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"at.. SCHOOL"

im grob, i go by wormcultist online alot! also i use he/him!

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👻 36 questions the podcast musical?? true crime collecting things.. art, horror/psychological horror, oh and music 👻 games i enjoy: omori, slime rancher, broken reality, missed messages, hiveswap, yume nikki, coffee talk, roblox, minecraft, animal jam, sims, sally face, animal crossing new horizons, tomodachi life furby4


👻 weatherday, memoboy, mother mother, julie, they are gutting a body of water, sidney gish, girls rituals, the scary jokes, neros day at disney land, bo en, ghost and pals, heathers music, corduroy heart, mitski, alex g, system of a down, nirvana, glass animals, my dead girlfriend, misc. vocaloid artists/songs, misc. shoegaze and rock music 311a222e-a650-4f2a-b71a-714e601db8b5


👻 unfriended, orphan , evangelion movies, horror movies!! more.. possibly?


👻 chainsaw man, evangelion, bungo stray dogs, devilman crybaby, the owl house, steven universe, bee and puppycat


👻 warriors, wings of fire, homestuck


👻 ignore how this is labeled heroes, i'm just here to say probably forgot a few of the things im interested in!!

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👻 hi!! im grob!! i use he/him, im trans male and gay and also i like a lot of different things, i really like to collect things like plushies, figures, etc. i sometimes cosplay too. i love retro/vintage toys and i also like cats, bunnies, and goats! i also like to draw. i can be very socially awkward so im sorry if i am!! my main interests currently are: chainsaw man, bungo stray dogs, evangelion, omori, and steven universe! i still am interested in all the other ones i have listed btw!! THE THE SILLY THINGIES !! VV b47f2122fc424427560a4af95736340479f1083f tumblr-pc0rtd-I6b-R1xzybrpo6-100 tumblr-pc0rtd-I6b-R1xzybrpo1-100 tumblr-ps6ixa-U1d41xzybrpo4-100 10a10816337c467f6b5b308c059320566616f37f b9436ef8b110ed3c66b19706038c683943782fe0 418c0992e06c50530ece4aad262b622e2fa98fbd e5e982d8e393800218a1734662fcc40e79a59e16 4c531f22531adc97738af28233ba72c554b9bc6a 6a21451732f7e67d212aaa08b050d0301807473a tumblr-pyg3bm-LSl51y8ua8do1-250 tumblr-pyg3ko-Ow3-I1y8ua8do2-250 tumblr-ptomqvwbu-M1wmj9aso1-250 cc5c4c0e757378a31f5f38d1c35e9f994b170f40 tumblr-osqfgi-Xd-Id1qgin7jo1-100 tumblr-pk66rg-Ji-TM1xwpnjlo1-100 tumblr-pbyraa-Pq-Rh1xzybrpo1-100 tumblr-pbbaqr-Nazy1xz2nuuo8-100 fuq-da-internetz db1eo14-12ee76b0-486f-411c-8ea5-9ad880a18104 dizzy glitch nendoroid wiggly optimize-11 tumblr-pqqgwd2p-An1y8ua8do2-100 summer2022-11 thebread-2 goodieblink-33 jinkiesblinkies-27 11 30 biohazard da4a2ed-1aa43924-6900-418a-8961-312f5c89972b 909043q79g7enuyi 1469571rhzswc5wru 202854bwp257475w 223764rbue2qhj0u 223978efqz38mi86 0028-computer bd5fa9f1165d12d218ec74e13aa452b9d62cc7eb d1lb5y1-6d7f0bc3-6b3e-4066-a792-dd77b960f3b9 d2ucdhd-617c53cb-1911-413b-81ac-8e375ffe4d43 d7jwggo-b7bdd05c-4de7-496d-942c-857f2c034662 upvDrAD giTFwcX d11z4w1-927e42de-ea2e-46a2-bdde-905a7336b199 d11z47s-2ef1bd7f-4a57-4e9d-9498-7951775b51f4 2oYWYR0 d34twq0-43b5e74a-291e-4d9c-80f8-7e158ecf1242 dcdh1nb-11054c3c-34a5-4494-af9b-8e1198611b79 d3le8u9-d5065069-15a1-4e1c-aa42-bdc0756181c7 d2k47yi-459df10a-30ed-4465-8417-dce0e907d9fe d1juplq-0be289ec-317c-4173-8768-225ea6d5529e d68s79a-8910eae9-d95c-44d0-9ee8-218050e6d807 d41bss5-d28876b8-e3ea-4629-a320-e3b0b6fe0e2c tumblr-pggfkh9-SBP1xy0eh3o1-100 357274807649ba593df43db4c7a43ff8d2b62fc9 63de893bf365135885218ff124e4b0b124f29a6e f9572e21edd81b2c0fab8ab9ba38fcac00e04b86 8a4e4b8a78b580930da1eaab906646a42d4cff20 7cc140fd4625388b98b7c042276fb6a5357d258f Y8GTy7B d1qmzlc-64599ce7-6b24-498b-aaed-d221c625275f d1kjedk-49cfd1ed-4a67-4aee-8c5f-68054096706d optimize-11 minecraft tumblr-inline-prh441p-Gu-D1vxygeb-500 3490113bblljdj79v f718e0b0-a14f-4aed-8b3e-d32340eb1600 tumblr-inline-paunok-TV9-M1v11djx-100 tumblr-inline-ont4n9-LSe-M1u5rvwj-500 s2-4 tumblr-pshg1k-Nm-Zq1xzybrpo5-100 e36781a8dcef0dd1202cd250bbeb6e11f39a2834 a898a9b55ba4e4ae433d83f55444653ed37c5d87 d9oy1bh-3b65ebca-f680-4fdc-9270-105912b3f434 tumblr-inline-p1fyv1n-UPi1rv0j40-500j tumblr-pbffcs5mpm1xz2nuuo2-250 eyes F4cwB4u

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👻 im hoping i take this the right way but i mainly want to meet people who share my interests or just seem like cool nice people! 72db25a1-fac7-431d-befc-47f5bd3daca9

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Really neat profile!

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ivorila loves your profile (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ♡

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♡ Leah ♡

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thx for adding me back ! love ur page :))

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tysm! i love urs too!

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