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"Farting glitter xD and chillin with katz: p "

Dumb, loud, creative and artistic ya know, fun, charismatic Xp

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Jthm and all of jhonen vasquez's work in comics and TV shows xD, I love to draw and tattoo during my free time, I'm the caring taking older sibling, can't sing :p, but I love doing karaoke >:D, lenore the cute little dead girl, anything scene xD, Emily the strange, invader zim :D, Happy bunny is my spirit animal, trying to collect as many carebears and skelanimals as I can xp, domo kun <333, I get called rainbow dash so much it's not even funny💀💀, love love LOVE katz, also back to mlp> I fucking love it....idk if there's anything else..probably but I'll add later ig XD.




Invader zim, South Park, my little pony, carebears, any and all scooby doo series and movies, lenore the cute little dead girl, adult swim, nickelodeon up to 2010, jersey shore, true crime obviously...., and more I can't think of rn goodnight



Jthm series, filler bunny, haply noodle boy, and I feel sick, I'm trying to collect all the emily the strange novels!!! And lenore the cute little dead girl, pon & zi, speak, child called it, my side of the mountain, blah blah blaaah...


Deez nutz

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About me:

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Who I'd like to meet:

Other scene people Jthm fans A friend to talk to sometimes ya know🥲 Emos xD Juggalos Nu metal lovers cause yall are awesome :p Pretty much everyone that has respect >:D

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