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"playin wit my d¿ck "

i’m satanist

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Mood: feelin emo mayb i’ll pop a perc..

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are u süicide? , because i think of you all the time 😍 and yes i am the sex man. ( i have other socials like insta / tiktok , i just prefer not to link them in on my profile:) , but if anyone / you wants them just text me ! or add me and i’ll give them


dbsm / bdsm /darkthrone / burzum , dystopia , type o negative , torsofuck , morticain, korn , godsmack , exhumed , kreator, dismembered , dying Fetus , acid bath , death , discharged , Bad brains , Black flag , The smiths , Alien sex friend , limp Bizkit , icp , meat shits , Crystal Castles , embrionic death , obituary, Slayer , carcass , suicidal tendencies, Jack off Jill , nirvana, Radiohead , The smashing pumpkins , Alice in chains , misfits , The garden , The cure , New order , she wants revenge , fleetwood mac. , botdf, millionaires , BC13 . AND II HAVE MORE CHECK out my Spotify! attack attactk nightcore hallywood undead i set my friends on fire ddc scotty vanity


my top shows / movies , thirteen, skins (uk) , euphoria , beetle juice , and i also like anime i have like almost watched every anime on Netflix #yes


(look at movies) ^ , but courage the cowardly dog , baby Looney Tunes , invader Zim , Scooby Doo.


I really like books I’m currently reading a book about becoming a man (transgender) , the book name is called “man alive” by thomas page Mcbee (i’ll read a little bit ) , “ The freeze the split how I lost a body or how I conflicted the two ways my body was lost to me. I was born female that’s a fact I saw myself as a boy.


i am my own heroe. $md uu wh0rę

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hey boo uu can call me alex or full (alex glass) just like the one and only Alice glass (Crystal Castles) , umm idk what to say , not much about me , i don’t take sh¿t from noone. i hate sensitive crybaby people. xD my old user was @deathonurheart but i got logged out so if we were mutual’s chat me! 🍌🗯 my pronouns are he/they or just refer to me as alex. i like too mosh hardcore only fr ALSO in luv with nightcore and creepy pasta and i ❤️ playing five nights at freddys and silent hill.

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metalheads , emos / scene , punk +

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Thanks for the add!

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ofc dude ! >.

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