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"crying over college"

she/her, 19y/o, enfp 4w3, ENG/FR, sapphic,,

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my hyperfixations at the moment are all centered around the game development to be honest



Ghibli movies>>>>>


bold of you to assume i watch tv


currently reading blue lock, chainsaw man, the summer hikaru died (please read the manga it's so damn good)



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About me:

Four things that I don't really like :

- minors.

- children.

- teenagers.

- kids.

So if you don't get it already, don't add me if you're under 18. Please.


Who I'd like to meet:

-a therapist.

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beautiful profile. favorite ghibli movie?

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That's a hard question. I'd say Howl's moving castle since I rewatched it more than twice, but can we talk about Grave of the fireflies? I watched that shit when I was very young and man, that's a very well made movie, I bawled my eyes out.
Also thanks!! your profile is cool af, I love the dedication you have to cephalopods lol I'm starting to become obsessed with them too now

by Yaria; ; Report

for REAL! grave of the fireflies i feel is one of, if not the best war movie ever made. so tragically written.

and thank you! i keep forgetting to do cephalopod of the day, but do you have any suggestions for todays critter? i trust your taste :)

by lem.iso; ; Report


tofokyo's profile picture

thx for the add, tomie pfp kicks ass

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tomie is the best frfr
also your pfp is just amazing lmfao I wasn't expecting such a plot twist at the end. Also your animations are so cool I'm a fan omgmg

by Yaria; ; Report

wow ty! :D looking to have a new one out this month so u can look forward to that

by tofokyo; ; Report


Melcasucre's profile picture

Thanks for passing by, i'm always found of peoples taking the time to check blogs and all~
Your profile looks good, you choosen yourself a neat one i like your tastes

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I feel really honoured omg I like the vibes of your profile a lot and alsooooo checking blogs is basically what I do most around here lol I love finding blogs that aren't all about some cringy 13y/o drama so you're basically one of the good ones!

by Yaria; ; Report

η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST)

η²˜θ†œγ‚΄γƒΌγ‚Ήγƒˆ (GHOST)'s profile picture

Love the profile purps my favorite color /) /)
( β€’ ༝‒)

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omg same! This is why I love yours actually lol and you also have one of my fav characters on your profile so I just *had* to like it

by Yaria; ; Report


seraph's profile picture

thanks for the add !! ur theme is very cool!

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omg thank youuu<3 i absolutely loved the music you played in the background, it fits so well with your profile' aesthetic!

by Yaria; ; Report

ur too kind!! the same goes for urs :)

by seraph; ; Report


scientist_axolotl's profile picture

ayooo! very cool profile page!!

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Oooh thanks! yours is making my space-obsessed side soooo happy, it looks just like a dream and i freaking love it<3

by Yaria; ; Report

yayy space lovers unite!!

by scientist_axolotl; ; Report


Rose's profile picture

your profile is such a vibe omg i love it

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ommg i feel honored yours is just so pretty,, it has unique vibes for real

by Yaria; ; Report


β˜…Arachnoiideβ˜…'s profile picture

qsbdiqudo your page is SO DOPE! thx 4 the add <3

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not as cool as yours your layout is freaking amazing<3

by Yaria; ; Report

both are great luvv^^

by β˜…Arachnoiideβ˜…; ; Report

Λ– ⊹ 𝐜𝐚𝐫π₯𝐚 β™±

Λ– ⊹ 𝐜𝐚𝐫π₯𝐚 β™±'s profile picture

thx 4 the add love <3

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ur welcome <3

by Yaria; ; Report