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21, any pronouns

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My boyfriend <3 Gamedev, webmastery, programming, anything related to old tech, videogames and obscure stuff from the internet. I also like Broadway musicals, the ocean, the space, especially the moon, astronomy stuff, mystery solving, rabbitholes...


OMORI, Yume Nikki, Ace Attorney, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, Faith: The Unholy Trinity, PAYDAY 2, PJSK, Don't Starve, Silent Hill, Celeste, Yomawari, League of Legends, Overwatch, Potion Craft, The Path, Hollow Knight, The Sims, World of Horror, Papers Please...


Pretty much anything lol my fav bands are Green Day and Ghost, I'm a sucker for the Smiths (derogatory) and I love Mitski, Memo Boy, Alex g, Crystal Castles, Bôa and any other artist that can make me feel something.. I also really like old nightcore, vocaloid, breakcore, hyper-pop, 00s europop and any weird ass noise that tickles my brain :3


Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Little Miss Sunshine, Billy Elliot, Young Frankenstein, Wild at Heart, Karate Kid trilogy...


A few anime, Cardcaptor Sakura, Lain, JoJo's, TBHK, One Piece... Also I love Gravity Falls and Good Omens.


The Outsiders. CLAMP mangas, especially CCS, Tokyo Babylon, X/1999, Wish and Lawful Drug!!


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About me:

I am Yue aka Muni or Lunita. I'm the webmaster of YUE'S SPACE OF CHAOS

Into videogames, 00s animanga and computers.

Will probably decline friend req if you're under 16

Who I'd like to meet:

CLAMP enjoyers, Neocities lovers, cool people...

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[ The HeReT1C ]

[ The HeReT1C ]'s profile picture

thanks for the add!! i love your layout, it's really cool and i can tell you spent a lot of time on it! :)

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thanks!!! your profile is also super cool and has the nicest y2k emo vibe :D

by yue ★; ; Report


CLYDE's profile picture

beautiful.. beautiful site bro. you are the king of storing content all pretty-like. your neocities is rad too!!!

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this comment made me so so so happy :'0 both your neocities site and sh profile are super cool!!

by yue ★; ; Report


kassikook's profile picture

haiii fwen!! :3 nice to meet you

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helloo :3 your profile is super kewl

by yue ★; ; Report

aaa yours is!! :3 i will hug ya! if you wanna chat, there's contact info on my profile!! (click pudding)

by kassikook; ; Report

ohh i haven't got matrix, should i? ive seen a lot people recommend it

by yue ★; ; Report

yesss :3 and then message me >:3

by kassikook; ; Report


iason's profile picture

know of any hispanic emo bands? have been building a playlist of, as i call it, latemo music, but most of it is brazilian, which is cool but i understand portuguese even less than spanish haha

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i'm sorry i can't help u :'c the spanish music i usally listen is far from emo lol and i can't think of any other artists that would fit that description rn TnT but i would love to listen to your playlist anytime!! sounds like a super cool idea :D

by yue ★; ; Report


this is the playlist as it is now.... the third song, nao vou mais is absolutely electrifying, if you want somewhere to start...

by iason; ; Report


Fawkes's profile picture

Greetings and Good tidings.

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henlo :3

by yue ★; ; Report


TheRealLordKingShit's profile picture

Thanks for the add, your profile is sick!!

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ty!! ur profile is super fun hehe

by yue ★; ; Report


audrey's profile picture

tu gusto musical es perfecto

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el tuyo AAA tenemos muchas cosas en común :3

by yue ★; ; Report


sabainah!!'s profile picture

THX 4 DE ADD! luv yor profile <3

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haiii np!! your profile is super cool :3

by yue ★; ; Report

omgg!!! tysmmm

by sabainah!!; ; Report

silas ☆

silas ☆'s profile picture

tysm 4 the add! i luv ur page, u seem supr kewl :D

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u too seem cool!!! and i love ur profile omgg a fellow green day enjoyer :'D what games do you play??

by yue ★; ; Report

THANK U !! theres a list of games on my profile if u wanna look thru em:)

by silas ☆; ; Report


Cel's profile picture

thx for the add love ur profile!!! <333

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np :3 your profile is super cool!!

by yue ★; ; Report