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"l1ztening 2 muzic :p "

16 she/her sc3mo g1rl

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Mood: detatching my limbs like legos

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what I love <3 Music!! Makeup Piercings ( snake bit3s, sm1ley) Hello kitty Skelanimals >>> Invader Zim :)


Milli0nair3s !! PTV FOB PATD MCR Chi0dos Th3 M3dic Dr0id M4yd4y Par4d3 Th3 am1ty affl1ction sl33ping w1th s1r3ns Ic0n 4 h1re Ask1ng Al3xandr1a th3 d3vil we4rs pr4da botdf 3OH!3 Al3san4 Sc4ry k1dz sc4ring k1dz Br3athe C4r0lina gh0st t0wn br0kencyd3 St4y True Fr0m f1rst 2 l4st 0ur l4st n1ght 6arelyhuman Un1tyTX th3 st0ry s0 f4r w3 c4m3 as r0m4ns arm0r 4 sl33p c0h33d and c4mbr1a S4os1n c1rc4 surv1v3 an4rb0r cut3 1s wh4t w3 a1m 4 y3ll0w c4rd s3ns3s f4il s1lv3rst31n h4wth0rn3 h3ightz t4k1ng b4ck sund4y the us3d h0llyw00d und3ad p4rkw4y dr1v3 th3 f4ll 0f tr0y d4nc3 g4v1n d4nc3 M0d3rn d4y 3sc4pe Anch0rz 2 anch0rz bl3ss th3 f4ll Al3x1s0nf1r3 att4ck att4ck! A d4y 2 r3m3mber 1ce 9 k1llz V4les Sunny d4y r3al Est4te bull3t 4 my v4l3nt1n3 br1ng m3 th3 h0r1zon st0n3 s0ur j1mmy 3at w0rld th3 0ffspr1ng f1yl3af under0ath per1phery Esc4pe th3 f4te g3t sc4red AFI 1sl3s & Gl4c1ers B4 t0d4y bl4ck v31l Br1d3s M0ti0nl3ss 1n wh1t3 d3ft0n3s sk1ll3t pr3tty s1ck m4rs Arg0 s3t 1t 0ff p4ram0r3 cr0wn th3 3mp1r3 a skyl1t dr1v3 b3art00th r1se ag4inst w4ge w4r 1 s3t my fr13nds 0n f1re m3mphis m4y f1r3 1 pr3v4il a11 t1m3 l0w t4n00k1 su1t 1t d13s t0d4y 1ssu3s 3d4ys gr4ce Atr3yu As c1t13s burn p1ctur3 m3 br0k3n 3nvy 0n th3 co4st v4mp1r3s 3verywh3re! a th0rn 4 ev3ry h3art d0t d0t curv3


Jennifers body >>>>>>>>>>>




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COMCERtT pulled on stage at three days grace !!! (view more)

COMCERtT pulled on stage at three days grace !!! (view more)

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Hi! I am 16 :3 I love emo and scene culture and listen to a lot of the bands popular from that era I don't claim any of the bigotry from the time ofc !! I love the amity affliction, Alesana, and Mayday parade <3 crunk wise I loveee 3OH!3 & the medic droid I have liked emo music since I was a young patd fan in elementary school :p I would love to see an even bigger scene revival!! Pink Skull Crossbones

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DUD3 UR PR0F 1S S0 KEWLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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AHHh TH4NK UUUU XD <3333 YR S0 SW33TTT :pppp

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