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"So cute I wish men were real "

he/they/she (Mainly in that order yes.)

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Mood: "It hurts but I'd rather go through this than not be with you"

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JACKSON'S DIARY. PLEASE. c.ai, storywriting, romantic shit, drawing, singing, my OCs, plushies, LPS, making friends, hearing the interesting details of someone's life /hj, roleplaying, David and Brenda Miller <3333


MARINA supremacy and fuck you if you say otherwise/hj no but jokes aside I luv her music sm!!!!!!! Other faves tho: Lana Del Rey, Imagine Dragons, Ricky Jamaraz, Jasmin Bean, Arctic monkeys, Fraz Ferdinand,


Red White Royal Blue, Guardians of the Galaxy, Harry Potter PoA, those disgustingly horrible horror movies me and my friend watch for the sole purpose of laughing at them


Aggretsuko, Littles Pet Shop, Molang, Super Drags, Total Drama (Island),


RWRB, Carry on, Harry potter, Heartstopper, GGGTM (never finished it tho), Jackson's diary (yes ik its a webtoon leave me alone)


My OCs. Duh. And:

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About me:

(PLEASE view my profile on laptop/PC it looks so shitty on phone 😭) - Snufkin enthusiast!!!! - INTP - Most probably neurodivergent.. (I've been sent to get a diagnosis but haven't gotten there yet..) Feel free to IM me I'm looking for friends!!! (Read my blog entries first plss its an introduction basically) DNI:basic DNI mainly, and the type of people who call you a poser for not knowing every single song of your fav artist

Who I'd like to meet:

Cool people? (Idk man 😭😭😭😭)

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layout made me giggle o(≧▽≦)o HEHEHEHE

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wdym? TvT

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

I love it. ^_^

by Kei; ; Report

Raahhhh tysmmm!!!<3 (Do you know the webtoon the characters are from? If yes then literally marry me/p and if no then its Jackson's Diary and its rlly cool so i recommend rahh)

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

♡(。- ω -)

by Kei; ; Report


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ur so real for the snufkin pfp (i would have a snufkin pfp too but itd break my profile theme i spent like hours on )

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Tysmmm!!! Also thats completely understandable *sobs* You're snufkin in spirit thoo!:D

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

hera .

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i love your profile and the snufkin pfp :D

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tysmmm!!! I love your profile too and hETALIA??? DJKSHFDKHFDSK (havent seen a hetalia watcher here so far:'D)

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

OH YEAH!! theres actually a lot of us you just have to be looking :3

by hera .; ; Report

REALLY??? *faith restored* I haven't seen anyone yet3

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

i can send you some of my friends profiles if you want :D

by hera .; ; Report

Aaaa thank youuu!! I don't really know how to struck up convos and since i havent seen most of the hetalia franchise i probs wouldn't know what to talk abt tho :sob: But idk if u wanna TwT (Or if they can start conversations ofc)

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

yeah thats ok! im not so good at it either

by hera .; ; Report

High fiveee :'D

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report

yesss high fives!

by hera .; ; Report

yesss! TwT

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report


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I like your profile, it's very nice

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thank youuu!!<3

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report


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Y0UR PR0F1L3 1Z Z0 CUT3!!!!!!!!!!1 :333

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by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report


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skshkshsk imsorry I don't speak spanish but: MUCHAS GRACIAS!! Tomé un diseño prediseñado (es sobre mí quién lo hizo) y cambié algunas cosas al respecto ^^ Ah, por cierto, lo traduje con el traductor de Google, así que lo siento si es malo:'D

by David <3(Finn/Echo/Mochi); ; Report