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"Heartbroken and listening to the Chelsea Grin ep on repeat πŸ’”"

22 years old, Male, The Void

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🎡 Wannabe musician, producer, vocalist.


I like alt and heavy music my favorite bands/artists are: Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Elysia, Capture The Crown, BMTH, Attack Attack!, Woe Is Me, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Greeley Estates, Oliver Francis, Bones (teamsesh), Lil Lotus, Mugxtsu, and lots more...


I mostly watch gory, psychological or found footage horror movies, but I also like 2000's college comedies like american pie etc.


TV sucks, I watch youtube tho. Check out: The Punk Rock MBA and The Cozy Representative. I'm also new to anime my favorites are Death Note and the Junji Ito Collection, feel free to give me recommendations!


Reading books is for dorks I only read the bible LMAO. Its a joke obviously, dont get offended plz πŸ˜’


MITCH LUCKER (RIP), RYAN ZIMMERMAN (GREELEY ESTATES), OLI SYKES, OLIVER FRANCIS, ELI ROTH (HORROR MOVIE DIRECTOR), L from death note. Honestly Im inspired by all of my favorite media, like music, movies, anime, yt vids etc.

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About me:

Hi, you can call me VI or V, Im 22 years old, I like alt and heavy music if you cant tell XD. *I WAS IN MYSPACE WINDOWS93 AND WENT BY THE NAME "D0ntFa1lM3Dark0_XD" SADLY THE SITE GOT SHUT DOWN :( I HOPE I CAN FIND SOME OF THE FRIENDS I HAD THERE, SO IF YOU RECOGNIZE ME FEEL FREE TO ADD :D "STAY BR00TAL!" MYSPACE93:https://myspace.windows93.net/index.php?id=19857

Who I'd like to meet:

Emo, scene and alt people in general, if you like alt music, aesthetics and styles be my friend!!

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helloooo there,
thanks for the add!
great taste in music c:

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hii, thank you so much!!!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!

Need some wacky (x)mas music? β–ΊFunHouseRadio.com

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Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

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Hey! Thanks for the add!
Have a great day! 🀘🏻

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Zayne Zealous

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Thanks 4 the add dude ur profile is super sick! xoxo

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np, thank you so much!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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Happy halloween

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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omg love your style and your profile! thnx 4 the adddd =)

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Hey thank you so much!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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Thanks for the add cutie πŸ–€

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thank you, you're welcome!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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Hey! Thanks for the add. I'm Mallory. :)

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Hi Mallory nice to meet you!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

You too! :)

by MalloryColette; ; Report

Meta Mart

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Hi nice met!

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ty ✌

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

Death Cab for Lukie

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Hey dude!

I checked out Seeyouspacecowboy (based on the fact their name is based upon my favourite anime) and they could be right out of 2006! I really liked their sound!

Cheers for the tip off!

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So glad you enjoyed their stuff, like you said their like straght out of the 2000's, but in a way
that at least imo their music doesnt sound dated at all! They even have a song with Aaron from underoath I just found out about!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

tammy faye

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hey xD

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hi nice to meet you!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

nice to meet you too x]

by tammy faye; ; Report

omfg that song on your profile it me right in the feels

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

she’s such a great artist, you should check her out. her voice is really beautiful

by tammy faye; ; Report

Its beautiful indeed!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

Marie Rousseau

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πŸ’•βœ¨π”—π”₯π”žπ”«π”¨π”° 𝔉𝔬𝔯 𝔄𝔑𝔑𝔦𝔫𝔀 π”π”’βœ¨πŸ’•

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np ✌

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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thx for the add :3 have a good day!

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Thanks a lot dude u too! Also your music is chill af!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

Hey tysm!!! luv ur movie taste

by SnowKote; ; Report

thank you! Im open to recommendations

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

theres classics like silence of the lambs but gotta say orphan was good and also alice in borderland

by SnowKote; ; Report

I've watched silence of the lambs and orphan both were great ones I gotta check out alice in borderland tho seems interesting!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

Awesome! open to recs too :D

by SnowKote; ; Report

sure i'll message you cause this comment section is already too long xd

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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thanks for the add!

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np nice to meet you!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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thanks for the add dude! β˜†

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Np, nice to meet you!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report


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THANK YOU FOR THE ADD! Our page is here to promote yours if you would like, we specialise in sharing photos of scene & emo kids to help them gain a following πŸ’– DM us if interested with your social media name(s)!

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Cassia Garzone

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hey nice to meet you!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

What’s up?

by Cassia Garzone; ; Report


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YO dude you seem hella cool, stay brutal bro! \m/

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Thanks a lot my dude, I see you are into horror too! Stay br00tal!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report

Absolutely! And our music tastes line up well too

by jvdasofsorrow; ; Report

IlTimoneNero collective

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Hi dear, thank you for adding us!

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Hey V thanks for the add! Great music picks! Love to see someone mentioning Capture The Crown ^^

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Hey np, you have great picks too and I also dig your style, also yeah CTC were fire idc what anyone says!

by xVIVIVIx; ; Report