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"happy birthday 2 me!"

new hair, new tee, new jeans, do ya see? :2

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Mood: fluttershy n' rarity!! >: 3

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be4 u interact

. I sometimes ignore messages/notifs for very long periods of time if I am overwhelmed, please be patient with me!
. trauma dumps/random vents/rants arent welcome
. i never interact first unless its in ur comment section so dont b scared to send me a msg!
. not very fond of the term "cutecore", please do not refer to me or my aesthetic/fashion/style as cutecore
some of my main hobbies are drawing, coding, collecting, baking, n being in my room, I'm into physiological stuff and true crime (love Ms. Stephanie ), i mostly like cutesy stuff like My Little Pony, Sanrio, SanX, etc etc, I consider myself a young toy and collector in general, I specifically like collecting sanrio, MLP, cameras, and trinkets, lovelovelove music some of my fav genres are kpop/jpop, jrock, bossa nova, breakcore, and literally anything, fond of artists likeeee Laufey, Takayan, NewJeans, Gulu Gulu, K-On spotify, Tyler the Creator, Lamp, Mindless Self Indulgence (do not support their actions.)
Gohan Wa Okazu K-ON!


color : pink (NOT hot pink), black
song : The Christmas Waltz by Laufey
anime: Horimiya
tv show : My Little Pony
movie : Across the Spiderverse
vocaloid/synthesizer : Ruko
videogame : Minecraft
artist : Ado
fictional character(s) : L Lawliet n' Tamaki Amajiki
food : cereal
snack : sour gummies
drink : coffee n chai



organize dresser
make more pin designs
make graphics for GSA website
my carrd



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About me:

The current mood of winzpir at www.imood.com secret message , secret drawing , Guestbook
girlything, infp-t, Death Note quiz
id love to meet anyone really!! :3 some ppl that i think r super duper cool and i would be super excited if they friended me would be people w/ the opposite aesthetic as me, serious funny ppl, and people with contrasting personality as me. >__<
idk if i wanna be him or be with him (。>﹏<)


    heihei!! before proceeding, please be aware that there are bright flashy colors and many effects or images at once, if this makes you uncomfortable then you are welcome to pass by! music does not automatically begin and is instead a playable button on my profile divider section, if you are in a public setting, please put in headphones before pressing play on the music button as to not disturb those around you.

    when you're ready, click on Peni Parker to continue!!
    I would like to turn back!

    creds to tae!

Who I'd like to meet:

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celeste!'s profile picture

your page is quite silly :3

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thxsm ! that was the goal ^^

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Neat page!

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aw ,, thxsm!! :3

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report

sprite 💤

sprite 💤's profile picture

your profile is actually so cute helloooo tysm for the add ??? <33

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aaWAAW , tHXSMM!! its nice 2 meet u n hiiiii :3 thank U for the accept !! <3

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report

Piper < 3

Piper < 3 's profile picture


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by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report

silas ☆

silas ☆'s profile picture

thx sm 4 the add!! u seem supr kewl :D

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Thank you for tha accept!! u also seem super duper cool :3

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report

🧁៸៸ 𝙉𝙞𝙠𝙠𝙞

🧁៸៸ 𝙉𝙞𝙠𝙠𝙞's profile picture


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WwWW TYYY!! ;3

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report


dollsun's profile picture

Your layout is so adorable! Thanku for add!

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omg!! :D tysm doll, yours looks like it came right out of a garden!! <3

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report

୨୧ mima ୨୧

୨୧ mima ୨୧'s profile picture

tysm for the accept !! :3 also ur profile is sooo cute & colourful, I LUV IT!!!! ^-^

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aaah ofc!! Tyty, I also love ur profile it’s so gorgeous. It’s eye candy i swear 💗

by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report

angie ^_^ [auto ♪]

angie ^_^ [auto ♪] 's profile picture

yr layout is adorable ^_< ✧

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by L Lawlly ﹕ ꒱; ; Report