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marine biology ⁂ entomology ⁂ parasitology ⁂ evolution and genetics ⁂ puzzles ⁂ digital and traditional art ⁂ hanging out with friends ⁂ listening to music ⁂ being outside ⁂ researching up on various organisms ⁂ being silly goofy ⁂ the color orange ⁂ the color blue ⁂ the color green ⁂ markiplier ⁂ night mind ⁂ nexpo ⁂ otzdarva ⁂ stuffed animals ⁂ littlest pet shops ⁂ miniatures ⁂ organizing things ⁂ fresh laundry ⁂ minerals and rocks ⁂ the magnus archives ⁂ petscop ⁂ the walten files ⁂ welcome home ⁂ this house has people in it (alan resnick) ⁂ homestuck ⁂ my partner ⁂ furries/furry artwork


marina and the diamonds ⁂ prince ⁂ jimi hendrix ⁂ erykah badu ⁂ cake ⁂ reel big fish ⁂ tyler the creator ⁂ MF DOOM ⁂ kid cudi ⁂ earl sweatshirt ⁂ frank ocean ⁂ steve lacy ⁂ the internet ⁂ playboi carti ⁂ jpegmafia ⁂ childish gambino ⁂ thundercat ⁂ florence and the machine ⁂ blood orange ⁂ alex g ⁂ current joys ⁂ kate bush ⁂ imogen heap ⁂ beach house ⁂ cocteau twins ⁂ depeche mode ⁂ neon indian ⁂ stegosaurus rex ⁂ crystal castles ⁂ t.A.T.u ⁂ the smiths :agony: ⁂ the cure ⁂ joy division ⁂ aphex twin ⁂ bôa ⁂ MGMT ⁂ sufjan stevens ⁂ of Montreal ⁂ john maus ⁂ daft punk ⁂ empire of the sun ⁂ jack stauber ⁂ molchat doma ⁂ music by the shears brothers ⁂ oingo boingo ⁂ lemon demon ⁂ ecco2k ⁂ bladee ⁂ elliott smith ⁂ the scary jokes ⁂ passion pit ⁂ foster the people ⁂ kitty craft ⁂ infected mushroom ⁂ tally hall ⁂ ajj and a lot more!


sci-fi ⁂ horror ⁂ thriller ⁂ nope (2022) ⁂ spider-man: into & across the spider-verse (2018 & 2023) ⁂ everything everywhere all at once (2022) ⁂ labyrinth (1986) ⁂ jacob's ladder (1990) ⁂ princess mononoke (1997) ⁂ millennium mambo (2001) ⁂ the saw films ⁂ little miss sunshine (2006) ⁂ where the wild things are (2009) ⁂ fantastic mr fox (2009) ⁂ the witch (2015) ⁂ lazarro felice (2018) ⁂ puss in boots: the last wish (2022) ⁂ the truman show (1998) ⁂ silence of the lambs (1991) ⁂ the matrix (1999) ⁂ reanimator


better call saul ⁂ breaking bad ⁂ mlp:fim ⁂ soul eater ⁂ demon slayer ⁂ the mandalorian ⁂ the last of us ⁂ trigun ⁂ hannibal ⁂ wwdits ⁂ madoka magica ⁂ aggretsuko ⁂ neon genesis evangelion ⁂ dorohedoro ⁂ our flag means death ⁂ bluey ⁂ chainsaw man ⁂ serial experiments lain ⁂ digimon ⁂ welcome to the nhk ⁂ sgt. frog ⁂ ouran highschool host club ⁂ popee the performer ⁂ bojack horseman ⁂ cowboy bebop ⁂ the good place ⁂ moomin ⁂ devilman crybaby ⁂ kimba the white lion ⁂ the walking dead ⁂ the midnight gospel ⁂ adventure time ⁂ the magnus archives (not tv but yknow)


horses ⁂ unicorns ⁂ cats ⁂ invertebrates of all kinds ⁂ stag beetles ⁂ velvet worms ⁂ centipedes & millipedes ⁂ sharks ⁂ nurse sharks ⁂ cat sharks ⁂ leopard sharks ⁂ zebra sharks ⁂ skates & rays ⁂ wobbegongs ⁂ whale sharks ⁂ nudibranchs ⁂ siphonophores ⁂ sea angels ⁂ eels (freshwater & saltwater) ⁂ baikal seals ⁂ otters ⁂ okapis ⁂ sheep ⁂ ⁂ leopard geckos ⁂ african fat-tailed geckos ⁂ tokay geckos ⁂ madagascar day geckos ⁂ tardigrades ⁂ shoebills ⁂ barn owls ⁂ salamanders ⁂ snails


