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"two men kissing..."

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digital art, sculpting, writing, the colour red, horror, blood n gore (not irl), fantasy, norse mythology, DRAGONS!!!, ZOMBIES!!!, PYRAMID HEAD!!!!, 2000s-2010s internet stuff, zombie based flash games


i like marine biology, sharks, DRAGONS!!, norse mythos, ancient germanic languages, listening to music, giant monsters, dinosaurs/ancient animals, 2000s-2010s media/internet, the supernatural, horror n scary shit, PYRAMID HEAD!!! <33, itto from genshin impact, rengoku, n being a weird lil freak ;33


numetal, industrial metal, power metal, dad rock, doom 2016 n doom eternal soundtrack, goth, eurodance, rock, shoegaze, phonk, dark country, folk, nightcore, 90s grunge, sigilkore, jungle, breakcore, dnb, hardstyle, trance, electronic in gen lol, germanic/danish viking music (weird ik)


half life series!!, portal, tf2!!, l4d2!!, silent hill, god of war, metal gear rising: revengence!!, minecraft, terraria, doom eternal, trove, the binding of isaac, pokemon, devil may cry!!, resident evil, indie horror games, old rpg maker horror games, old flash games


supernatural, bleach, jujutsu kaisen, spy x family, blood-c, black lagoon!!, hellsing, the case study of vanitas, trigun, my little pony, demon slayer, tokyo ghoul, hannibal, rick and morty, inuyasha, the owl house, inside job, gravity falls, our flag means death, good omens, mob psycho100, chainsaw man, that time i got reincarnated as a slime, fairy tail, bungou stray dogs, blue exorcist, digimon, steven universe, teen wolf, one piece, kamisama kiss, assassination classroom, black lagoon!!, soul eater, fire force, full metal alchemist, cowboy bebop, noragami, adventure time, futurama, danny phantom, angels of death, breaking bad, tmnt 2018, the addams family, wakfu, devilman crybaby, lego ninjago, neon genesis evangelion, h20: just add water, dorohedoro, monkie kid, godzilla (legendary era), transformers, ghost in the shell, castlevania, hlvrai, john wick, eddsworld, emesis blue, jerma ;33


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About me:

☆ aeron/pyro ☆ 19 ☆ real fire-breathing dragon ☆ he/him ☆

stamps :D

blinkies :3

Who I'd like to meet:

i'd love to meet any goth, emo, scene ppl around my age (no minors plz!!), ppl who love horror games (cry of fear, silent hill), any fellow tf2, l4d, hl fanboys lol Xp, and ppl who listen to metal, goth, shoegaze, techno/hardstyle listeners (feel free to recommend music)! honestly i'll be happy to meet anyone!! i may not respond to dms cause of anxiety tho.... so if you want to interact more plz go to my other socials :3333

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Great profile!

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aaron !

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Thx sm for adding back!! Your taste in literally everything is so mf PEAK and I love your layout !!

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Thank you for the add!

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yooo another raiden fan

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we raiden fans need to stick together

by aeron ☆; ; Report


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i think you’re very cool

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thank you!

by aeron ☆; ; Report

nel ✧

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rad profile, thanks for the add back!

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thanks and yw!!

by aeron ☆; ; Report

Yung Mustard

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Where were you before foxhound?

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Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky music, give our channel a try.

We're playing the wackiest mix ever! Check it out!

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you may think youre the nr.1 raiden fan but youre NOT. IVE BEEN SUMMONED

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nuh uh!!!!! >:((((((((

by aeron ☆; ; Report


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woa ur profile is super badass!! :0

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thanks!! also you're so right abt joker..

by aeron ☆; ; Report

ty!! :D im glad u understand,,, also i rly like ur pfp!! shadow is mega cool!! :>

by beebo; ; Report

LEOnel ✭

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thanks fr the add!!! ur profile is SO cool

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yw!!! yours is too!! i luv the lil sonic n tails on your profile :>

by aeron ☆; ; Report


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thx 4 the add! itto and shadow the hedgehog enjoyers unite!!

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by aeron ☆; ; Report


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i luv luv luv ur page! tysm 4 da add!! <33

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i love yours too!!! :DD

by aeron ☆; ; Report


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thanks for accepting my friend request! i love your profile, the song is such a throwback :)

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Moonlight Warrior

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I absolutely love your page! Also that's my fav 3DG song!

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Thanx for the add deary. LOVE your page!

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I love yours too!! :D

by aeron ☆; ; Report

Thank you ^_^

by W3IRD0; ; Report


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D0pe PR0FILE!! shaD0W tHe heDGEH0G IZ s0 KEWL!!! what’Z ur faVE SpEciES 0F shARK? <3

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by aeron ☆; ; Report

tHE GrEAT wHITE!! or . .. g0BLIN shARKs CUZ thEY CrEEP ME 0UT!!! <3

by Slurpwis; ; Report

OOOO I LOVE THOSEEE!!! tbh i jus love sharks overall.... such misunderstood creatures i can't help but lvoe them :3

by aeron ☆; ; Report


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Thank you for accepting my friend request! <33 hope we can be great friends!

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