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". . I want coffee!!!!!! "

. ⠀ノ 13-14yo, ⠀ ﹙ 𝗵𝗲 ﹚she   ♪ 


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ִ ۫ 🍓 𝗔𝗡𝗚𝗘𝗟 irl . (𝓕𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓴𝔂) ₊ ✩'s Interests


I like philosophy and psychology, also watching movies and listening to music, sharks and drawing, OH AND ANALOG TERROR, i love madela catalogue, smile tapes, monument mythos, happy meat farms, etc.. I also like learning new things too, now I'm into coding and I have a website on neocities, so go and see it! (⁠◠⁠‿⁠・⁠)⁠—⁠☆


★ pop, rock, punk, Kpop, k rock, indie, Vkei

★ Lady gaga, TV girl, Sex pistols, Bikini Kill, Misfits, Green day, Laufey, Metallica, Muse, Britney Spears, SOAD, Frank Sinatra, Lesley Gore, foo fighters, mac demarco, Margo guryan, my chemical romance + more!!!!! 


La la land



Fight Club

The Batman

Scott Pilgrim vs the world

(There's more but I'm lazy, see my letterbox maybe) 


The office, Community, The good place, Brooklyn 99

The Sandman, Supernatural, Hannibal

True beauty, Business proposal, boys over flowers

Evangelion, JJBA, Scott pilgrim takes off


I prefer to write rather than read but the books I've liked so far are No Longer Human, The Metamorphosis and I have too many books I want to read !!!



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About me:

 U can call me Aida/ Liam or Angel /j!! bcuz I'm literally one ofc, idgaf uhhh and im aroace I think;;

I use (he) /she pronouns but I rlly don't mind, I'm a minor so no weirdos plz.

I'm latino and i talk Spanish and English, n a bit of italian ^^ I need tone indicators and I have anxiety so be patient w me sometimes I don't know..

my rentry btw

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Me things

Who I'd like to meet:

People with my same interests!!

my DNI criteria is on my blog but I think It's more detailed in my rentry, so please see it to add me!!!!!! If you dont n youre on my DNI 'll kick your ass out of here

DNI! (Read b4 add me)

[ It is not my entire DNI list but it is something more specific] you support problematic content (you do not separate the author from the content): hazbin hotel/boyfriends/ranfren fans, or weird fans of whatever, TCC (true community crime), if you are going to send sexual messages or do sexual jokes, gore, nsfw.

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