dead by daylight ⁂ minecraft ⁂ unpacking ⁂ the last of us ⁂ life is strange ⁂ animal crossing ⁂ loz twilight princess ⁂ the sims ⁂ sea of thieves ⁂ neko atsume ⁂ good pizza great pizza ⁂ sally face ⁂ pokemon (gen 5 and soul silver truther) ⁂ nintendogs + cats ⁂ sonic the hedgehog ⁂ gta v ⁂ path of titans ⁂ fnaf ⁂ off ⁂ omori ⁂ jet set radio ⁂ parappa the rapper ⁂ portal ⁂ silent hill ⁂ stardew valley ⁂ resident evil ⁂ rhythm heaven ⁂ hylics ⁂ cult of the lamb

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About me:

now playing: this must be the place (naive melody) - the talking heads

hello! my name is tobi -- i use he/they/it and im a 20 y/o biology student with a fondness for marine biology and an interest in genetics. im currently a junior in college and i like to draw, listen to music, and collect items of all kinds. i speak eng fluently and am in the process of learning esp (¡háblame en español por favor! estoy tratando de mejorar...) i have a wonderful partner whom i love very much! thanks for visiting!

What Flavour Are You? Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.Cor blimey, I taste like Tea.

I am a subtle flavour, quiet and polite, gentle, almost ambient. My presence in crowds will often go unnoticed. Best not to spill me on your clothes though, I can leave a nasty stain. What Flavour Are You?

dni & byf

dni if...
⁂ you're under the age of 16!
⁂ you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic etc (dont be a fuckin bigot <3)
⁂ conservative or right wing
⁂ you promote ed
⁂ you're a proshipper/enjoy shotacon/promote pedophilic media or anything of the like. youre fucking disgusting! bye!

⁂ i may or may not mention dr*gs on this account, as well as mentions/pictures of bugs and other invertebrates. if that triggers u in any way feel free to leave!! if not, hello <3
⁂ im autistic and can be a little awkward sometimes. if i come off timid or quiet i promise it has nothing to do with you! tone indicators are very helpful to me and i may use them from time to time as well
⁂ im here for a good time! feel free to reach out if you just need someone to talk to or if we have a common interest.



twitter toyhou.se artfight

Who I'd like to meet:

people who like the same things i do :)

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Jade's profile picture

Omg no way I love This Must Be The Place, I've been listening to it on repeat for the last few days. Awesome music taste.

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talking heads is so dear to me <3 this song has had a grip on me for YEARS

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥's profile picture


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hihi sunset!!! <33 how are u???

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

I'm good!!! tysm for the add!

by 𝕤𝕦𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕥; ; Report

Sunny Castform

Sunny Castform's profile picture

the colors of your layout are so nice (✿◠‿◠) thx for the add!

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thank u so much friend!!! any time <333

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


teethsandhoney's profile picture

Muchas gracias por aceptar mi solicitud de amistad! Me encanta el estilo de tu perfil 💛You're a very cool person!

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por supuesto mi amigo, tu también pareces muy genial <3333

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

Bobo Roblox

Bobo Roblox's profile picture

AAA!! x'] you seem so so cool, omgmg,, looks up to you,, offers you one of my worms on a string,, omgmg,,

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EEE wormy <3333 thank u so much I will care for it greatly!!!! also u seem super cool as well i adore ur little puppet cowboy…

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

wahaha!! x'//0c yes!! puppets + cowboys are two of my biggest special interests besides bugs!!! [ppssst,, I collect lps toys,,] - we share a lot in common so I got supersupersuper excited!! HazyLantern actually suggested that I add you,, wahaaa!!

by Bobo Roblox; ; Report

NO FREAKIN WAYYY U COLLECT LPS TOO??? dude this is so awesome!!!! im so glad he sent u over to me heheheh
do u have a favorite bug or species??

