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"uzi doorman is literally me"

18 / He/They / Bi / Genderfluid (Fe/To)mboy / South Carolina

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Mood: how easily could i kick through a window?

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Touhou / Disco Elysium/ Deltarune / Undertale / Splatoon / Murder Drones / Late 70s graphic design / Analog/Digital Horror(-adjacence) (The Walten Files, Local 58, Angel Hare, I Can’t Sleep, Lacey Flash Games, Bugbo, Nebula And Quasar) / Teletext / Class of ‘09 / John Doe / Purpleverse / Sunset System / Regretevator / Item Asylum / Disillusion / ENA / FNAF / Portal / TF2 / Hotline Miami / One Wheat Mark (I have never watched even a snippet of Stranger Things) / Ramshackle / TADC / Lackadaisy / Yume Nikki / Yume 2kki / .flow / Nijiura Maids / John Doe / Warioware / Scarfolk / GTA IV / TCoAaL / VA11HallA / Welcome Home / Welcome To Night Vale / Voices of the Void / ANDY LAND / Puyo Puyo / 17776 / Vewn / Dolmistaska / Emmy The Robot / Jon Bois


Machine Girl / Femtanyl / Stomach Book / My Chemical Romance / The Cleaners From Venus / Nirvana / 100 Gecs / Talking Heads / Death Grips / Kino / Ghost-P / Yellow Magic Orchestra / Will Wood / Kendrick Lamar / Denzel Curry / JPEGMAFIA / MF DOOM / Neil Cicierega / Danny Brown / Left At London / Yakui The Maid / G.L.O.S.S. / Tyler The Creator / Boards of Canada


True Stories / From Dusk Till Dawn / Big Trouble In Little China / Tokyo Godfathers / Fighting In The Age Of Loneliness / Killer Bean Forever / Spirited Away / Fargo / The Big Lebowski / Reservoir Dogs / Gremlins 2 (and only 2) / Akira / Shock Treatment / Rocky Horror Picture Show / Emesis Blue / Hundreds of Beavers


Malice@Doll / The Sopranos / Bocchi The Rock! / Chainsaw Man / Serial Experiments Lain / Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared / Moral Orel / Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Smiling Friends / NGE


Moomins / Scott Pilgrim / Girls Last Tour / Watamote


Jon Bois is the only man who can make me care about sports

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About me:

18yo audhd genderthing, overall scruffed up motherfucker, pioneer of marxism-leninism-situationism. one day we’re gonna get rid of post-hipster girder ceilings and fake vine walls, we’ll peel off plastic fake grey wood and expose the cracked linoleum underneath, and we’ll install stained ceiling tiles with discolored lighting. the world will instantly be more hospitable and depression rates will vanish behind the faint cigarette smell. not actually named trev but we’re not gonna let that fuck over our suspension of disbelief now, are we?

Who I'd like to meet:

people who share my tastes, leftists of any sect, punks and offshoots, the terminally online, other people who save collections of ms paint anime girls hitting bongs and etc

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thanks 4 the add man! ur vibe is immaculate :D

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Thx dude :D

by Trev / WIIHAPPYFEW; ; Report

…fuck I don’t know how to respond to comments on my page lmao was that enough for you

by Trev / WIIHAPPYFEW; ; Report