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"blessing the rains"

milky/ sully, 22, they/them, florida, nine inch nails brain rot

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heyo, what up? heres some more quick facts
yes I am a furry
music is probably my biggest hobby. i actively collect for Weezer & nine inch nails. also into alternative fashion, cooking, digital & traditional art, true crime, makeup/ self care, witchcraft etc.
huge weezer fan, fanclub member since 2016, seen them 8 times since 2014, will aways defend maladroit and hurley
sources/ fandoms im in/like
weezer, persona (3) ,animal crossing, furry fandom, my little pony, labyrinth, Pokémon, miraculous ladybug, spyro, david bowie, the legend of zelda, ssbu, fire emblem, warrior cats, doctor who, svtfoe, borderlands (2), bnha, fullmetal alchemist, sgt frog, splatoon, danganronpa, steven universe, fruits basket, metal gear, undertale/ detlarune, boyfriend to death, beastars


click here to look at my last.fm
favs are annotated via underlines
weezer, deftones, poppy, tool, insane clown posse, jazmin bean, nine inch nails, a perfect circle, green day, bad religion, type o negative, MUCC, candye syrup, my chemical romance, BABYMETAL, perfume, RADWIMPS, rivers cuomo, zenbukiminoseida, twenty one pilots, not secured loose ends, the rentals, andrew w.k, 3TEETH, sisters of mercy, rob zombie,BAND-MAID, siouxsie and the banshees, NECRONOMIDOL
rock/metal, alt rock, alt metal, nu metal, kawaiicore/metal, j-rock, j-pop, classic rock, 80s, 90s, visual kei, vaporwave, industrial rock/metal, "anything that's angry with guitars"


labyrinth, rocky horror picture show, howl's moving castle, rob zombies films, the 1996 doctor who tv movie starring paul mcgann as the 8th doctor


unironically enjoy grey's anatomy and doctor who. plus bojack horseman. sometimes i bring myself to watch a new anime but its rare


my brain sucks at staying focused anymore, but the one series im still lowkey into is warrior cats... yes i know. i sometimes read manga too


idk, my mom is pretty freaking epic ngl

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About me:

hi im milky! here's all the important stuff :
☉ aries ☾ scorpio ↑ scorpio
infp, 2w3, 259, sp/so/sx, ESI, FEVL, Melancholic Sanguine
adhd & anxiety
non-binary, polysexual & taken
wfc #6660

it me

before you follow
do not interact if…
⋆ you're a weezer fan and you think pinkerton was their magnum opus. take a shower and learn to talk to real women for the love of god
⋆ you genuinely enjoy eating pickles. seek help
⋆you think martha jones is a bad companion. get outta here you silly sausage
⋆ you're under the age of 18. i am 22. that's weird, go outside.
⋆ you're here to harass me over my job. it's cool if you're anti military i totally get it. try to understand/ respect why i joined. plus, i fly on planes. it's fun and i get paid epic money
⋆ you essentially fit the basic dni criteria (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc)
ask to friend/follow if...
⋆ you know me irl. this is a safe space for me to rant about my daily life and bs
⋆ your name is andy, bethy/bethany, michael, or leon. i have some bad past experiences with these names and they make me uncomfortable. Sorry
before you follow (Instagram)
send the password before you request!!! i will not accept you if you dont read this criteria and refuse to send the password! (which can be found below in the comments)

Bloody Knife

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who's into weezer, nine inch nails, doctor who, fullmetal alchemist, undertale, or any of the fandoms listed under "general" is big sexy and will be receiving a smooch on the cheek
jokes aside, if you're into music, my fandoms, video games, and/or alt subcultures i care u and would love to be friends

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if you're here from instagram, the pw is your favorite song. ty

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