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"threatening to change my whole profile theme after only 3 days"

19 year old bi fantasy and furry artist.

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Artist, Reading, Music, Light Coding (beginner), and Playing Sims 4 and MC on my off time. I own my original world called Maguvine, a fantasy world based on rebirth and death that i like to develop. Check out my full bio for a basic summary.


Ghost, Imnotshane, Annapantsu, Reinaeiry, Caleb Hyles, Markiplier, CG5, Ironmouse, The Living tombstone, Mother Mother, Johnny Stimson, Barns Courtney, Sub Urban, David Bowie. (including soundtracks and music in games and cartoons/shows that i enjoy (Steven Universe, SVTFOE, Adventure time, Undertale/Deltarune, Etc. . .))


Repo! the genetic opera, The crow 1994, Necromantik (for how uncomfortable it makes me, and how funny the acting is), The Book thief movie, SU the movie, Rise of the Guardians, wendell and wild, The Labyrinth, The wrinkle in time movie 2003, Edward scissor hands, Sweeney Todd, Alice in wonderland (2010, 2016)


SU, Bee and puppycat, Centaurworld, The owl house, SVTFOE, she-ra, Miraculous Ladybug, MLP G4, The cuphead show, Hilda, Kipo, voltron (legendary defender), Inside Job, Camp Camp, The Sandman, Sweet tooth, Chainsaw man, MHA, Beastars, Demon Slayer, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Angels of death, To your Eternity, Fruits Basket (2001 & 2019), Free!, Sk8 the infinity, Black butler, Assassination Classroom, Show by Rock, Eddsworld, Gravity Falls.


Prospers Demon, SlewFoot, The Book thief (Book), Sons of Wonderland, I, Juan de Pareja, everything everything, the girl from the other side.


My online brothers, My mom, (fictional: All might, Deadpool, spiderman.)

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About me:

Name: Luciel or Luci

Age: 19, October 24th

Gender: Fem, He/Him, They/them

Sexuality: Bi, Taken

Artist, World developer, OC maker.

Commissions open for Kofi, and paypal to wrenbab@gmail.com


Wrenbab on all Socials: https://linktr.ee/WrenBab

Main: Instagram

Nsfw Art content (18+): Twitter

Creator of Maguvine, my original fantasy world.

Maguvine Co-Owner: https://www.instagram.com/lordbelzbab/

Maguvine is a fantasy world based on rebirth and death. Maguvine features several gods who work day in and day out to keep the world running based on the job that they were gifted to do.

There is earth that you are born on like real life, when you pass unnatural that is not aging you get brought to Maguvine as your second chance at living. Once you live on Maguvine, you pass from age, crime, or illness through time like earth, and depending if your good or bad you go to Heuphoria or Hysphoria. Maguvine is themed fantasy and mostly depends on medieval themes but has some modern day clothes, foods, living items, and phones. It is ran by several big cities called Capitals and each Capital is ran by a special god.

Some mythical icons exist in this world, like santa claus, the easter bunny, the great pumpkin, etc. . .

Heuphoria is the equivalent to Heaven, its where you grow wings and you run on purity (you are a purist) Your wings show sign of sin, which is how the law works and you get put in a popularity ranking depending on class of income and the style of job you work, which divides you into different neighborhoods. In some cases you work for the gods in casual businesses and modern day living.

Hysphoria is abandoned by most gods, it is the equivalent to Hell, its where you lose your physical appearance and become extremely shapely and inhuman (you are a Corrupt) this world works unlike any other and gravity doesn't exist, buildings could be upside down or sideways and living is quite unique but modern.

Find Artwork of Maguvine on both my Instagram and Twitter!

Coding: https://blog.spacehey.com/entry?id=97599

Song: i hear a symphony but you're in an empty ballroom, By lunastereo

Who I'd like to meet:

(Do not friend me if you are Transphobic, Homophobic, Sexist, Racist, or Into Toxic Politics) Feel free to friend me if your into anything im also interested in :) Or DM me about commissions or Maguvine! Be nice

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