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

Dermestid and Carrion beetles!! x]c !! Wahahaha, I love all sorts of beetles, and I'm beginning to collect and study various butterflies as well!! <3 I wish to obtain a swallowtail soon,,


Mhm!! I collect cow and horse,, lps toys,, mweheheh!!

by Bobo Roblox; ; Report

oh absolutely amazing choices, beetles are so cool. and so are butterflies!!! if you end up getting that swallowtail u should post somethin about it >:3
i love rhinoceros beetles and stag beetles, the latter species i even have a tattoo of <3 i just like their faces. so cute… also when they “fight” it’s super funny shdbbd they will quite literally fling their opponent…
i LOVE horse lps gah in fact i recently got a dreamie!! he’s a white horse with blue accents, and he’s from one of the Nintendo ds games Hasbro released back then! i believe his number is #1964…

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


fenix's profile picture

me encanta tu perfil! mucha suerte aprendiendo español, es un idioma dificil pero precioso :)

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muchas gracias mi amigo!!! me encanta tu página también <333 y sí español es uña idioma muy precioso y difícil, pero estoy disfrutando aprendiéndola :3

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

romeo >_o

romeo >_o's profile picture

your profile is so cute!! las decoraciones son preciosas dan vibras de verano soleado...y me encantan tus stamps y tu gusto en música ^_^)<3!

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WEH ¡¡¡muchas gracias amigo!!! me encantan los colores azul y naranja.. definitivamente son favoritos! también me encanta tu página y pareces una persona genial >:33

(también me encantan las películas de venom, te amo eddie brock <333 venom and him are both boy failures)

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

ahh muchas gracias ^__^)!!

boyfailures is such a real word to describe them truly...i love them both sm im always happy to find other people who also enjoy them :3

by romeo >_o; ; Report

they really are… i can’t wait for the next movie ill go crazy over it

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


max's profile picture

you are the type of person i want to be i love your silly little profile

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this is such a nice comment :,33 thank you so much... yours is super nice too, i love the colors you chose!

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


HazyLantern's profile picture

Damn, this loser is online rn?

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what a nerd!!!!!!

by MaysDaisies; ; Report

STOP!!! STOP IT!!!! *starts crying*

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

Then get in vc

by HazyLantern; ; Report

ok fine hehe

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


Jade's profile picture

Your profile is absolutely beautiful and the bg music is so calming. Super cool man, thanks for the friend request! <3

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oh man thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you!! i love kitty craft, she makes some incredible music. very nostalgic… and of course, u seem super cool!!

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


siine's profile picture

yo the collapsible stickers and blinkies are genius how did you do it :00

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here’s the link to the code that i used :333 https://layouts.spacehey.com/layout?id=24567

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

thanks bro :D

by siine; ; Report

diana ^_^

diana ^_^'s profile picture

waah ur profile is sooo cute!! :D

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that was supposed 2 be a happy face but the D got lowercased T_T

by diana ^_^; ; Report

heheh thank you so much!!! :d is kind of silly I like it…

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

ur welcome!!

by diana ^_^; ; Report


archer's profile picture

thx for the add fellow creature appreciator 💪

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absolutely. i salute to you 🫡 heheheheh

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


Caopi's profile picture

mlp!!! Also i love your layout <3

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thank you so much!!! i adore yours too, i love how soft all the colors are..
also yes mlp heheheh >:3 whos your fav character??

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

aw thank uuuu. Ah growing up i always liked rainbow dash but i think my fav now is luna. I also love vinyl :3 Wbu??

by Caopi; ; Report

princess luna and vinyl my beloved... i used to be so obsessed with vinyl as a kid i wanted to be her so badly
i've always held a soft spot for applejack <3 princess luna is definitely second to her though, her design changed me

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report


Pugzy's profile picture

love your profile!!! its so fuggin awesome O_o

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agh thank you so much >//< i love yours too!! sooo kewl and i love the colors :3

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

omg tysm!!! i waz gonna ask lmao, what song's playin in ur page? i love it lol

by Pugzy; ; Report

right now it’s mamas lamp (american mix) by kitty craft!! before that it was ecco2k >:3

by 。.:* tobi; ; Report

FUCK yeah tysm, this song absolutely slaps :)

by Pugzy; ; Report