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"reel computer hours"

she/he, i am frum NZ

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homestuck!!! (favs are feferi (duh), nepeta, equius, kanaya, rose, jade and basically every1 lol 3XD), bandori, undertale n deltarune, magical girl stuff, splatoon (i can give my friend code if you want!! i have both games 2 and 3), pokemon , drawing, south park, CUTTLEFISHH and basically anything underwater (except for dolphins f u dolphins ignore the dolphins in my bg theyre not evil like the rest of them) , vocaloid, yandere simulator, azumanga daioh and ROLEPLAYING!!! i mostly like roleplaying as homestuck at very random intervals and my friends are awfully tired of it


radiohead, disko warp, s3rl, serani poji, weird break mixes i find on soundcloud, xaev, millionaires, nightcore, the cranberries, paramore, pastel*palettes, IOSYS, rory in early 20s, goreshit and a lotta other randum ppl 380 (if u bothered reading this total word clam ur a legend) also my favourite song is spiral 2005 from pro evolution soccer 5 pls stop listening to the remix of it the original is so good


honestly any cool animated thingy (LEGO MOVIES,,,,,DROOLS) i really love across the spiderverse though..... (pls pay ur workers got damn 38U)


uuuhhhh 0_0 dont watch tv much but i do watch anime of stuff i like (madoka, bandori/garupa pico, cardcaptor sakura, tokyo mew mew, azumanga daioh, nichijou, utena) and i do like adventure time, mlp, tdi and south park :)


uuuh does homestuck count I ALSO LOVE WARRIOR CATS!!! yellowfang is my fave and i have super old ocs for it


feferi, clawedbeauty101, izzzyzzz, laurenzside and whoever made the deviantart group for homestuck stickers so theyre WAYYYVE easier to find (i glub you) and oranges bc thyre YUMMY

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About me:

JUMPSCAR-E WARNING!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my name is laia/teal and glub is my forever ~ i am a derse dreamer ~ rogue of heart <3 :33 ~ born to be a seadweller forced to be a rustblood ~ do not be weird in the little interactions i have outside of customizing my profile 'w' ~ if you dont like feferi you probably shouldnt add me 38( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Which Alpha Female Troll Are You?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -----------------

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who likes the same stuff as me! if ur a meanie or judgemental or a bigot or a proshipper go away and throw urself in a lake or something hee hee hoo hoo ha haa ^U^

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I glub your layout !! 38D

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