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"Thinking about Guilty Gear Accent Core"

16. Nonbinary. Want recommendations for JP Goth Rock?

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TTRPGs, Fighting Games (especially anime and retro! Guilty Gear, Under Night, BlazBlue, Vampire Savior, 3S, KOF), Magic the Gathering (I suck), goth stuff- but not the corpo kind, you know, garage post-punk with shitty synths and black feathers I love the PS2 era. Currently playing through Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.


J-Goth (Madame Edwarda, Auto-Mod, G-Schmitt), Malice Mizer, Atmospheric/Depression Metal (Sadness, Kekht Arakh, Aara), Litourgiya, The Gentry, Dillinger Escape Plan, The Stooges, Type O Negative, w/e


Under the Skin is a horror triumph and abiding gem. Angel's Egg is a nonlinear aesthetic piece that will impact all but the most pretense-wary, at least for the cool robots.


watch Revolutionary Girl Utena (CWs abound, buyer beware), please. Evangelion gave me mental illnesses. I finally managed to get into Mushishi!


Carmilla (le Fanu), Beloved (Morrison), Percy Shelley's poetry, Louise Gluck's poetry, Jos Charles's Feeld In terms of manga, Dorohedoro, Grappler Baki, Kowloon Generic Romance (in progress), I'm trying to write stuff on my own, but I'm not currently ambitious enough to do a novel.


probably the colossi in shadow of the colossus. Especially the rageful ones

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About me:

aspiring heisei aesthete. Very bad at fighting games. I'm terminally long-winded and channel that, occasionally, into bad fiction and (at my worst) bad poetry. My avatar is Testament from Guilty Gear. They're cool and perfectly balanced in GGACR. I love them like they're real. Broke the hell out of my layout trying to customize it. Still a work in progress lulz

Who I'd like to meet:

The SpaceHey demographic is gonna be tailored to me by default. Screen-burned escape-desirers SpaceHey FGC!!!

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