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vidya, art, skating, soaping, being an emotional wreck, the life. Chronically addicted to monster energy (emo juice), will punch a cop in the nuts. I read comics and manga, and I also binge wikis. Speedrunner.


Scary kids Scaring kids, Attack Attack, MCR, Pierce the Veil, KoRn, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Saosin, RATM, Panic at the Disco, System of a Down, Blue Stahli, Boy Hits Car, Evanescence, The Ataris, Darling Violeta, Three Days Grace, WEEZER (VIRGINCOREEE), NWA, Nirvana, Bad Religion, Slipknot, Maximum the Hormone, Bring me the Horizon, a fair share of nightcore cringe and a lot of southern european punk bands.


Matrix trilogy, Terminator 1 and 2 (the rest are shit), Requiem for a Dream, clerks, a bunch of garbage anime movies, perfect blue, the wall, and every single trashy slasher flick and torture film. Besides that, artistic mumbo jumbo.


Avatar, Hellsing (both of them), Dragon Ball, One Piece, and also Death Note is literally one of the best things I've ever seen, it was literally even better on repeat. Recently I've been pretty into Breaking Bad, and also Undead Unluck because it's the shit and those two are adorable.


The communist manifesto


John Brown will turn slave owners into marmalade and spread em on your walls.

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About me:

he/him cis mf, I like the particularly effeminate :> 20, I'm gettin' too old for this shit *zombie movie score* I wanna make comics, by the way.

Who I'd like to meet:

Nobody loves me. Nobody, whoever you are uhhhhh call me :>

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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Hiii! πŸ’œπŸ©΅πŸ©·

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⊹ ΰ£ͺ Λ– elizabeth

⊹ ΰ£ͺ Λ– elizabeth 's profile picture

tysm for accepting!! i've been dyinggg to express how much i love your profile, those blinkies are 2 die for!!!!! hope you have a wonderful day!

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Thanks based tagalog speaker (probably).

by Yuchun!; ; Report

shay >_<

shay >_<'s profile picture

ur profile is so cool i may have to steal some of those blinkies XD

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I love to share :p

by Yuchun!; ; Report

Oh note that the nyancat one I had was actually not always there, somehow the blinkiescafe link changed and it fucked up my whole blinky order. I don't even know what "queremos diegay" means, I do not remember adding it.

by Yuchun!; ; Report

danny debris

danny debris's profile picture

guinea pigs

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by Yuchun!; ; Report

very true

by danny debris; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Neat profile!

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 shiloh's profile picture

awsum profile i was genuinely mesmerized by it for ten minz

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The power of basing your entire personality on an ancient emulator B]

by Yuchun!; ; Report

tru dat, my layout took forever since i did it from scratch T_T

by shiloh; ; Report

Saaaame, lots of trial and error, especially on the text.

by Yuchun!; ; Report

β™ͺ COSMO/OREL β™ͺ

β™ͺ COSMO/OREL β™ͺ's profile picture

tysm 4 the add!

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zomg :0

by Yuchun!; ; Report

Great Googly Moogly

Great Googly Moogly's profile picture

Thanks for the add

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Chan's profile picture

garbage animes and torture films???!! oh my god your taste is.. So real.

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Chan's profile picture

garbage animes and torture films???!! oh my god your taste is.. So real.

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DJINN's profile picture


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by Yuchun!; ; Report

get well soon Dear

by DJINN; ; Report

no promises, sugar

by Yuchun!; ; Report


theflutterboy's profile picture

how do add the blinkies /gen?

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img src=""/ with "<" and ">" at the start and end respectively. I can't just do the whole command, it will turn into code and look like nothing

by Yuchun!; ; Report

ALSO put the link of your blinky between the quotations after img src

by Yuchun!; ; Report


by theflutterboy; ; Report


pseudoScribe's profile picture

i luv all ur blinkies + stamps! (o^β–½^o)

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thanks fr fr, your avatar's real swell too

by Yuchun!; ; Report


by pseudoScribe; ; Report


punkboyellie<3's profile picture

you seem so cool why don't we talk more omg

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idk spacehey moment

by Yuchun!; ; Report

bro i'm absolutely slipping about your monotone voice

by punkboyellie<3; ; Report

don't get too hyped, I don't ever vc xd

by Yuchun!; ; Report

awww :p

by punkboyellie<3; ; Report


xXheat_damageXx's profile picture

Ur page is rlly cool thx for the request πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

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by Yuchun!; ; Report


by xXheat_damageXx; ; Report


SAERIM's profile picture

i like the way u talk, funny man B)

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much appreciated

by Yuchun!; ; Report


S.H.C03's profile picture


really cool profile btw :3

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This do be a zsnes type beat B)

by Yuchun!; ; Report


Slurpwis's profile picture

ur stampies and blinkiez speak 2 me... thnx 4 accepting my request!

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Aloysius's profile picture

bro i love ur page sm

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tysm tech brah

by Yuchun!; ; Report


punkboyellie<3's profile picture

dude you're awesome

I'm also doing a voice call if you wanna join XD

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Thanks man, but I don't do voice calls, reasons. Neat profile btw.

by Yuchun!; ; Report