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"Signing up for the FG boards."

Manufactured in 2006. United States, West Virginia.

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Psychology, Gore, Vehicles-ish, FNAF, Undertale, Furbies, Rats and Mice, Cats, Aliens, Gmod, Elder Scrolls, Technology, Dumbphones, Rage Comics, SCP, Random Military Shit, Madness Combat, Being Terrible With FPS Games, Cybergoth Fashion, Body Modification, The Sims 2, ETC.

I add to this a lot; expect more whenever you see this again.


Metal, Emo, Rock, Industrial, EBM, Electronic, Nightcore, Soundtracks, Sometimes Rap, Dubstep.


Anything to do with gore, or horror. I enjoy claymation films as well. Anything worth my time. I am not too picky. I really like watching chick flicks too. No judgement here.


I enjoy adult cartoons, and I can get hooked on anything as long as I like it.

Currently Binge-watching: Family Guy


I enjoy reading anything, from romance to cosmic horror. I really enjoy finding things by smaller authors. I read fan-fiction, but why would I reveal which ones?

I have a ton of unread books in my e-library.


Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White.

I added this for fun. Why not list my favorite colors? I really like neon and dark shit.


I do not have any heroes.


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About me:

Hey, I am Kevin. I am 17 years old. Also, I happen to have SpaceHey. I love my girlfriend and my brother and my friends and my cat and my mice.

I am a very open-minded person. I will never judge you. I can be very straightforward sometimes.

I am a furry and an artist. I also write. I have severe OCD that I am trying to work on. You know, you gain some you lose some. I am not mentioning that to be "special", I feel that it is relevant to getting to know me.

Cue the song that I autoplayed for fun. I included the video, so feel free to pause it anytime.

Who I'd like to meet:

If you have the same interests as me, go ahead and friend me. Also... do not feel afraid to DM me. I love reading/replying to those.

A fair warning, I barely ever talk to different people. Nothing against you. I get overwhelmed and my "hard drive" has a very small capacity.

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Test Profile

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Thanks for the add-back man I really like your layout

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Thanks, interesting icon you've got there. :-b

by Kevin 🜏; ; Report


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Very much like your page. the compact disc coming out of your profile picture is really cool ha

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yeeeaahhh! thanks, it's just a free layout if you want me to send it on over to you. is your pfp your art? it's cute

by Kevin 🜏; ; Report

i meant the CD sorry i should have been more specific there

by Kevin 🜏; ; Report

My profile picture it is my fursona but it is a commission from vacantcroww on TikTok; I only paid $15USD for it ^^ also sure you can send the thing to me

by Hellwalker; ; Report

!ScreamingMoths! {Dutchie}

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cool page<3

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Heeellloooo O_O

by Kevin 🜏; ; Report


by !ScreamingMoths! {Dutchie}; ; Report

neeko :3

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i like ur profile ^_^!!! we share a few interests too

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Hello >_>

by Kevin 🜏; ; Report