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Being Meguca is suffering.

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☆ cats
☆ art
☆ fashion, most specifically vintage, gothic, ouji, visual kei and victorian fashion
☆ music
☆ club penguin
☆ tea
☆ gothic architecture
☆ skateboarding
☆ jaywalking
☆ graveyards
☆ collecting random things
☆ I'm also from ms93 ;)


☆ trad goth, classical, visual kei among many many other genres

☆ Ado, Bauhaus, Britney Spears, Buck-Tick, Dadaroma, David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr., France Gall, Fit for Rivals, Gulu Gulu, Hitoshizuku and Yama, Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Temples, The Cure, Tori Amos, various classical composers.

☆ I play the violin and a few other instruments but mostly violin.


☆ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Back to the Future, Ghibli movies, Heathers, Beetlejuice, The Breakfast Club, Kamikaze Girls, The Barbie Diaries.


☆ Over the Garden Wall, Soul Eater, Vanitas no Carte, Madoka Magica, MLP, TAWOG, Scooby Doo, Nyan Neko Sugar Girls is my favourite anime. ^_^


☆ I can't think of anything interesting that I read recently at the moment but I like comics, gothic literature, poetry, and books about things I find interesting like geology or arts or plants or whatever. I also like books that are visually interesting with maybe pretty covers and pages or old books that feel like I'm either holding a valuable piece of art or a little historical object or even both.


☆ Hatsune Miku
☆ my cat
I don't really idolise people.


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he/him ☆ 217 ☆ loser art student ☆ goth/vkei ☆ fr/eng ☆ ace

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Feel free to talk to me if you're cool and want to be friends, tell me about anything ;)

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tori 𐙚

tori 𐙚's profile picture

this is actually like the cutest profile ive seen

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thank you so much, I appreciate it! Your profile looks cool too!!

by Séraphin; ; Report


Kaitlyn's profile picture

I love your taste in music and movies!! + Your profile is so cute!!

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Thank you very much :)

by Séraphin; ; Report


r.o.u.s.'s profile picture

Im your dad now

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Hi dad!!

by Séraphin; ; Report


sobb1ng's profile picture

thx for addin me! fav ghibli movie?

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that is a tough question but i like howl’s moving castle, princess mononoke and ponyo, these are the ones i remember the most, what about you?

by Séraphin; ; Report

nvm princess kaguya definitely is one of the best ones I love this movie so much

by Séraphin; ; Report

my neighbor Toronto (cant spell..) is deff my number one
my moms fav is princess monoke

by sobb1ng; ; Report

my neighbor Toronto (cant spell..) is deff my number one
my moms fav is princess monoke

by sobb1ng; ; Report

my neighbor Toronto (cant spell..) is deff my number one
my moms fav is princess monoke

by sobb1ng; ; Report


Tess's profile picture


Thank you for the request.
All the Best!

Take care!

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Ricky's profile picture

Your profile is amazing!
(I also suggest, if you like She-Ra, to watch He-Man Masters Of The Universe from the 80's [?])

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thanks! and i've seen a few episodes of he-man it's really fun :)

by Séraphin; ; Report

Hunter's Cyberspace

Hunter's Cyberspace's profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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moose~♡'s profile picture

you seem so cool wtf ty for the add

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haha thank youu !!! :]

by Séraphin; ; Report

sarah ♡

sarah ♡'s profile picture

ty for the add!
love ur page !

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molly's profile picture

awesome profile, ty for accepting my add :D

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ty :)

by Séraphin; ; Report


Séraphin's profile picture

happy new year guiz

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Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

💖 ✨

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IHEARTDDC's profile picture

ty 4 the add! i luv ur layout!

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tyy! i love your layout 2 its so cool !!

by Séraphin; ; Report


TEETH ♱'s profile picture

i love ur layout!

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thank u ^_^

by Séraphin; ; Report