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"[icon is me in a mask lmao]"

Creative person w way too many ideas and way too little time

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πŸ’š I play piano + love to draw!!! πŸ’š I attempt to write poetry but it’s not very good :/ πŸ’š Just ur average European emo lol πŸ’š trilingual! πŸ’š


πŸ’š KE$HA πŸ’š Lujipeka πŸ’š LORENZO πŸ’š Gigi D’Agostino πŸ’š Avril Lavigne πŸ’š OMFG πŸ’š Foda C πŸ’š KIK (aka kikesa) πŸ’š I Set My Friends On Fire πŸ’š Jazmin Bean πŸ’š Ratrace90210 πŸ’š Blackwinterwells πŸ’š funeral πŸ’š Wido πŸ’š Millionaires πŸ’š Dot Dot Curve πŸ’š P!ATD πŸ’š 6arelyhuman πŸ’š Twenty One Pilots πŸ’š Jefree star (NOT THE ARTIST, JUST THE MUSIC; WHAT HAPPENED WAS REALLY MESSED UP) πŸ’š The Scary B*tches πŸ’š fob πŸ’š evanescence πŸ’š roshyw πŸ’š Billy Mayerl πŸ’š The Police πŸ’š Foo Fighters πŸ’š Jack White πŸ’š Basshunter πŸ’š Roxette πŸ’š MΓΆtley CrΓΌe πŸ’š S3RL πŸ’š MCR (only specific songs tho) πŸ’š brokencyde πŸ’š Bring me the horizon πŸ’š BLINK-182 !!!!!!! πŸ’š depresion sonora πŸ’š sistema de entretenimiento πŸ’š Luca Noise πŸ’š EDO BOYS πŸ’š scotty vanity [NOT dahvie vanity 🀒] πŸ’š Marnik πŸ’š Little Sis Nora + Aaron ChupaπŸ’š Mac DeMarco πŸ’š Maretu πŸ’š Cobra Starship πŸ’š Yot Club πŸ’š Tame Impala πŸ’š Skrillex πŸ’š Food House πŸ’š
yeahhh my music taste is everywhere lmao


(I don’t watch a lot of movies… :’C )


πŸ’š INVADER ZIM (gir is my spirit animal ;0;) πŸ’š Danny Phantom πŸ’š Hello Kitty πŸ’š Good Omens πŸ’š My Melody πŸ’š Lupin the III πŸ’š Angel’s friends πŸ’š Four cornered circular forest (that’s the English title lol) πŸ’š Care Bears πŸ’š MLP πŸ’š Series of Unfortunate Events πŸ’š Bratz πŸ’š


I love to read!! Plz recommend stuff!! :D πŸ’š 1984 by George Orwell πŸ’š Frankenstein by Mary Shelley πŸ’š The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde πŸ’š Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro πŸ’š Strange Stories, Amazing Facts πŸ’š Emily the Strange πŸ’š Something wicked this way comes by Ray Bradbury πŸ’š


I really look up to ClawedBeauty101, amberkatelynbeale, madmolly, maya malice, + Johnnie Guilbert !! xP)
OMORI, Ori and the Blind Forest/Will of the Wisps, Minecraft, literally any mario game ever, Kirby, Earthbound/Mother series (ESPECIALLY 2 AND 3), Xevious, Galaga, Animal Crossing, 1942, Sky Children of the Light

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About me:


Invader Zim - Gir Hi!! I’m solvalou :D I’m a minor [currently in highschool tho] ; they/them ; !! ^u^
IMG-8827 (thank you to froze for this blinkie!!!)

