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"sleeping teehee (TALKNTO ME PLEASE)"

16, england, any pronouns

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art, psychology, history, horror, pagan/'witchy' things, flowers, codes, fantasy, fictional books, old bookshops, flowershops, music, plushies, cats, women, jewellery, warm but not too gooey cookies and brownies, long sleepovers, heavyish duvets, sunsets (i cant wake early enough to see sunrises LMAO), people who can comfort me, warm hugs (no im not olaf shut up /j), baggy clothes, pastries, my silly cat, CREEPYPASTA OMG, js got into mandela catalog😓ik im late to it im just a pussy erm star wars but im not too weird abt it YAELOKRE


Everything starts with an E, Bourgeoisieses, Fame and Fortune, Song 2, Tainted love, Poker face, lady gaga, hozier, alt-j, i unironically listen to the trolls band together soundtrack (but i skip past crimps 9-5 and floyds song🔥🔥), ANY descendants song, melanie martinez


Trolls band together, labyrinth, breakfast club, the craft, any old disney film, any old barbie film, ghibli movies (when marnie was there and spirited away makes me cry a bit), spiderverse, twilight, coraline

 uhhh idk what else i watch😭


youtube :

James Marriot (i cba to spell his name), Schatt, DazGames, erm idrk anymore

cartoons :

gravity falls, star vs the forces of evil, amazing world of gumball, winx club<3, barbie lolzies, erm hazbin hotel count?


uhmmmm like the cruel prince series, marauders? does that count? twilight🤭, ballad of songbirds and snakes<3 TWILIGHT


MY CAT (idk how to get a picture on here😭)

she died L ^

so update i DONT have a hero teehee

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About me:

right so





ALSO some cool facts about me:

i accidentally realised i scratch my head when im trying to think, i cant wink to save my life (i js look like im in pain) ermm i sleep with all my favourite stuffed toys, im part way through watching the amazing world of gumball, i LOVE jewellery but rings and bracelets annoy me sometimes so i end up taking them off part way through the day i also literally EAT all of the yaelokre lore omg

also i love my cat more than anything

Who I'd like to meet:

people who are around my age, 18+ dni pls, NO CREEPS IM A MINOR

js wanna meet silly happy ppl and other teenagers stressing abt exams and collage and school🤗

(p.s. also cool people who are creepypasta fans)

(p.p.s people who like winx club, barbie, etc)

(p.p.p.s people who will talk to me and continue to talk to me<3)

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ur profile is so kewl! :3

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thank youuu! sozzy i didnt see ur comment earlier

by tilly; ; Report

its okee :P

by Rusty; ; Report

thrifted ♱

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your profile is so pretty

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tysm so is yours

by tilly; ; Report

aww thank you!!

by thrifted ♱; ; Report