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vidya, art, skating, soaping, being an emotional wreck, the life. Chronically addicted to monster energy (emo juice), will punch a cop in the nuts. I read comics and manga, and I also binge wikis. Speedrunner.


emo bullshit


Matrix trilogy, clerks, a bunch of garbage anime movies, perfect blue, the wall, and every single trashy slasher flick and torture film. Besides that, artistic mumbo jumbo.


Weaboo bullshit


The communist manifesto


John Brown will turn slave owners into marmalade and spread em on your walls.

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About me:

he/him cis mf, I like the particularly effeminate :> 19, I get to do big responsible things, like getting deported, or conscripted B] yes by the way I drew that, that sure is worth a whole shiny nickel. (update: changed my avatar, now I just use some xxdeadb4idiedxx art like everyone else, too lazy to draw something new, also praise deadb4 his art is the shit) I wanna make comics, by the way.

Who I'd like to meet:

Nobody loves me. Nobody, whoever you are uhhhhh call me :>

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galacticAura (ELLIE!!)

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you seem so cool why don't we talk more omg

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idk spacehey moment

by yuchun!; ; Report

bro i'm absolutely slipping about your monotone voice

by galacticAura (ELLIE!!); ; Report

don't get too hyped, I don't ever vc xd

by yuchun!; ; Report

awww :p

by galacticAura (ELLIE!!); ; Report


Ingrid's profile picture

Ur page is rlly cool thx for the request 💃💃💃

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by yuchun!; ; Report


by Ingrid; ; Report


SAERIM's profile picture

i like the way u talk, funny man B)

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much appreciated

by yuchun!; ; Report


S.H.C03's profile picture


really cool profile btw :3

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This do be a zsnes type beat B)

by yuchun!; ; Report


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ur stampies and blinkiez speak 2 me... thnx 4 accepting my request!

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ʚ♡︎ɞ ᴀʟᴏɪ̈𝗌 ʚ♡︎ɞ

ʚ♡︎ɞ ᴀʟᴏɪ̈𝗌 ʚ♡︎ɞ's profile picture

bro i love ur page sm

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tysm tech brah

by yuchun!; ; Report

galacticAura (ELLIE!!)

galacticAura (ELLIE!!)'s profile picture

dude you're awesome

I'm also doing a voice call if you wanna join XD

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Thanks man, but I don't do voice calls, reasons. Neat profile btw.

by yuchun!; ; Report


xxcrazy_cryptidxx's profile picture

Thx 4 the add :D

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ugu welcom

by yuchun!; ; Report


ollijunkie!?'s profile picture

thankq for the add, you look so cool! :D

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Hell yeah below room temperature

by yuchun!; ; Report

andrew !

andrew !'s profile picture

this profile is WILD, i love it

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:000 thank yuo

by yuchun!; ; Report


はなち's profile picture

Ah yes, a fellow cringe anarchist dumbass

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hmmhnmhnmnnhnmh uhm thank yuo :0

by yuchun!; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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If you like wacky spooky music, give our channel a try.

=> FunHouseRadio.com

We're playing Halloween tunes nonstop through Oct 31

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ha, already did, honk :o)

by yuchun!; ; Report


by Wacky Alex; ; Report

i am frank iero

i am frank iero's profile picture

thx fr the add! luv the guinea pig thing :)

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Enlarge and Expand!!1

by yuchun!; ; Report

so hot!

by i am frank iero; ; Report


Randomist's profile picture

GAHH i love the vibe ur profile gives and the simple colorz ^__^

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ZSNES type beat B)

by yuchun!; ; Report