Who I'd like to meet:

If u share any interestz w me or if ur easygoing and friendly!! I love to talk 2 all kindz of ppl (except creeps >:c) so feel free to shoot me an IM or a friend rq!!! I’d luv to get 2 know every1 :3

Emo blinkies IMG-4662 168901 d6a21377ab81bd8898eb1c5bb4433bfc7678ea61-128 IMG-4513 blinkies-Cafe-oh

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thank for the add <33 your profile is so cute 🩷

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tysmm!! ^-^

by xeviant; ; Report


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thanks for the add ^_^ ur profile looks great

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thanks !! :D ur page is neat too!! ^u^ i love ur blinkies!!

by xeviant; ; Report

oh ty!!!

by Cloud9; ; Report


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Awwh tysm !! :DD I love all the rainbow stuff on ur profile + the emo mouse lol

by xeviant; ; Report


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Ur page so cutee! β™‘

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TYSMM!! >_< ur page is rly neat too :o!

by xeviant; ; Report


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thx 4 the add ^.^

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Yw!!! >_<

by xeviant; ; Report


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OMG GIR!! i love ur page sm!!

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aw ty!!! :D

by xeviant; ; Report

^_< - β˜† luka

^_< - β˜† luka's profile picture

DOPE PAGE x3 !!!!

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tysm!!! ^.^ i luv ur layout too :D the lil falling glittery stars are so pretty :0

by xeviant; ; Report


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:O omg;; so close to 1k;; if any1 reads this tysm + i hope u all have a good day!!! ^.^ <33 all of u guyz are amazing !!

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thank you for adding me, <3 your profile

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Yw!! And ty for the add back!!! ^.^

by xeviant; ; Report

KASS X3 ~!!

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Tysm for adding back ur profile is os CUTEEEEEEE

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tysm !! >_< ur profile looks rly neat too !! i luv all the gifs :DD

by xeviant; ; Report


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Gir + purple = Perfection, rad profile!

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Thansk 4 adding me !! You seem awesome:D

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aaa ty for accepting the rq!! >_< u seem rly epic aswell !!! :3

by xeviant; ; Report

Thankss !!

by Dawy!; ; Report


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thx for the add ur so cool

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yw!!! :D u seem rly awesum too!! [u have v based music taste]

by xeviant; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

Perty The Virtual Musicia...'s profile picture

Hiii! πŸ©·πŸ©΅πŸ’œ

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Hello!! :33 hope ur doing alright!!! I luv ur music so keep up the good work

by xeviant; ; Report


π”–π”žπ”¦π”«π”±'s profile picture

thx so much for the add!! I adore your profile aesthetic and your music taste xD

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yw!! :D and tysm ^u^!!

by xeviant; ; Report


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(οΎ‰β‰§βˆ€β‰¦)οΎ‰β”β”β”β˜… Absolutely adore your profile's aesthetic!!! Glad we're friends!!! (*≧ω≦)

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Aaah ty!! :3 [ur profile is literally so cool w all the different gifs n blinkies of stuff in ur interests section :000]

by xeviant; ; Report


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ty for the add!! I LOVE ALL THE PINK IN UR PROFILE!! :D

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Yayy tysm!! I luv all the glittery stuff on ur profile; also the custom scrolling name!! :3

by xeviant; ; Report


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Audibly happy once I saw the super Xevious blinky.

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LESGOOOO!!! I’ve actually never ever met a person in my life who knew what xevious was!!!

by xeviant; ; Report

Namco Museum appreciator right here B]

by Yuchun!; ; Report

V based πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ what’s ur fav retro namco game?

by xeviant; ; Report

Depends on your definition of retro. Probably Ms Pacman or Dig Dug. In terms of their early 90s arcade games, Ridge Racer is my shit, basically the reason I should never be allowed to drive >:3

by Yuchun!; ; Report

I love dig dug smm I haven’t found an arcade that has it tho so that makes me kinda mad :P my fav is probably xevious

by xeviant; ; Report

Bruhhh I've never found a decent arcade here, they never have the good shit, plus playing costs a whole ass euro. Best I've found is a pinball machine. Europe sucks fr :c

by Yuchun!; ; Report

Christopher WuπŸŽΉπŸŽ΅πŸ’—

Christopher WuπŸŽΉπŸŽ΅πŸ’—'s profile picture

⛱️Have a wonderful day always Solvalouβ˜•

When we overcome life's challenges, we become stronger. Never give up in making your dreams come true...


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YOU LOOK SO KEWL!! love ur layout ><

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AAA TYSM!!! I LUV UR JAZMIN BEAN PFP !!! her music is top tier πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

by xeviant; ; Report