep up with, but I LOVE colorful hair

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

I can only imagine! What is your secret to making it pop so much? 👀

by || Syn || Jordan ||; ; Report


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Thanks for the add :))

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by [z]NekØ; ; Report


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Thanks for the add beautiful! 💙✨

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UR Welcome! 🌟

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

Beautiful 🌹Disaster

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Thanks for the add 🖤🌹

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by [z]NekØ; ; Report


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Thank you for the add!

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UR Welcome! Love ur profile photo!

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

♄el ℞azor ℧ ⛪️

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tank u love ur hair xo

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You have some sick hair urself! like wowza!

by [z]NekØ; ; Report


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Henlo loverly!
Thanks for dat add.•*🥂

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'ello! Nice to meet you! You are lovely yourself!

by [z]NekØ; ; Report


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Hey thanks for the add! I have 9 consoles, 1 VR headset, and a few 3DSs and game boy color floating around! lol

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AY, which consoles and what games do you play in VR? I have all my stuff boxed up after my basement flooded. Im moving soon so I cant wait to bring em back out!

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

Xbox original, Gamecube, NES, ps2, ps4, 2 xbox ones, switch, wii u, and VR for the PS4! I also have a gaming PC but I mostly use it for school. I don't play the VR much because it is a pain to get out and set up.

by Mars; ; Report

Rough Dreams

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Hey new friend! Thanks for accepting us. Hope you enjoy the tunes and have a great rest of your week! 🤘🏻

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No problem I'll check it out, TY!

by [z]NekØ; ; Report


by Rough Dreams ; ; Report


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thanks for the add :3

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Sorry for the late reply! UR welcome! :3

by [z]NekØ; ; Report


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How are you?

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Oh haiii! Doing pretty good atm. I’m super happy this site exists like OMG I've been telling people how badly I wanted something like Myspace back and looking forward to this sites potential! Nice to meet you!

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

Like I can re live my myspace days!!

by .; ; Report


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Hi there, hope your doing good.

Thank you for the add, I'm Matt. Nice to meet cha

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I’m doing pretty good, hoping I can start customizing my profile this Wednesday! Np man, I’m trying to work on being social. Facebook has been a bummer since anyone seems to care about is if you’re getting married, pregnant or buying a house. Whomp whomp:P

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

Awww sweet, that sounds cool! You got any cool ideas for the customising side?

Omg, Ikr?? Facebook is honestly such a travesty, it's unreal! Been looking for a new social to replace it, kinda hoping this whole thing does that.

by ItsMattYo_; ; Report

Not exactly since I like several aesthetics might infuse them in some way. Used to code from scratch back in the day, but it's been so looong, I'm probably over thinking it tbh

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

Ahhh fair! Why not like, just Frankenstein a bunch of cool aesthetics and make it your own.

Awww man, I feel that! My old Myspace used to look awesome. Now I've forgotten it all

by ItsMattYo_; ; Report

Yeah exactly! I feel like I have old files of code from my old layout in an external hard drive. The closets I'll get to "seeing" my old layout in code form XD

by [z]NekØ; ; Report

Ahaha! I wish I had that kinda hindsight back then. Awww man, to be young again

by ItsMattYo_; ; Report